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  1. Yes. I don't see why, in a party-based game, not leveling-up certain companions is a good idea.
  2. Can't of think of any all times favorite quest, but one I did recently and liked: The eyeless one cult in BG2. Why? 1. I liked the atmosphere in the hall of the dead god and his servants. 2. The puzzle in the battle against the demon(where you had to heal him to kill him) was brilliant, IMO. 3. You can finish the quest with little fighting if you want to.
  3. I heard that it was due to engine constraints, rather design choice.
  4. Okay, but I think that there is a difference between races living in the same city that regard one another as distinct communities(like in most fantasy settings), and people of different races(humans and dwarves) that consider each other to be part of the same cultural entity(or ethnicity), which I think is what PE aiming for.
  5. From one of Josh' posts about lore. We covered some of this subject in this thread, but I'd like to expand on it some more. So this idea sounds interesting, but I wonder how it's supposed to work, exactly. In our world, when two different (human)races met, it ended either in oppression/slavery(Indian castes, Black slavery etc') or mixing(both in some cases), but rarely(if ever) in mutual collaboration to a point of forming a distinct ethnicity while still retaining their racial features. While I understand that PE's world is different from our own, I wonder how a multi-racial ethnicity i
  6. More like 50-60k edit: you were probably talking about today's overall backing on paypal. In that case you are right.
  7. Makes sense though. If pigmentation is an evolutionary response to the environment, then related species (because let's face it, there isn't that much difference between an elf and a dwarf or a human) within the same environment would, over the hundreds or thousands of years develop similar traits, no? I don't think so. I mean, you can still tell apart Scandinavians from Samis, despite the fact that both groups lived side by side for thousands of years. I think it's race-mixing. Maybe it's like in Tolkien's world, where an offspring of a mixed couple will take the features of only one
  8. In a way similar to Tarant from Arcanum then? I don't mind mixed species ethnicities. As long as it's done well (of course that is the case with anything, right?) I don't remember much from Arcanum, but here are some quotes from the latest update: So groups within an ethnicity share similar coloring but belong to different races... Intredasting. I hope they will release more info about it.
  9. Judging by Sawyer's latest update, it seems that ethnicities in this world aren't race exclusive(like that Vaailians who are mostly human with dwarf minority). Which is kinda of a weird twist.
  10. No. But they can still use paypal for awhile. DFA and Wasteland 2 still accept funding through paypal.
  11. Probably not being a top-down-view turn based RPG, unlike the other two, they felt it wasn't a good candidate. I would believe that if KOTOR 2 and New Vegas weren't listed there as well.
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