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  1. What the gosh darn heck ( keeping within forum rules here) would close-ups and zooming hurt? Or a rotating camera? Would that destroy the tactical combat? If so, please explain. nothing at all. the rotating likely won't work with the 2d prerendered backgrounds, but there is nothing wrong with rotating cameras in general. Yes it is. To this day I can't touch NWN2 because of camera controls from hell. So no thanks.
  2. Summary for the latest update: - Combat is going the way of the casual. Bad. - It will not be as retarded as DAO. Good. - Sawyer is to blame. Expected. - Tim Cain is doing all he can to keep Sawyer in check. Expected - Tim Cain is going to try and fix this **** in expert mod. Good luck. Fictional quote summary : "Ma' wizzads got noting to do if he ran outta spellzors. Fix pleaze !"
  3. That is not the only use or definition of the word maturity. “Maturity is a psychological term used to indicate how a person responds to the circumstances or environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctive, and is not determined by one's age.” Know what you are talking about before posting, thank you. And who decides what is the appropriate manner ? You ? The majority ? Society ? Liberals ? I think I'll decide for myself, thank you.
  4. You bring them along to soak up damage Is that what they teach you in WOW school ? Fascinating.
  5. Smart AI = good Fighter with taunt/aggro abilities = full retard
  6. - no streamlining of any kind - no hand holding - normal mode should not be market speech for easy mode - hardcore mode should not be market speech for "almost normal" mode - anything that Electronic Arts' Bioware did and called it innovation is a DEFINITE NO - anything that Betheseda did and called it innovation is a DEFINITE NO - anything that would make it console-friendly is a DEFINITE NO - anything that would make it casual-friendly is a DEFINITE NO
  7. I know that Icewindale is the more combat oriented of the infinity games but I think we should also keep in mind BG2 when it comes to combat encounters. It did a lot of things right. Also from the information we have, this game seems closer to BG2 so that should factor in.
  8. We do not have a spellcasting system designed. This is not something we have to "change" because the majority of what we have developed for things as complex as the spellcasting system are ideas. It's three weeks into a fundraising campaign to make this project. I cannot tell you what final form the spellcasting system will take, what elements it absolutely will or won't have. All I can tell you is the sort of goals we have and general ideas of things I'd like to see and avoid. I'm trying to create the feeling of strategic spell selection and tactical spell use in D&D while avoidin
  9. I have a legitimate question Josh. Now I know I have been rather rude to you in this thread but bare with me. First I apologize. It's great that you actually take the time to have a conversation with us fans. Second - the question : Seeing how this whole cooldown thing has garnered such a strong reaction on all sides, does that mean you guys will have a brainstorming meeting or something to take every angle into consideration ?
  10. I've been playing D&D for 25 years. I also hate Vancian magic. I've also been playing D&D for roughly 25 years, and I don't hate Vanican but I've never liked it, and very early on my friends and I in Jr. High devised a spell point system for 2nd ED. So, yeah, you just house rule. You should have gotten a chess-timer and implement cooldowns. It's the best solution you know.
  11. This. This explains again what all of us have been shouting. This is why cooldowns is a bad idea. 'Nuff said.
  12. 25 years but you never played a spellcaster. kind of narrow minded don't you think ? how do you know you hate it if you never tried it. I hear the first time is painful but then it gets better...gotta' pop that cherry eventually.
  13. How old are you? Old enough to have been playing D&D for twenty years or so. Which, it turns out, is plenty of time to develop a deep-seated hatred of Vancian magic. Okay. Just curious. In the early 80s I dont recall too many alternatives for PnP fantasy RPGs. So if you hated them then you pretty much hated PnP RPGs. just because he says he's been playing for 20 years don't make it true. people may lie on the internet don't you know.
  14. We don't like vancian, we dislike the rest because they're even worse mechanic-wise. The trade-offs are just not worth it.
  15. But if everyone else has failed, what are my chances at succeeding. Am I really that good? Do I have an excellent track-record in the field ? Maybe I should come up with something original and avoid this mess in the first place...
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