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  1. This is a copy from : http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/618457398968788430/ As it just happened to me, and I was able to reproduce and confirm, I'm copying the report here (credits goes to Minera)
  2. Hi, I've been playing PoE for few hours on OSX 10.10.2 on my macbook pro and I've noticed that sometimes the objects I find on the dead bodies when collected can't be found in the inventory.... I've just found some magic gloves, I've got them from the body and then I went into the inventory to apply them to one of my characters and they were not in the inventory...... is this a bug?
  3. So this just started happening after the last patch. Loading my save file takes roughly 3 minutes. 3 minutes and 6 seconds. I timed it. Previously it would take under ~15 seconds. Also, there is a large amount of lag when opening the inventory, and when switching characters in the inventory page. ~8-9 seconds per page. This happens every time I switch pages or open the screen, it's not caching whatever is taking forever to load. I'd be happy to upload my save file if it helps diagnose the issue. Specs: CPU: 3750 Quad 3.4ghz Vid card: GTX 770 RAM: 16gb
  4. Dear All, New bug: if you remove character from team and then put him again, he will lose all Quick items. Lost Grimmuars, a lot of potions like this.. Regards, Letnie
  5. I'm on my first play through, and I'm having a hard time knowing what type of armor to match up with which character. For my main I picked a Tanky paladin (based on a guide I read) mostly because I wanted to have a lot of dialog options. But now I'm just overwhelmed with all the armor types and weapon types. I kind of get that probably for my tank characters I want heavier, then lighter toward the guys in back. What throws me off are the details. Should I choose leather or scale for my ranger? Or hide? or any of them. I'm just not sure what to use. Here's a screenshot showing my main six characters and their stats. I also have the Cipher and the Druid, and just haven't gotten the paladin yet because I already have one. These are just the story characters.
  6. I haven't included a saved game with this as there isn't any one point in the game where this issue occurs, it happens constantly. The issue is that whenever I try to equip a weapon while in the inventory screen, or switch characters while in the inventory screen I have to sit through about a 15 second wait. This issue was happening to me even before the 1.03 patch, so I doubt it's something that was caused recently. When trying to level up my characters (by clicking on the + button at the top left corner of the character's portrait) the game goes through the same pause for about 30 seconds for each character I try. I'm not sure if this is something that is a problem on my end, but I know that this particular freeze (when leveling up) did NOT occur before the 1.03 patch. I looked through the forum and through the current bugs list and it wasn't on there, so hopefully it's something easy for me to fix. I'm using the Steam Version: 1.03 My system specs are: -------------------------------------------- OS: Windows 7 Professional x64 RAM: 32 GB Processor: Intel® Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.2GHz DirectX Version: DirectX 11 Graphics Card:[SLI x 2] Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 Ti | Mem: 2680MB (x2) ---------------------------------------------------- Graphics Card 1: ---------------------------------------------------- Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce GTX 780 Ti DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC Display Memory: 2680 MB Dedicated Memory: 2966 MB Shared Memory: 3809 MB Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz) Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model: ASUS VK278 Monitor Id: ACI27F7 Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz) Output Type: DVI ---------------------------------------------------- Graphics Card 2: ---------------------------------------------------- Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce GTX 780 Ti DAC type: Integrated RAMDAC Display Memory: 2680 MB Dedicated Memory: 2966 MB Shared Memory: 3809 MB Current Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz) Monitor Name: Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model: ASUS VK278 Monitor Id: ACI27F7 Native Mode: 1920 x 1080(p) (60.000Hz) Output Type: DVI Here is some info from the log file. It seems to be some kind of issue with it not being able to find the bone transform for the primary weapon/secondary weapon: (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) UnloadTime: 133.102478 ms Checking to instantiate global... (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Checking to instantiate in game global... (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Unloading 15 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 7 / Dirty serialized files: 0) Unloading 4604 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 85011. Total: 153.006622 ms (FindLiveObjects: 4.347139 ms CreateObjectMapping: 5.205181 ms MarkObjects: 87.988556 ms DeleteObjects: 54.447174 ms) Asset not found at path: Art/Character/Male/Textures/Body/CL/CL03/m_M_Skin_V02 (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Unloading 1 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 8 / Dirty serialized files: 0) Unloading 3143 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 89655. Total: 177.098984 ms (FindLiveObjects: 5.397386 ms CreateObjectMapping: 6.066102 ms MarkObjects: 161.263428 ms DeleteObjects: 3.574804 ms) Tier1Backer cannot be loaded because the asset bundle type is not supported! (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Tier2Backer cannot be loaded because the asset bundle type is not supported! (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Tier1Preorder cannot be loaded because the asset bundle type is not supported! (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Client