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  1. Amen, Brothers. A character 'like Minsc' would not be easy to craft. One could easily produce someone who's just totally Chaotic Neutral And Annoying, but without any emotional substance. What enchanted me was the man's psychology, which was beautifully mad. I never cared much for Dynaheir (a useful Magic User, to be sure), but Minsc sure did, and Boo was willing to suffer her presence. I think that what I'm trying to say is that I don't need EPIC BADASS. I want story, and character, and I need laughter (and I need to be laughing at some madmen while I go). The world is far too ful
  2. Hi there I heard about Pillars of Eternity about 6 hours ago, checked it out about an hour ago, and now I've thrown my money at you. There are many things that I love about RPGs, needs that I am confident will be fully satiated by this game, but the one desperate desire I wish to express this: give me one or two memorable and, hopefully, utterly mad (but in a nice way) characters. My favourite part of playing Baldur's Gate, and this is one of the best games I've ever played so there was a lot to love, was directing dearest Minsc, and his mighty Space Hamster Boo. I don't know how m
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