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  1. I think the system depends on the class you use. For example I thought a system for a class that uses a black type of magic, and goes like this: Another system that could fit for druidic or naturalistic classes / races could be one like this: I think there is not one only system that fits best all the possibilities. This is one of those things I think RPG's have in common, we could use one system for all, but it won't be the best one for each one of the possibilities. Edit: spelling.
  2. I think it won't hurt if they display the stretch goals in a more visual way like an infographic or a video with some art not necessarily related directly to the project. The 2nd update was a little bit non-emphatic For example, I really enjoyed the project progression and how the things were done in the communications aspect on the project annihilation kickstarter, one update every step of each stretch goal to keep the hype and the infographic was changing every met goal in an informative and emphatic way. This is not about developing a game, but funding one together. Maybe I am bein
  3. Great idea! The sky is the limit, yes it s a lot of work, but the amount of work this project is going to yield is directly proportional to the amount of money Kickstarter is going to collect. We need to be generous!
  4. I think if we have dragons it should be as a LadySpace said Besides that, I think it would be a nice feature for killable dragons and other powerful creatures from the game to give a different type of reward instead/besides of XP, maybe lore, missions, or some kind of ability, maybe even changing the story for the rest of the game.
  5. Learning stuff from people is a good idea, like if you have to spend some time with someone to learn something from them.
  6. I didn't found anything solid about this topic, so here it goes: What do you think abut profession systems? I think I would want some kind of professions in the game like alchemy, first aids, herbalism or even engineering. It would be nice if: We need to do something to get better without implying repetitive tasks. We can have custom recipes. We can read books to actually learn some (few) of the recipes, having to take out the recipe after reading the book to a custom recipe. We can collect things (items, medals, flavor items) from them. We need to explore deeply to get the best
  7. Do you enjoy making custom content and playing it alone? I enjoy single-player content developed by Obsidian or modders alone. That's fine too. At the time to making the poll I didn't considered that. It is just I always played custom campaigns with friends. I think that a tool for players to create custom content is necessary but not for the first months of life of the game; the point is that making it requires a lot of effort because you need to have it in mind from the beginning. At the end I think that players and the game would benefit from it.
  8. 1. Awesome idea. 2. I really don't want to have a lot of slots for abilities. I prefer a layout where I have to choose which ones are the ones that fits the current situation. Having extra space on the layout reduces the choices we can make. 3. It would be great if they develop a system focused on small task or small encounters (few enemies or weak enemies) where you can make fast decisions based on a custom menu that fits the situation. For example: With fast, custom and 'fits the situation' I was having in mind the hot menu from Maya 3D. Was great! 4. A stronger IA
  9. I think it would bring fresh air to the game if the common races are not the common one in the game. And would be great if a race or two are completely new. I don't mind having traditional races as long as there are new ones.
  10. Do you enjoy making custom content and playing it alone?
  11. I didn't know him. Pretty awesome. Brom is one of my favourites too. But I don't think he fits in this project. http://www.bromart.com/gallery.html
  12. Yeah me too. It's one of those things that fits for Kickstarter goals. May be they plan to include it in a higher stretch goal, 2.4 pretty please?
  13. I really wish there is a plan to include a way to let players create our own maps, npcs and campaings. I think this is one of the best ways to give a game the longevity users want. Kickstarter is the best way to let players decide if we really want it. What do you think?
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