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Stretch Goal - hire Justin Sweet to make portraits.

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I'm in full agreement here. I love his style.

There are no doors in Jefferson that are "special game locked" doors. There are no characters in that game that you can kill that will result in the game ending prematurely.

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Broadly in support, provided 2D portraits fit the style of the game. I imagine that portraits as such would be no issue at all unless the manner they choose to do the 3D characters shows up too much difference. The other potential issue I guess is that the full-length images, as opposed to headshots, might not fit in as well as they did the IE games since I'd be assuming the new engine would be showing much more specific armour detail than the IE games did.



EDIT: That said, a possible approach would be to have variants of each work to broadly cover the range of available gearsets - the same head in subtly different poses depicting three to five different levels of armour.

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I can get behind this.

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Yes. No. No.


Not fond of "boobplates" for armor. Other than those the style is very nice, though.


Hey, at least they're all fully armoured, which is quite rare in itself :)


Good point, but still.


The armor in the first of the three pictures looks a lot more functional, and less silly. Largely because of the lack of boobplate.

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The bodies are drawn very detailed, but I found the "high res" BG2 portraits more to my liking.

They had more color and liveliness as the above example. (I just saw an Imoen Avatar above I think)

The pictures here look beautiful - yes - but a bit lifeless and more suited for nameless characters.

But that is just my opinion.

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