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  1. Regarding Nyberg and #ObsidianCaves, turns out that one of the maniacs that was running a campaign to, in her own words, "pressure" Obsidian to removed the Firedorn memorial is one of the most fanatical defenders of Nyberg, saying that all the accusations are fabricated. This person is no other than Katherine Cross that works on Feminist Frequency (even when ppl in this forum were claiming she didnt) She also attacked John Bain aka Totalbiscuit saying he's transphobic (her go-to attack) and did the same against Mark Kern, lead designer for vanilla wow, but in his case she didn't name him by n
  2. The companions for KotFE have already been datamined, so the information is out there if you want look for it. For those that don't want to be spoiled I can give some non-spoilery information, remember this is work in progress. -You lose your old companions, probably early in the expansion -There is a new cast of "universal companions" meaning everyone gets them regardless of class, I wont say who but if you pay attention to the characters Bioware has been introducing in the past year I think you can make a pretty educated guess. -Some (not all) of the old companions will be able to be re
  3. You know with him ALL the characters from the trailers will be in the game now, so you could say that the circle is now complete. Satele, Malgus, Shae Vizla, Jace Malcom, hell even T7 was on the trailers. The ones we'll probably never see are the ones that died in the trailers or before the game came out like Vindican, Ven Zallow, Eleena Daru, etc. Why wasn't the dude on the game before? I hear the actor that played in on the trailers is actually very high profile for them to give him a role, I wonder who will be voicing him now, the someone else.
  4. Ok, with all the being said I think the discussion on these topics has run its course, I guess we can discuss the upcoming expansion, Knight of the Fallen Empire.
  5. I have a question for you then, tell me the difference between a Sith and a Rakata without bringing up their appearance, what kind of weaponry and technology they used and the fact that they lived pretty much in different eras. Since you say Sith are just bad guys who use the force then you probably can't find any difference between them. Leaving that aside, I think you can get away with having different interpretation of Sith characters, especially when you compare characters from different eras or when you compare different mediums such as movies vs video games or books, since they a
  6. Yeah, this comparison would totally work if only the darkspawn weren't essentially orcs by any other name. As-is, though, they're anything but "an implacable force of parasitic and alien horror". They're mooks to be slaughtered. Orcs in most settings are often inspired by Barbarian Tribes, in some settings they are more civilized and even diplomatic, like in WoW, in other settings they are completely destructive like in Warhammer. I think the Dark Spawn are neither of them, if anything they are much more comparable to an undead army, especially since neither of them seem to hav
  7. Yeah, this comparison sounds right to me, and the Dark Spawn were basically Dragon Age brand of unrelenting evil force, in D&D or other setting it might have been Undeads, or in Sci-Fi it might have been robots, something like Terminators or Reapers (before they were ruined) Which reminds me this dual villain (human and inhuman) also applies well to Mass Effect 3, you have The Illusive man and Cerbarus as the human and The Reaper threat as the inhuman antagonists. It's a formula that we see it gets used over and over because it works very well, even when you add variations here or ther
  8. As I said before, I think my wording was wrong when I said they were necessary, but they work well in fantasy, at least looking at Bioware and Obsidian trackrecord you have Mephistopheles and The King of Shadows in NWN The Blight from Dragon Age you can even say Darth Nihilus from Kotor 2. As long as you have more down to earth, nuanced antagonists such as Loghain or Ammon Jerro they can keep the story interesting, but having monsters to slay in fantasy it's just more fun, I mean, who didn't got tired of killing hordes and hordes of human bandits in Kirkwall when playing Dragon Age 2?
  9. The Darkspawn are necessary, in a movie maybe having a villain like Loghain is enough, but in a game you need someone you can fight constantly, and you cant fight Loghain himself every 5 minutes, right? Also some of the things that made Loghain good was that he was against the Darkspawn just like you, he just wanted to deal with them his own way and had no faith in the king or the wardens. I made the reference to Yoda because while playing the Jedi Consular, she doing some very advanced Telekinetics since chapter 1 and she was doing it in cutscenes, even some Sith when they witness what sh
  10. Well maybe you're right about Nihilus, it's just that when I interacted with The Empeor in Ziost, well I saw a lot of potential since an actor can give more personality than a soundboard, there are soundboard characters in SWTOR and they get old REAL FAST. In an Sci Fantasy Epic you kinda need both kind of villains, you need the down to earth human villains and the looming threat, force of nature villains, take Dragon Age: Origins, one of the best RPGs done by bioware, the human villain is Loghain, he betrays you and the king, and he sends assassins after you all the time, but he has his r
  11. I agree that The Emperor comes off as "Muahaha I am the Evhulz" villain, although better characterized than Nihilus since he was interpreted by an actor with experience in horror films, that gave him a bit more personality and flavor, the problem is that we never get to know his character. From my point of view as a Sith Inquisitor the first time I get to "meet" The Emperor and talk to him was when I got to lvl 60, in an expansion that was released 3 years after the game came out! And it's the same case for pretty much every other class except the Knight and the Warrior, pretty disappointe
  12. If you mean that Bioware ignored a lot of the plots and characters from KOTOR 2, I think you're right, I think the team that Bioware brought in to write SWTOR were not bad writers but they were either selfish and wanted to tell their own stories and ignore the past or they were mostly ignorant of the games that preceded SWTOR. The few ties to KOTOR that exist are there because Karpyshyn wrote them, if they hadn't brought him in, there would be nothing at all. You can say that there are small nods to KOTOR 2, like Lord Paladius, Lord Draag, the Sith Entity... but those can barely be consid
  13. I remember saying this in the past and only Gromnir kinda agreed. Glad I'm not the only one who gets this. If Star Wars didn't work for anything else other than "juvenile space operas" (whatever that means) then KOTOR 2 would have not been a good game. Obsidian took the story of KOTOR 1 and ran with it, exploring some new dark and philosophical themes, people liked the story and the characters, the people that had problems with KOTOR 2 were with the unfinished state of the game, which has nothing to do with the Star Wars theme, it has to do more with development time and deadlines. ED
  14. I don't think anyone in the empire knew the true nature of the Emperor, except maybe those that were closer to him. As far as they know he was the one that saved them from annihilation and lead them on rebuilding their empire pretty much from scratch. Considering the guy so far hasn't really done anything that another Sith hasn't already done, I doubt they would've cared if he hadn't made it blatantly clear what he intended to do during the SoR climax. The only outstanding thing in his portfolio is his plan for the galaxy after all. Everything else about him reminds me of what o
  15. If you're subbed you get x12 EXP bonus, you should be done with your class story pretty quickly
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