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  1. Piglet set off the traps when I visited the dungeon via the back entrance (broken statue entrance) which killed the piglet and glued the cleric to to the floor though she could still swivel around if you clicked for her to go in different directions. The warrior got stuck afterwards for some reason, fighting a temple guard next room over same as Cleric. Could swivel but not move. Re-loading the game fixed the problem.
  2. No, I am merely disagreeing that 'combat xp' is necessary to be motivated to explore the world you're in. This is an RPG, half the fun of these kinds of games is exploring and looting along with story/dialogue/characters/combat not the 'xp' which is there solely for stratification purposes/segregation. Exploring unknown lands, seeing new sights, fighting through dungeons and loot galore, these are all 'fun' and if you don't seem to want to fight solely because of the absence of 'combat xp' then I would think you'd be happy to not be obliged to do so to advance/develop your character.
  3. Because levels are not a reflection of your combat skill, they are a reflection of the characters 'life-experience' or 'maturity' or whatever. So what you should be asking for is 'x number of kills - gives this or that attribute'; e.g. killing a hundred wolves gives you an attribute that gives you bonus aim and crit chance or something, against wolves. Reading this thread makes me wonder if character levels ought to be scrapped along with combat xp and instead only have talent trees. From what I've seen of the beta, you can avoid most of the fights by sneaking. Not all granted but th
  4. I don't agree with the 'it makes combat less rewarding' thinking. Loot. That's the reason I go into every nook and cranny in rpg's, the xp is just a necessary 'drop' because the game is stratified by levels. I actually didn't even notice that the combat didn't give xp, I was too absorbed in the looting and killing.
  5. i haven't tried fiddling with it yet, do you by chance know if that ability when not in melee will affect a fire spell you might cast? Like scrolls or that fireball necklace. The text gave me that impression, that you could do that but the game crashed loading and nearly killed my laptop closing PoE so I'm giving it a rest for now.
  6. "Do you have any crazy or wacky ideas for gods? Share your ideas in this forum thread!" I always thought combining a god of revelry and a god of rain would be fun. As in, every time it rains its 'that god' taking a piss on the world cause his bladder is full to bursting.
  7. So, well to begin with could we bring to mind the Souls update and how Sawyer mentioned that the gods are meddlesome and also are purposely obscuring the nature of souls/how they work. I have an idea for why this might be and thought I'd make a thread on here to see if anyone has any of their own ideas/theories/what have you. What occurred to me is I'm guessing the most obvious reasoning. The souls spend time among the gods in-between re-incarnations, so perhaps the souls are intertwined with the gods and not just leaves floating about the godly landscape? Are souls a source of p
  8. You know that scene from Gladiator where maximus dreams of walking through a field of wheat, blue sky. A lone very nice house. Would like to see something like that, the romans elysium eh?
  9. A neat feature I guess. Not against its inclusion but I'd rather they spent that time developing the world more. It's not like this game is planning on being s.t.a.l.k.e.r. but then again they are adding modes now. *shrug* indifferent.
  10. Dawn of war would have been a better example considering that PE is going to be an eye on the sky game with no first person/close up third person view.
  11. Well, a map that doesn't have a little magical arrow on it saying where exactly you are and in which direction you're facing sounds to me like something else for the expert mode.
  12. Forgive me if I am wrong, but I have read that the setting for the game is late Middle Ages but has not yet reached the level of a reniassance, so would banks even be viable in such a setting?? Not entirely sure. I know the Knights Templar acted as lenders to kingdoms (and were killed off by the French King/Pope as a result) but did they lend to individuals/businesses?
  13. Unless they go over-board and include flying invisible donkeys that carry your gold for you I am not sure how exactly they are supposed to make gold with weight 'fun'. Unless gold is worthless and insanely heavy, why wouldn't having a genuine system of currency be a little more interesting? Why not carry that emerald worth 200 gold since it weighs less and just sell it when you're bartering for that +2 longsword... ya know? hum....I can see the worth in that in expert mode but then I would go back to the point about means of transport. Why would you as a daring, smart adventurer go
  14. I'd be fine with just adding banks myself, they being much more important then money weighing something. However, most of these type of games don't have banks in them, and I figured the main reason why is that gold has no weight in them. Give gold weight and you will NEED banks. So that is the main reason why I support gold having weight. I think banks could be very interesting addition to this game. As far as some thinking they will have to go to the banks too often, well I believe people are too used to having to pay HUGE sums of gold for just about everything. As an example, I beli
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