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  1. I picked this Party because i like the NPC's, i dont think i will change that. What about the Chanter as a PC charackter, i heard he is also a strong buffer but dont know if he would fit in well.
  2. Hi, i'm unsure which PC i should play. My NPC party setup is, like i would say "cut in stone", but i dont know which PC would complete my Setup. I would go with: Eder - Frontline Tank Pallegina - 2hand Off tank + Supporter Aloth - CC and likely DD Sagani - DD Grieving Mother - DD my problem now is which class + spec should i play to fit in this setup. I'm really bad at this part of the game when u plan your charackter and decide what you play, so i would like to hear your advice. Oh and i prefer any role, especially in this type of games. Thanks for your time and i await your reply^^ Tobias P.S. Praise the Sun!
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