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  1. Yea I did Mechanics on my Rogue main and yes it was pretty costly in terms of skill points. But as you say, its a roleplaying game and it wouldn't seem quite right to have a Rogue not doing roguey stuff like opening locks and detecting traps. I also didn't know better back then, so I just went with what felt natural to me. Now that you can reconfigure party companions to your liking (post-patch 1.05), you can certainly get one to specialize in Mechanics upon picking them up. That being said, there are also a few cases where Mechanics are needed in conversations... as I mentioned earlier, u
  2. My pick for pets would be Miniature Giant Space Piglet ... maybe name him Groo He's probably a little too low to go for the eyes though, maybe he should go for the nuts instead And then I could say "beware of the dark, you're likely to be eaten by a..." P/S - I don't really have one. But its a cool pet all the same
  3. With some reviews mentioning the lack of impact of basic attributes on gameplay and a possible upcoming 1.07 change (making Perception give bonus Accuracy instead of Deflection), I figured this is probably a good a time as any to restart some discussion on it. This includes how everyone generally views the attribute system, whether we would like to see some changes made and if we need those changes now or would they be better suited to an expansion. PoE is a game that borrows heavily from DnD (from its 6-attribute system to saves to spell progression) so I'll be basing a good number of com
  4. That sounds quite similar to my first playthrough as well, in terms of XP gain. Did all Act II quests/tasks I could find, except the bounties and 4+ levels of Od Nua and ended up 2/3rds of the way through level 9. If I had done an additional 3 bounties, Seal of Endless Paths and Kana's personal quest as you had, plus exploration and bestiary XP for Od Nua levels 5-12, I do believe I would have ended up at roughly level 10 as well, as you have described. And yes I also agree that doing Act III at levels 9-11+ feels a little overleveled somewhat. I suspect some of these players m
  5. I don't think that's even possible. On a new 1.05 playthrough, I explored areas thoroughly and completed every available quest (including bounties), and it resulted in my characters being between 10-11 after completing Act II. Are you sure you didn't encounter a bug or something? Greyfox, I'm quite curious how this came to be as well as Insolentius's character levels match my own fairly well. Do you have earlier saves which show what levels your characters were, say right after killing Maerwald? Were you soloing for the better part of the game? At what point did you get a full party?
  6. It largely depends on how much you rest. If you don't mind resting fairly often, the casters are certainly superior and don't run into pathfinding issues trying to get into position to melee the right mob. If you're going for the "less than 10 rests" achievement or don't like using camping supplies/travelling back to the nearest inn or just simply don't like resting much (maybe imposing a self limit in terms of time taken to finish the adventure?) then the classes that don't depend on it so much will shine more, including rogues and fighters. In these cases, your rests are dictated by heal
  7. If you're not doing bounties, I don't think current XP is too much. In my playthrough, at the end of Act II, the party was roughly level 9 (about 2/3rds of the way through). I did all quests/tasks I could find, except bounties and only 4+ levels of Od Nua. Act III at L9-11+ does feel quite a bit on the easy side. After finishing Twin Elms content, including some of the relevant companion quests, the party was roughly level 11 (about 1/2 the way through). I then turned back to finish up Od Nua, the bounties and the Champion of Berath quest. Nalrend and his group of ogres was one of the toughe
  8. Yea would be good to be a little higher there for the lower level. IIRC, I cleared the upper level at around L3 (4-man party: PC Rogue/Aloth/Eder/Durance), except the big group of Skuldrs and their king and the 4 Will O Wisps and came back for them at L4 (5-man party: added Kana) and also the lower level. Shades are pretty irritating as they tend to target the weaker party members with cold ranged attacks and have that teleport move. Take note of the icon over their heads as to what they are casting/doing and mouseover them to see which party member they are currently targetting. With some
  9. Your party setup looks similar to the one I had in midgame, so I'm quite tempted to suggest going with a Rogue as the main character. Its really up to you though in terms of what role you prefer. I would say you have enough tanks in that setup. Eder is a solid tank and so is Pallegina. Priest can be a good idea as you don't have one in the party, though I'd like to think that Paladins provide enough support (especially after the boost they got in 1.06) that you don't necessarily need one. You'll also need someone to do Mechanics too and while this is probably best served by having a compan
  10. Thanks for the headsup. This is going to be a pretty big change if implemented. As of today, it doesn't seem to be actually implemented properly though. The description on the character sheet for bonuses provided by Perception is indeed changed to Accuracy instead of Deflection. However on checking the derived attributes for Accuracy and Deflection (on the left hand side of the character sheet) these are still much the same as they were previously, with Perception contributing to Deflection and not Accuracy. Checked with an actual battle in-game and the combat rolls also indicate Percepti
  11. Crucis has already covered most of it. I'll just add that I found a good tank pretty mandatory in the early game and so I started off Eder's build as a tank (assuming your PC isn't built as one and you're not hiring one from the inn). Later on in the game, most of the abilities and talents that improve Deflection will already be taken, so you can either go with abilities/talents that mitigate damage even further like Critical Defense or go with talents that improve damage to make him a bit more offensive. Pallegina can serve as a good tank as well and in some fights with small chokepoints
  12. Not sure why this would be important as all of them start with pretty basic weaponry as has been noted by other forumers and you'll soon find better weapons during play. Anyway here's the list and none of them start with flails. Aloth: Scepter, Rapier Eder: Sabre, Medium Shield, Warbow Durance: Quarterstaff with Flaming Lash, Rod Kana: Arquebus, Fine Estoc Sagani: Fine Hunting Bow, Fine Dagger, Fine Hatchet Pallegina: Fine Greatsword, Fine Pistol Hiravias: Fine Spear, Fine Wand Grieving Mother: Fine Dagger, Fine Crossbow P/S - The various Weapon Focus talents I consider to be mo
  13. Yup, I wondered about them as well. Could be a cut quest or just flavour stuff (you know, like those pirates in the cave beyond the hidden door in the Sea's Bounty tavern in BG2. There never was anything connected to them). Yea I wasn't able to find anything much off those bandits or the bandit leader or the surrounding containers, so I'm going to agree with it being purely flavor stuff as well. They weren't hostile, but when a game labels characters as "Bandits", I think I should be forgiven in starting hostilities Maerwith doesn't appear to return to the Charred Barrel after you get he
  14. Let me second this suggestion for Confusion, strongly! Another option with a Cipher would be Mind Plague which will last you a while into the fight (or Tenuous Grasp if you don't have Mind Plague). Ringleader, Puppet Master and Whisper of Treason are not really great options because you need to be in combat first and the casting range is extremely short (walking right up to ogres and then spending an "eternity" just waving your hands at them is not a good idea). Yep the time which is needed for them to pull off said spells is longer than the time it takes to make a sandwich and coffee and
  15. Haha yea I think I know the one you're referring to. I was kinda prepared to fail it conversationally as duping someone is always tricky, so I'd positioned my party in a way that the less armored ones would be somewhat shielded. What I wasn't prepared for was actually getting a positive reputation increase after killing the target and no decrease in reputation on killing other mobs. Which is funny because if you tried killing a Defiance Bay noble/citizen, you can be sure your rep is going to plunge. In short I don't consider taking the brawl route as quest failure, its just another way of doi
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