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  1. I can cofirm this issue is related to networks settings. A year back we were messing with old Age of Empires 2 LAN setting between my Win7 and friend's Linux machine. We had to set static adress on the Win7 machine and connect our machines directly. Once there was any abstraction layer (dynamic adress controlled by router) it failed. So setting this up, apparently, created two different networks in Win7 on one adapter (one for Net router and one for the LAN I assume). Figuring out how to delete one of the networks was bit of pain as setting is bound to adapter, not networks, and Windows controls are some huge unintuitive mess here. But I managed and now the PoE game runs just fine. Have to check Kerbal Space as it was said it should suffer extreme loading times for the same cause (and I have experienced these). Prior to this I was only able to solve the PoE issues by disabling the net adapter completely. Thanks for help, community!
  2. I don't mind free camera but prefer locked one. If you do free camera, don't, for god's sake, extend the details of environment only so that the game looks gorgeous also when zoomed. It is pointless when you spend 99% of playtime zoomed out. And by the way, camera sucked in Dungeon Siege 3.
  3. What about the olde tyme voice-overs (BG, P:T) where few key chars had only few voiced sentences? I love this style. You have freedom to write anything. You don't have to be afraid it will be expensive, unrepairable, or even messed by the actor (how many voice-overs are not good? Many). Yet you are able to bring some life and atmosphere to the scene. "We are all heroes. You and Boo and I. Hamsters and rangers everywhere! Rejoice!" cannot have the same impact if only written ;-)
  4. The only man focused on word DLC here is you. This thread is not about DLCs at all A parallel for you: I say: "Guys, remember how racism stuff was written in Fallout 3? It sucked and made no sense. Remeber the depth of racism in Arcanum? When you read about the orc's story in Tarant Library. This I would love in Fallout 4." You say: "Are you out of your mind? I don't want any orcs in Fallout4!!!" Man, you are still missing the point. Many people, many hesitating people, describe PE campaign as cold, too fabricated, sometime even as a fraud-ish (and I understand why). And these people, who would like to buy this game, don't want to support it now because it resembles (a little but it does), I don't know... did you see Al Lowe's campaign? It felt so much calculating.
  5. I am not sure I understand the second poll. I like to see the skill needed for a succes, but I don't want to previously know the exact value of the skill. So in this regard I prefer F:NV style without values and without coloring (for example red = no chance of succes)
  6. Not just Mr. Ziets but also Eric Fenstermaker please. He did fantastic job in F:NV
  7. Err... to be fair. FO1 and 2 also kinda follow the same scheme. It's just that in the beginning you are just searching for something and reveal the big evil much later in the game. But the big evil daddy is there.
  8. I want anything that makes sense is feels believable (no matter how perverse it is). That's it. But Obsidian were always good in this so this is not an issue for me.
  9. Hunger/thirst are pointless in games where survivalism is not the goal. Sleep can work just like an ultimate powers refresher and fatique should affect fights/sprinting. No more realism in this regard is needed.
  10. I don't care of the form, but I fell in love with The Sink in F:NV though I am not a "own a building in yo rpg and fill it like a girl's room" idea lover. So something that is so well made as The Sink. I don't want just another Sims function in my RPG (that's nothing against The Sims, which I like).
  11. You still miss the point by several miles. "do a little research" and read the whole topic. And also the OP several times. I am not comparing KS to DLC. I am comparing Obsidian's style of communication to the style of promoting DLCs by big publishers. How can people ask for old-school RPG when they are unable to read a text and understand it properly? *shakes his head much more than you*
  12. I know they have fresh ideas and are very traditional because of Fallout New Vegas which was a true Fallout. So for me, Fallout is in the first place, but followed by Planscape and Baldur's Gate and Arcanum which are games I see in Project Eternity the most.
  13. Damn, I cannot Edit OP anymore. If moderator could do this for me, please add this text: EDIT: It seems that I also lack some communication skills because some people misunderstood me :D I am not calling for more details from the game. I am calling for more explanation everytime you ask for our money or when you present some new content/mechanics. Act like a person or group of persons talking to a person, not like a company making a press release. I've edited the original strecht goal update so that you know exactly what I mean. New or edited original text is in yellow.
  14. I live in Europe, Czech Republic, thank you. And...Do things properly, otherwise don't do them at all (or postpone them to better time when you are able to do them properly). That's all I can say regarding the stretch goal UPDATE. Point of it all is that many people got pissed or confused by such a brief message which is asking for more of their money (It feels like promoting DLC and that's what everybody hates). If Obsidian had a free weekend and were unable to come up with more personal message then they should wait until Monday. Now they face damage control which is never a nice situaton.
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