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  1. Wizards: Druids: Damn now all i need is for the Chanter to be everything i'm after in a support class and I will never be able to choose, Thanks Obsidian! Seriously though the number of spells and abilities on offer make it clear a lot of time and love has gone into development and giving people what they want, some of the previous class updates have only mentioned a few abilities so it was hard to judge just what they might be capable of but this one leaves me in no doubt all of the classes are going to be well cared for. In the past you have mentioned the wizards familar and how that would play into their spells and abilities could you give us a little bit more about how it works? will you be able to channel any spell through a familar for example.
  2. Liking the genuine uniqueness and diversity in the godlike, will there be a godlike for each major god? Really interested to see more of the druids various forms so bring on that druid update. I agree the final model looks a bit off if i had to put it into words i would say that the the concept art looks more like a cat where as in the final model some lion like proportions have appeared on the face.
  3. I went back and read some of those inital updates. particually number 5 and it does say that while a fractured soul using their full power is less common its not unkown so that doesn't rule you out if you pick that. It also has several others that I completely forgot about like: an awaken soul that has some memories of previous lives - could have a nice namless one sort of feel to it seeing a statue to your old self or something similar. traveled souls - souls that have dirfted to unusual parts of the afterlife while they were gone and come back changed - could go to interesting places with that one. merged souls - several souls combined together in to one new soul - i'm imaging a part human part animal soul for some reason (druid anyone). group soul- several souls ocuping the same body- that could have an interesting story to it hero and villian together in one body. I was mostly interest in what kind of thoughts people had about the kind of character the soul lore would allow us to create and the places it could go.
  4. Its been a while since the kickstarter campaign but I seem to remember that it was mentioned a couple of times that the state of someones soul changes as they move through the cycle and that those with a damaged or shattered soul are mistrusted by some (though how you could tell just by looking I don't know). I think it would be really intesting if you could choose the state of your soul during character creation and the effects that might have on gameplay. Say for example having a perfect soul might give you a boost to certain defense stats. Having a shattered soul might give you a boost to your magic because you can use up part of it as power. Thoughts.
  5. So is the stlye sort of guerilla fighting? stiking at oponents to build up focus then retreating to range and using you abilities until you need more focus then diving back in.
  6. Looks really awsome and detailed just what I was hoping for when the stronghold was mentioned. One thing I enjoyed from the Dragon Age: awakening stronghold was the times when you sat in judgement over local matters of law and disputes between nobles. I found it really interesting and lent a real sense of power to the idea of being the lord of a region. It also gave you some nice moral choices that I would like to see again. My lord this wrech stole food and fuel from our stores what would like to do with him: Pardon Him Inprison him for a few months Guess what your going to be doing from now on slave because it won't be pretty Hhhhmmm, why don't we start warming up the pyre it's been a while since we burned someone.
  7. Just had some ideas about the wizard and Druid classes and wanted to see what people thought. It's been mentioned a few times that the class's are adaptable so I was wondering what people thought of being able to focus the wizard more on their familiars creating a sort of summoner/Pokemon trainer class. How vulnerable will familiars be in game could they be used melee combat or would they be to easily destroyed. How many familiars can you have at once would having several engaged in combat unbalance the game. Could they be used out of combat for non combat skills (like having a flying creature carry you) Could you use a grimior to summon powerful limited time creatures I would like to see more diversity in the kinds of creates you can have beyond the basic glowing animal kind of thing but I'm not sure what direction it should go For Druids it has been said that they take on different forms but the whole turn into a wolf thing has been done to death I think it would be more interesting if they took on aspects of different animals like claws of the wolf for melee combat, speed of the hare as a boast. It would also be a lot easier to represent this in game because you could have something like a set of ghostly claws appear over the characters hands similar to a piece of equipment rather than the full transform.
  8. I guess when you talk about gods you really need to define what makes something a “god”, I mean I remember watching something years ago about one of the first Greek Olympic games the man who won the boxing championship was so respected and his victory so conclusive that he was declared to be the god of boxing. Shrines where created in his honour and boxers prayed to him before fights both before and after he died, now in the context of this world where souls are real does doing something like this influence the dead persons soul giving it power to become something more and if so how would a god like that compare to a “true god”. If more powerful gods control the cycle of souls could one of these choose to prevent the creation of this new god by taking the power of this worship from them before they reach the level of “god”. If say one city declared someone to be the god of something and another rival city declared someone else to be a god of the same thing would worship of the two people create to gods of the same thing. Would these gods fight over who was in charged of their particular power? Would one have control over one area and one control of the other? Would there be border areas where both have influence and battle over followers Could a king force godhood by ordering people to worship him Another question that could make things interesting in this world is whether gods have souls? What happens if one god kills another, do the fragments of that gods soul re-enter the cycle? You could have a situation where the god of water kills the god of fire but the god of fires broken soul re-enters the cycle being reborn as several people. The cult that worships the fire god becomes aware of this and starts searching for these people bringing them together and awakening their souls so that when they are together they embody what remains of the god’s power and each generation the cult sets out to find those born with the pieces of their god so he can live on in this mortal hybrid form. I know these are a bunch of random thoughts but I think the main point is that you really have to define what you mean by a god, because of our cultural bias we think our a god as an all powerful being but the Greek’s and the Romans had a lot of degrees to the word “god” from personal house gods all the way up to the powerful beings we are familiar with
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