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  1. Oh yes, that's because of having overly high expectations they're sometimes also being over-critized, but I guess that's just a part of their charm. how could you POSSIBLY have overly high expectations of a dev studio that has always failed your expectations . upon stumbling across this statement i found it very simplistic, a mistake that could have been repaired by even a child. For children are renowned for having the logical sense to understand how illogically baffling this Janus of a backer is.
  2. I personally would cast on his ability and what he can do..not just the fact that he has a prominent name plate in gaming history
  3. i haven't been able to call the office in accordance with their office hours if only it was a west coast office it would make it easier
  4. Jennifer Hale and possibly Steven Jay Blum will be in it. They're in everything. It's a physical law on par with the speed of light or Avagadro's Number. oh christ ANYTHING but blum. he's always the same person
  5. I got through to DPN talent agency and they referred me to Atlas talent agency, as DPN no longer represents Jim Cummings. Office is currently closed and I will likely be calling them after the weekend.
  6. i agree not a necessity but if we can raise the funds and i can contact him why not ^_^
  7. he has a diverse range of talent. I have tried to call the talent agency once so far and got a voice mail I will try again soon, I have a tight work schedule ( 2nd shift) and can't get the right timing to call them as he's likely on lunch.
  8. as would I, exactly the reason I came up with the idea to do what was stated above.
  9. I would instead aim for modding community to hit your high rez textures. Either way I still play bg2 and think its gorgeous.... maybe that's just me
  10. of course he was involved would you not want to do the same in the circumstances, Pc's are generally players without ties, sometimes ones that recently no longer have them, or make them. That doesn't make him a weak leader by any stretch just predisposed with another obligation.
  11. you should livestream standup, you're hysterical. seriously no sarcasm no troll.....do it
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