Size: L 0, R 1920, T 0, B 1080 (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Window Size: L 0, R 1920, T 0, B 1080 (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Client Screen Origin: X 0, Y 0 (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Clip On. Range: L 0, R 1920, T 0, B 1080 (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) GildedVale reputation changed on the Positive axis (Major). (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Paperdoll Character doesn't have the specified bone (primaryWeapon) for Weapon Attachment. (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Unloading 1 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 8 / Dirty serialized files: 0) Unloading 26653 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 89643. Total: 216.801132 ms (FindLiveObjects: 6.228884 ms CreateObjectMapping: 8.004454 ms MarkObjects: 166.026306 ms DeleteObjects: 35.715427 ms) Paperdoll Character doesn't have the specified bone (secondaryWeapon) for Weapon Attachment. (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Paperdoll Character doesn't have the specified bone (primaryWeapon) for Weapon Attachment. (Filename: C:/BuildAgent/work/d63dfc6385190b60/artifacts/StandalonePlayerGenerated/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 49) Unloading 1 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 8 / Dirty serialized files: 0) Unloading 32899 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 89688. Total: 240.280090 ms (FindLiveObjects: 6.530782 ms CreateObjectMapping: 12.164825 ms MarkObjects: 161.240067 ms DeleteObjects: 59.555775 ms)
  7. I want my character to have a cape/cloak for the sake of appearance. I still want my character to be able to wear amulets, etc. I can't do this. Please consider adding an additional slot to make this possible! I get the lumping together of chest, legs, shoulders into an "armor" catergory, but lumping back and neck together seems fairly goofy. Thanks!
  8. Hi! So I really like the game, still there is one minor thing that bugs me with the game, it’s that you can’t sort your items in your stash or inventory, at least I’ve not found a way to do so, I’d like to be able to sort my items after their type, like wand or medium armor and so forth. It be a lot easier to equip your companions and main character. Also the same type of items should stack up by auto. Kind Regards: SpecH82
  9. So, i'm think this bug is spoiling my game, well, because i can't stop using it lol When your is battling just open the bag/inventory after a attack, monster get hited and you open bag again, close and more one attack and again, again...Well that's very unfair! My game is ver1.0.2.0508 don't know if that help but just saying. Is that, don't use this if you read, is unfair and spoils the game, just take away the desire to play of this epic rpg. And sorry for the translation...
  10. Hi all, first time poster here, long time backer. I've been honestly trying to avoid as much PR as possible preferring to see the game fresh when it releases, but I caved recently and was watching Josh's play through on paradox's twitch page. My question is simply this: Looting seems painful. Is there anyway the loot window could come up showing all creatures within a certain radius and let you divide up loot from there instead of having to click on 7 different monsters after every fight? Let me know what you think, or if it's an option somewhere I just didn't see. Thanks!
  11. It's a longer list, so I'll post it as a separate topic. Answering: No, they are not. It actually feels like the GUI designed for an old Infinity Engine games in some ways - we've really made a long way in improving GUI designs and as far as it is currently OKish... it's also needlessly tedious and doesn't always provide users with the info they need. That said though - PoE user interface is with no doubt much cleaner and more noob-friendly than say: BG, I don't want to see copying of old IE games interfaces, cause in many ways they were bad too, but I'd love if you'd take good things from them - like providing user with data he needs when he needs it, and most importantly: Good things from last 10 years of game development and design. Don't be afraid to embrace the awesome improvements and progress we've made in a last decade! If you are looking for some more detailed and constructive suggestions, here's the whole list, screen-by-screen for Inventory and Crafting, Character sheet, and finally: Journal. Inventory Search functionality in Stash (text input - you start type = you start search, similar to the way it's suppose to work on Google) Stash sorting functionality - should change depending on a tab - sort by value, sort by different damage types or damage resistances (depending if you're in Armors/Clothing or Weapons tab), etc. Ability to see ALL items in your stash (this preferably should be a default view) - I'm clueless why it's not in a game. o_O Button to move all items from my character inventory to stash (optionally: when clicked it should change to "restore", if I drag any new item to the character inventory - restore option should disappear) Search functionality for my character inventories (including items they got equipped) - when searching it should switch to the character that got this item equipped and highlight it (white border, or something like this) Ability to view a total sum of attribute changes to my character from all of the items equipped In character screen when hovering two numbers in End. Hlth. and Acc. it should show a tooltip saying "current" or "maximum" to make it clear why there are two numbers over these three characteristics (for our new players out there) When clicking attributes in the character or inventory screen it should show a popup screen explaining the attribute (how it affects combat or dialogs) and possibly also: display a break-down of how this attribute is affected by the equipment you have, for example: D.T. - Damage Treshold <<very long description here that currently appears as a tooltip