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  1. And it happened again. This time in the quit game dialog window. You want a save game?
  2. Same here with english steam 2.01 version. Disappearing buttons also happen when purchasing new spells from a grimoire!
  3. This is indeed the "day one" patch. There is no new patch coming today (unless there's a crazy hotfix issue.) We are working on 1.03, but that's not locking down until next week. We'd like to collect issues reported here and elsewhere to make sure any immediate stuff gets resolved. Generally, that number at the end (508) is the daily build number. We don't fire off lots and lots of builds - it would take way too much time too do that. They usually only occur once daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on the situation. 1.03 then. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Maybe it's a good idea to open a thread in the tech support forum with known issues and a future patch roadmap. Thanks for the great game!
  4. Dear Obsidian! thank you for giving us the chance to take part in a unique process of game development. I for one do not share the current opinion of publishers that Free2Play / Pay2Win and online multiplayer games / casual gaming / browser games is the future. I like single player games! I game for the story, the atmosphere and the immersion. I like to explore and be rewarded for my achievements. I began gaming with Baldurs Gate and it still is one of the best if not the best PC game I played. Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment were on a similar level. If you manage to capture this spirit than PE will deliver more than anyone currently expects. Although the huge KS success proves of the longing of the gamers for a game like that. For inspiration you may want to take a look at the REALMS OF ARKANIA series (found on GOG.com here: http://www.gog.com/e..._of_arkania_1_2 and here: http://www.gog.com/e...ms_of_arkania_3) which is a cRPG series from german developers published in the late '90s. Great games! Below you find some things I would like to see in PE (just after quick brainstorming): Deep enriching story line. 25h plus singleplayer campaign. Voice acting through the entire game. A satisfying end game plus cinematic. Party chatter and player character / npc interaction. Companion background stories and unlockable upgrades through story progression similar to Baldurs Gate. A way of storytelling that binds the player to his/her companions and which makes the "party" a believable "band of brothers". Character customization and party management (inventory / equipment / level progress / perks). Believable and rewarding quests rewards (no generic leveled chests please). Rare & unique items / weapons & armor with impact (e.g in Skyrim most unique items were inferior to self smithed items). Free rotating camera or zoom support (when perspective is fixed). [Wasn't that technique used in Dungeon Siege 3] *within reason Auto Map / Minimap / Questmarkers on/off / custom map markers. A PC optimized and well layed out user interface. Auto comparison between equipped and inventory items. Unique art sets for different types of armor and weapons. High res textures and state of the art fx. Multicore cpu support. All the best to the team. BTW I wonder where KS will end up at.... :-D
  5. Yeah right. But you know as a customer it is my right to know why there is a delay (if there is). Silence is no communication to treat the buying community.
  6. So any news when this patch will be released? It's suspiciously quit.
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