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  1. I agree 100%. I was under the impression that this was conceived to be a PC game. If there is a console version in the works, where most users don't have access to a physical keyboard, the feature should be trivial to remove. Naming saves is not only a nostalgic feature but has actual utility to the player, especially in a game of this scale.
  2. Exactly. I understand spoken English, but I still like subtitles. Also a conversation history, and this is a big one. It can be extremely useful to check on past conversations, and I definitely don't want to reload a past save to be able to do that.
  3. I think the whole point - the very point that many people, myself included, have paid good money for is that this game is being made for the exact audience you mentioned. The hardcore CRPG crowd.
  4. Minus the "forever alone" part. If he managed that without any help, then, logically, he should be able to get more whenever.
  5. Interesting. There's a lot of people who don't actually want to see the MMO thing in a single player CRPG. Some kid threw a tantrum when I mentioned that I didn't want to see anything WoW in this game, what with spamming the number keys and such.
  6. I'm already triplling my pledge before the thing ends. I don't really care about romance or multiplayer. Neither is something I want in a game. It'd be nice to have some fun dialogue options to rebuff romantic advances though. What's this order stuff? I haven't been to the forum in a few days and I wasn't aware that there was an order thing going on.
  7. There will be some editing going on, no doubt. But writing a funny line or two shouldn't be too much of a problem gameplay-wise. Maybe they'll say the more over-the-top stuff when they're clicked too many times. I'd actually enjoy that - I'm curious about what people will create. Names are another problem entirely, though. I can't imagine how they will all be congruent with the region/culture they are placed in.
  8. Actual live honest-to-god real life female human warriors used the same armor as everyone else. Breastplates were spacious enough. If not, they just got a larger one. This might be a bit grim, but some actual female fighters actually chopped off one of their own breasts to be able to fight more effectively. I also disagree about strenght. I actually met some really strong females during martial arts training. There are genetic limitations of course, but a highly skilled female could easily defeat all but the most monstrous of dudes. Plus, strength isn't the only quality required
  9. True. I saw an actual sword in a museum that looked absolutely ridiculous. But some dude, many centuries ago, was able to actually swing it. But they should be rare weapons. A smith wouldn't craft 50 pound swords just for fun. Nobody would buy them. Base strength requirements and penalties are fine. A 150 pound rogue would be all but useless in full plate armor. But scaled equipment that requires ever increasing levels of a particular stat is just silly. Actually, I'd be happy without increasing stats with every level.
  10. Definitely agree. Actually, I think that even the gods or godlike beings should be killable - even if it's extremely difficult. One of the most memorable things about Morrowind for me was killing Vivec and trapping his soul in Azura's Star (no other soul gem was large enough).
  11. I have many thoughts on this particular topic, but your post is pretty much dead-on. I agree. As much as I absolutely loved the last Mass Effect, including the ending, I would give anything for another Baldur's Gate or Torment type of game that lets your imagination do the work. Another pet peeve of mine, especially with Bethesda games is the usage of Hollywood actors for voiceovers. I mean, I love Sean Bean's movie work, but his voice is instantly recognizable, and that detracts from game immersion in my opinion. I'm all for Kevin Michael Richardson though. He did Sarevok, an
  12. I think BGII handled dragons very well. There was only 3 of them, and all extremely powerful. Firkraag actually warned you that you were going to die, and told you not to push it. That said, I'd be just fine with no dragons as well. But please no dragons or vampires everywhere just because they're popular these days.
  13. I didn't know who the artist was, but those were my favourites as well. Just spectacular, with tons of character and atmosphere.
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