which I can't even read whole cause it goes off beyond the screen>> Base: 0, Scale Armor: +7 ps. I added problem with tooltip as a bug report here. Inspect functionality in inventory screen - right now it allows you to inspect only the items. I'd expand it to explaining GUI elements:Clicking an empty slot should describe it - what kind of items fit there, tell that they can be added by drag & drop from the inventory or stash, etc. Clicking weapon sets should explain the whole functionality and how to swap between them in combat Clicking an empty spot in your character inventory should give you an explanation how it differs from Quick Items and Stash. Same with clicking on an empty slot in Quick Items or Stash icon - obviously Clicking on camping supplies should tell you stuff about using them and how to get new. ps. you already have most of these descriptions in the glossary - why you refuse to make use of them with Inspect functionality is beyond my comprehension. Inventory screen - 3D Character model - you can rotate him/her along just one axis. Please, make it possible to rotate him on both, to see character from above and in isometric perspective. And if we're on that: character model rotation should NOT reset when switching between characters. Inventory screen - Make it clear which weapon set is selected. In the UI, don't make me guess based on a looks of the weapons! Add a button to go directly from the Inventory screen to the character screen of a currently selected character. And back. and this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Crafting screen (it's sub-screen of an Inventory) Text search Filter by types (healing potions, combat AoE potions, etc. - you get the picture) Possibly sorting (turn off grouping by categories, and just sort all of them) - sort by value, uses, speed, etc., a nice drop-down - these items that do not have a certain property should be at the bottom of the list, separated by a horizontal line, order doesn't matter. Option to show only these items that I can craft with my current items (hide everything that's grayed-out, remove categories if they are empty) Anyone can tell me why the heck crafting potions in a field consumes money? It makes zero sense. Option to compare two potions / items. When having one selected and hovering another - it should bring a tooltip with an information similar to these Hormalakh gave in a quote above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Character sheet Statistics breakdown - let us choose if we want to see records or statistics breakdown on a right-side part of the GUI.This should give you a nice set of tables, when relevant: show current, standard and base statistics. Current = all of the effects, spells and wounds + items + character, Standard = items + character, Base = character alone. That should also include a table with detailed breakdown of attack from your weapons, including it's default properties and properties after applying character modifiers. Current information of "+27% action speed" is meaningless if you can't easily compare an attack speed of different characters with their current weapons. Statistics breakdown should be a default view. Records are nice and all, but they do not help you with anything ahead of you! Tooltips on the elements. Make them more consistent. Eg. in my resolve stats I got a popup explaining concentration, but there is none for Duration (that's a duration of what? Spells? I guess, but could be potions or something very negative: attacks, as in: making them take longer). In my Intellect stat I got popup for deflection but none of Area of Effect. In Dexterity there is no popup for Action Speed. And so on, and so on. Active effects got no descriptions for... well... anything. Why some of the properties are clickabe for popup windows and some are hover tooltips? Be consistent - either everything is a popup or everything is a tooltip. XP bar.... Is that even a bar? Below Experience there's brown horizontal rectangle - it looks like a progress bar to the next level, but I can't see anything progressing there. Make it a proper, clear, progress bar or if it's not suppose to be one - replace it to a thin horizontal line if you need some separator in there. In general on a character screen I would prefer to see something information-wise more in a style of that: Image that forum doesn't allow me to put here You see all of the information in the right window? Like the actual number for your open locks skill after all the effects, actual number for your reputation, etc. My idea with tables goes further than that and shows you even more info, but this thing here is what I consider to be a bare minimum of what you should see on a character screen. Sadly PoE does not provide that, though overall - PoE character screen is much clearer and newbie-friendly - so keep that, it's a good stuff, but show us more data More data makes life easier, not more difficult, even if it might be slightly overwhelming at first. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Journal Text search - can be just in a titles, but still. It'd be especially useful with Glossary. Notes - this problem. Note the part about allowing users to select text there. Notes - allow us to remove them. Glossary - Equipment tab should contain descriptions of different types of equipment with their generic characteristics (eg. Armor tends to come in light, medium and heavy variety, describe their benefits and disadvantages, describe which types of characters should use which type of armor, etc.) Cyclopedia - after spotting a new type of enemy you at least should see it's name in a bestiary, just with no description. You know that they exist and what is the name - after all hovering them shows a tooltip with the name. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I know this list is far from being complete as people gave some really decent suggestions here and there, but these are for me the most glaring issues - if anyone reading that post got anything more to add, feel free to do so.
