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  1. Can you give some examples of this? I am a bit confused as to what you mean. People are allowed to rant, but without context and being constructive it makes it nearly impossible to address someones concerns. How is Obsidian meant to know how to fix it if you do not tell them what you find wrong?
  2. Chris is talented, but Obsidian have a lot of great writers and they will do fine without him. I know some developers could really do with a writer of his caliber, e.g. Bioware, Bethesda. I am not bashing those two as they make great stories, but they could be much better. In all likelihood Chris is going to InXile, he has worked for them on their last two projects, they registered the name of a project he once worked on and InXile has a close relationship with Obsidian. Regardless with whatever happens I wish him and Obsidian luck, though neither really needs it. Edit - If I c
  3. Raedric's Hold looks amazing, I love the architecture and the little details you guys have added is impressive. I am looking forward to the release, I have some money spare and plan on getting a second copy for my son. Now I am off to watch those videos, hopefully they do not have many spoilers, I have been so good to avoid as much information as I can since the Kickstarter, but it is almost at a point where I can wait no longer.
  4. The teaser was amazing, I am as excited now about the project as I was during the days of the Kickstarter campaign. A good number of my favorite RPG franchises were screwed up in recent years by shoddy development, poor design decisions or atrocious writing. Eternity fills the hole, it really is good to have a new well made world to get lost in, I have a feeling this is a franchise I will be with for a very long time.
  5. Very nice artwork and screenshots. I am particularly pleased with the perspective of the trolls, it looks like it is part of the image rather than pasted on, a problem I find with a lot of isometric games. I am looking forward to seeing some animated characters/monsters and seeing how well they blend into it. Can't wait for the next update.
  6. I am completely fine with not getting an update, so long as the next one is a real humdinger.
  7. So we can tax our populace but can we choose the amount as in lessen it? Or perhaps use the taxes to help the local populace for some kind of reputation increase? The idea of attacks are great, same with the special bonuses, so far it seems to be everything I wanted in a player home. Only thing I would love to see is an ability to display weapons/armour and unique items found throughout the world or earned through quests. (Similar to New Vegas home decoration but with set display locations you can place them on or swap around) Like if I kill a dragon a choice to add a dragon skull to the w
  8. That was an image I could have done without seeing! I might have nightmares. I am liking how this crafting process is looking so far, I am not a fan of arbitrary increments of time to craft objects, I would rather my time be spent exploring and enjoying the story. So it is good to see that items are crafted instantly. The durability system looks good, again I get irritated by games that make me repair equipment constantly to such an extent that I would avoid wearing good gear for fear of the cost to repair. You seem to have struck a nice balance, no everlasting items, but durability th
  9. The image look fantastic,if all the other areas of the game look that good then Project Eternity will be a very beautiful game. Thanks for the run down on what the team is working on, very interesting stuff!
  10. Most of the user interface mock ups people have posted are fairly bad, try not to be inspired by them Obsidian. I like the UI presented, though it really does need to be customizable, no one will be happy unless they can have the text window where they are most satisfied or the character portraits horizontal or vertical, even the artsy elements of the UI should have a transparency slider for those that prefer a minimal interface. It may take a lot more work but for a modern game with a diverse fanbase, I think customizing is very important. Remember not all that backed are die hard Bal
  11. I was never much of a Jagged Alliance fan, so I will skip that kickstarter, but I wish them luck though. I love the monster concept and the article provides nice insights into development. One thing does concern me though. Firstly almost every RPG I play monsters are used with no regard to geographic location or with solid reasoning, for example forest monster A is found in the forests of `insert nameĀ“ then we have many lands between devoid of said creature till we have it pop up again slightly stronger with a slightly different name now acclimatized to icey wastes. Perhaps it is just
  12. I utterly detest the idea of including a typical Kung-fu monk running around half naked and punching people in platemail. But it is only one small issue with an otherwise seemingly great game and I am not going to let that affect my enjoyment upon release. I am liking how the culture concepts are shaping up, especially Dyrwood.
  13. I hope the Town Guard A.I. does not give us psychic guards that know we have done bad even if we killed the last known witness. Flowing cloaks sounds great, hope they do not clip though. Far too often sheathed weapons or quivers clip cloaks which is quite unsightly, I hope this kind of issue will be addressed. Though I can not think of a single game where this was done where clipping was not present to some degree. Also will we have wind and rain? If so will the cloak have more weight and hang when wet and flutter more when dry and windy?
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