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  1. It's strange you bring up Arcanum as a counter-example because that was one of the most grimdark (grimdarkest?) RPGs in my mind before grimdark became all the rage. Sure, it has some quirky moments, but the overall atmosphere is very melancholy and depressing, enhanced in particular by the soundtrack. There's very few RPGs that pull that off in a way that has me glued to the screen start to finish (pretty much Arcanum, PST, and most recently Witcher 3).
  2. Seems like the Codex scales to Infinitron's level after all.
  3. They have it, but it's not affected by Reputation/Dispositions. The same goes for CNPC priests. Only the main character is affected, for some asinine reason. Obviously so your PC's dialogue choices don't interfere with party members' skill bonuses. IIRC the tip during char creation made it sound like it's therefor always maxed out for NPCs; is it actually on the lowest level instead?
  4. Why do people say NPCs don't get Faith & Conviction? Pretty sure my Pallagina has it.
  5. I'm not seeing any improvement compared to previously running the game from HDD. Granted, I haven't migrated the OS yet so saves still go to the HD, but shouldn't general load times still have improved noticeably?
  6. How could you tell? Do enemy resistances increase noticeably in the tooltip?
  7. If that is the case, then I'm pretty sure it's a bug. Here are my specs: Crucial MX100 512GB (SSD) Core i7-2720QM (2.2 GHz) Radeon 6770M 8 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit The save file is around 3MB in size. I timed it and it takes around 15 seconds to load and around 5 seconds to save. Area transitions likewise take around 15 seconds. Unless it is doing some heavy compression/decompression under the hood, I don't understand what can be taking so long. Also, if I click through the opening screens on startup, it takes around 3 seconds merely to load the list of saves. The SSD is operating properly in all other contexts (e.g. a cold boot of Windows takes about the same time as loading a PoE game, maybe even a little less) so I think there is something wrong here. That are the save/load times I get on my system - with a 7200RPM HDD. Shouldn't a SSD speed it up by like a lot?
  8. The chant that adds like 26 fire damage? It doesn't actually add a flat amount to each attack, more like a percentage. If you click on the attacks in the log you'll see how much it really added and it's far lower than 26.
  9. I believe the wording "Spell Holding: Consecrated Ground" means the spell should activate itself based on some condition (perhaps low endurance?), as opposed to "Minor Spellbind: Spellname" which grants an active spell in your ability bar. Either way, I couldn't get the boots to work so far.
  10. Yes -- Act II starts when you enter defiance bay for the first time. Ôw, I see. A pity; guess the game is drawing to a close.
  11. ... Hoooooooooooooooooow? Seriously, ACT I is over in Caerd Noa, there's absolutely no way at all to gain lvl 10 already before going there simply by lack of content, around 10 or less maps. So I somehow doubt this. I don't think it's possible for a group but what if you solo it? It should be possible then right? Um, I'm at the part where you gather certain clues for a certain lady concerning a certain metallic implement. You saying this is act 2 already and I missed the transition?
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