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  1. Just read update 20 and I feel that there should be an additional stretch goal at 2.9. What do you think would you guys want one? And since I would love to see a dedicated necromancer class (much better then the chanter, monk or druid) I would want it to be the 2.9 stretch goal so that there would be a total of 12 classes.
  2. Gods should be like they were portraited in Xena they looked like humans, had their vices, you could kill them but it was quite difficult. I mean Ares played by Kevin Smith is one of my favorite characters of all time.
  3. Personally I'm not very fond of monks would prefer to see some other classes: a necromancer, a witch/warlock, a paladin.
  4. millions and millions so I can layeth the smackdown on their candy asses
  5. Why a dog? Its boring. Why not a wolf, a bat, a hiena (it could laugh after killing enemis you know like hienas do...). Ok but seriously no I'm against a dog, I'm more of a cat person.
  6. You know its not about class skill tress but then I think about it would be cool for spells to have levels. I'm mean lets say im playing as a mage and my element is fire. I have a tree of spells that I can chose from, ech time a level up a get a point that a am able to spent on a spell. So lets say the first spell I choose is fireball. So i have a fireball at level one but then I get another point to spent I can buy another spell lets say fire arrow or I can spent that point on my fireball spell to increase its level. It could be a little bit like torchlight and so on. So let say that fireball
  7. Then how about another penalty? If you leave the dungeon to go back to town before finishing it you lose all the gold, loot and expierience you gained in it? And when you go back to town buy supplies and star the dungeon again you start from scratch? I dont know if this could be implemented but I like the game to be challenging and Ogrezilla is right that that there should be some system implemented that prevents or penalizes the player for abandoning the dunegon and going back to town for food.
  8. I would like to see a necromancer able to summon minions and a sorcerer who uses lightning and darkness magic and wears light or medium armor
  9. Short swords Long swords (1.5 hand) Two handed sword Battle axes Battle hammers Daggers Spears Clubs Slings Flails Maces Short bows Long bows Crossbows Quarterstaffs Tridents Scythes Knuckles Wands Rods Whips as for shields: bucklers medium shields large shields
  10. Tale I get what you're saying with the good/chaotic/evil thing. For example you can play as an assassin and still be a good guy but in some cases that does not work for example I can't imagine being a paladin and making evil choises that would be out of role. So there has to be some system implemented the good/chaotic/evil may not be the right one but I'm open to other suggestions. As for the purpose well right now we get how many 5 or 6 classes right (Sorry really can't remember the exact number right now)? Well like you I would like well designed classes but at the same time I'm a bit wa
  11. So as probably many of you I've been enjoying borderlan 2 lately and Im really impressed with that game. While playing it I got an idea for project Eternity which I posted in another topic about clases. So the basic idea is that each class would have three tree skills so you could develop it how you like. Why? casue that would give the player choice which is always great. A fighter could develop into a warrior (good) a berserker (chaotic) a death knight (evil) A rogue could develop into a ranger (good) a thief (chaotic) a assassin (evil) A mage could develop into a wizard (good) a sorcer
  12. So this proposition maybe a little controversial but that do you guys think about food and sleep. I mean it could make the game more real and difficult if the characters had to eat and sleep. No food - healt and stamina decreases after some period of time and finally the character dies. So the player would have to buy food in taverns while in the city, and on the road have supplies and hunt. I know that for some this could be a hindrance and an unnecessary addition to gameplay but thats why it could be included in one of the announced mods: Expert Mode, Trial of Iron, or Path of the Damned. A
  13. Well it would be a nice addition if the characters had to eat to survive. No food your health and mana deacreases and finally you die. So the player would have to be weary of that, take proper supplies to dungeonsa and so on.
  14. Generally I would like to play as an evil character so each class should have tree skills like borderlands 2 to chose from that would determin youre abilities. That way for example if the player plays a warrior he could have three trees: paladin, berserker and death knight where paladin would be the good fighter able to use a little holy magic, berserker a barbarian king of fighter and death knight an evil knight. A rogue could develop into an assassin (evil) thief (chaotic) or ranger (good) A cleric could develop into a priest (good), shaman (chaotic) or dark priest (evil) A mage could dev
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