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Found 4 results

  1. A list on some of the most stupidest rpg companions in terms of being dumb (actually stupid) and being stupid as in making no sense why they are even around or implemented in game. 1. Rhin from Torment Tides of Numenera. Rhin is literally a child. A wasted space of a character. She's a stupid addition in my opinion as her spot and development could have been used instead for a more interesting character (anything other than a child which she is). 2. Wilson the Bear. Why is Wilson the bear stupid? It's because he's a bear. Come on, this is cool but seriously makes no sense. It's not a weird Seal vs Bear thing either. Logically speaking a bear companion doesn't make any sense. A short video I found for those who don't know Wilson. 3. Goto from KOTOR You can't dismiss or kill him, you're stuck with him. Like a bad smell. He's a third robot which we didn't need as in KOTOR 2 there are already 2 droids in the game HK and T3-M4. I would have preferred an alien or a more ''out there'' companion than him. I and others find him annoying because there was no option to get rid of him if you did not want him. 4. Pallegina I admit it. I'm not a fan of Pallegina from Pillars of Eternity. I just don't like her too much. 5. Literally all the companions in Lionheart legacy of the Crusader. Seriously the AI in these companions is terrible. You can look up stories of these companions just running off into battle and getting themselves killed. There's no way to manage them either. They were stupidly implemented in my opinion. The game itself was broken and not fully completed so maybe the companions were impacted by that? 6. Minsc It's no secret that I hate Minsc. The ranger fits in the stupid-dumb criteria above. He's unbearably loud and fricking obnoxious. A link to a thread of mine called: I don't like Minsc. Visit that thread for an actual rant on Minsc. 7. Preston Garvey from Fallout. Oh how I hate Preston. He is just awful. He's super annoying and has a large section of people who hate him. I want to break his legs. One thing I want to point out is there is a Youtube video with 600K views called ''why I HATE Preston Garvey''. One of the first things which pops up when you search him up. It really sums him up. 8. Disciple a.k.a Mical The Disciple is so annoying. I hate how he was implemented and he's really underwhelming. Mical/Disciple is a little worm and I always make sure to play the game with the kill Disciple Mod installed. Which by the way is linked here. Download and install it. A must have. 9. Ammon Jerro I cannot stand Ammon Jerro one bit. If there was one rpg companion I could instantly flush down the toilet it would be this bald headed loser. He's such an idiot. I'm going to file him under the ''Stupid/Dumb/Fool/I HATE YOU SO MUCH section. Phew. Can you tell I think he's an egg? PLUS HE IS BALD. I laugh at his male pattern baldness. 10. Does Tails from the Sonic games count? 11. Kai Leng Another pathetic worm. Kai Leng ruined the Mass Effect series for me and this is not an exaggeration. 12. Kaidan Alenko I would honestly pay + shell out my money to do horrible things to Kaidan. 13. Sheva - resident evil She is a straight up idiot and it says a lot about her that she's last on a list of horrible rpg companions.
  2. I will be upfront, I don't like Minsc. I find him loud, annoying, and very childish (not in a good way). I found a 10 second clip which sums up how annoying Minsc is. Screaming blue murder, acting like a weirdo and talking about squirrels. This YouTube video showcases how annoying he is (in a lighthearted way). I'll talk more about him in depth below. Why I dislike Minsc: He's seen as the face of Baldur's Gate. I don't like the humor around him, ''haha hamster crazy XD'', he's a little simple and childish, I can't take him seriously, highly regarded as being the best NPC, when in fact Edwin is more accurate. I'm not a fan of the ranger class. It's a nerfed fighter in my viewpoint. Perhaps other than his personality what I don't like most about Minsc., is his berserking. Whenever he goes Bersek he will attack his own party and secondly, when characters like Aerie or Nalia are in the party Minsc will take them as his ''witch''. I find that cool. Here's the bad part. When either one is Minsc's witch, if they fall in battle in other words die Minsc will automatically berserk. A fight, let alone a boss fight is difficult enough without your own party members attacking you. Secondly because of this, it makes me not want to take either Aerie or Nalia who are two interesting NPCs in a party with Minsc as they can cause him to turn on the party and ruin a fight! In terms of stats, Minsc is great. Very strong. I just don't want to ever play with him. Or see him in Baldur's Gate three. I just don't like him. What are your thoughts? Am I just being a stupid seal?
  3. Hi there I heard about Pillars of Eternity about 6 hours ago, checked it out about an hour ago, and now I've thrown my money at you. There are many things that I love about RPGs, needs that I am confident will be fully satiated by this game, but the one desperate desire I wish to express this: give me one or two memorable and, hopefully, utterly mad (but in a nice way) characters. My favourite part of playing Baldur's Gate, and this is one of the best games I've ever played so there was a lot to love, was directing dearest Minsc, and his mighty Space Hamster Boo. I don't know how many times I heard him shout "Go for the eyes, Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!" but it just never got old. The thought of this Juggernaut and his two-handed death-dealing sword, tenderly taking care of a hamster (who was obviously a total badass, but no-one was capable of understanding his full badassness) made Minsc one of my fondest characters from ANY game I have ever played. Please ensure that I have at least one character, he needn't be epic in any way (the rest of the team will just have to cover), that can give me the warm fuzzies and the constant mirth that that poor, deluded, insanely strong and gentle madman gave me all those years ago. Much love
  4. Who didn't like minsc I mean honestly? Not to mention his admirable fatherly qualities about what NOT to teach your hamster. With all this in question I'm seriously going to pursue contact with his Rep/Agent about the speculative cost, albeit unknown voicing quantity, on what one such a project might cost to procure one such talent for this title. He brings a seriously raw amount of ability to the table and I am willing to even start a separate kickstarter just to get this happening I would encourage all to keep their eyes posted here and show signs of interest by posting as well. On a side note if there is some one I could get in contact with over at the offices of obsidian on a level of involvement by having a character such as minsc, voiced by cummings, involved in the project I would love to find a way to do this as well. Please read my post OBS.
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