  12. Right now when you right click or mouse over a weapon, the damage range shown is with the bonus from MIG taken into account. This makes it difficult to compare weapons that different characters are using, because if these characters have different MIG values, the same weapon equipped by both will show different damage ranges. How it needs to be shown, instead of (for example) "Sword: 16-22 slashing damage", is something more along the lines of "Sword: 15-20 (+1-2) slashing damage". Then show the net damage elsewhere on the inventory screen as suggested in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67677-sensukis-suggestions-009-inventory-and-item-tooltips/?hl=%2Bdamage+%2Bdisplay. As it is, we really can't even know what the base damage of a weapon is without doing the math every time. Silly. It's a small thing, but important to making an intuitive inventory and UI system (which really needs work at the moment). If this is already listed somewhere as an intended feature, I apologize. Just shoot me a link and I'll be happy.
  13. I was moving things into the stash and trying to combine my many beetle shells and venom sacks. When I figured out I couldn't combine them I closed the stash but when I did there was an item stuck on the cursor and I couldn't get rid of it. I couldn't drop it, give it to someone else, or close the inventory screen. I finally just had to close the game.
  14. the Inventoryis to small, If their was 1 more slot id be perfect! i don't understand why theirs a space under the 1 slot like theirs suppose to be 1 more. And the stash i the game really doesn't make any since in game.And why cant i drop items on the ground?
  15. [How it happened : ] After navigating through crafting screen, I came back on the inventory to find giant letters written in white on the screen. So far I had two "W" and now the letter "A". [Comments : ] I could reproduce the bug only once so far, I tried navigating through the potions to craft, without crafting any, and the bug occured. I only have one screenshot. You can see the letter A just beneath the character portrait on the screenshot. [Attached files : ] Screenshot linked
  16. Hello, At the beginning of the game, CLYDE appears on the menu as a friend, but then he disappears. Is this correct? In addition, the chest, the one who is in the room. I'm unable to remove items from the beginning of the DLC and now others who deposited per test.
  17. This thread is to discuss the inventory mechanics described briefly in update #36: Equipment and "Top of Pack" resemble the inventory system used in the IE games. The unlimited "stash" however is new. According to Josh Sawyer this unlimited inventory mechanic has been proposed in order to remove the "degenerative action" of "players making five trips in and out of a dungeon after clearing it to haul all of the loot out". I am personally on the fence about this mechanic and agree with the opinion of other fans that this mechanic might be watering down the inventory mechanics by removing the ability to build the inventory of your party/character, e.g. improving your carry weight or inventory size, and removing decision making. As we know, building your character and making (wise) decisions are pivotal elements of an RPG. There have also already been recommendations on how to improve or build upon this mechanic, e.g. Beasts of Burden. While I like this mechanic, my personal favorite is the system used in Baldur's Gate 2 where you could find/buy "Bags of Holding", gem bags, scroll cases, and other goodies in order to improve your inventory. Aside from stat improvements that increase your carry weight of course. Discuss!
  18. In many games, inventory management becomes a major hassle once you acquire a large number of items. One way to alleviate this is to introduce separate tabs for specific item types (i.e. weapons, armor, potions, scrolls, etc.). This would make it a bit easier to search for specific items as long as you know which category they belong to. Of course, you would still have a general tab where items from all categories would be listed. Examples of games which had a tabbed inventory: Risen, Gothic 1&3, KotOR 1&2, Divinity 1&2. Disclaimer: I'm not saying that inventory management was perfectly executed in the aforementioned games, just that it had this useful feature which might be worth looking into for Project Eternity. Lastly, here's a screenshot of Risen's character sheet. Notice the tabbed inventory under section 13.
  19. In D&D, resurrection needed diamonds. Some other games made spells require ingredients as a general rule. In P:E, what do you guys think about some higher level spells requiring ingredients? Or lower-level spells requiring ingredients? Middle-level spells? All spells? Any spells? Perhaps these ingredients are similar ingredients used in enchanting or crafting. Maybe not. What do you think?
  20. Alright, if you could change the title to Inventory Management Proposal *Edited*, this is the contents (and thanks): The following is my proposal for how I believe the inventory management system in PE should work. My goal was to provide interesting depth while avoiding as much tedium as possible. I'm going to go over everything from the backpack, to equipment, to currency, and anything in between. Most of the system is automatic to stop 15 minute inventory rearrangements, while alot of detail, this is simply describing why and how it works. I'm a D&D pen and paper DM, naturally you'll see some references to that here - not that it's out of place since baldur's gate and other games are D&D based, but don't feel special for calling me on it. If you aren't interested in the details, I’ve put spoiler tags around the bulk of things and left the examples and TL;DR visible. First and foremost I propose a system that combines volume and mass. Mass being your typical carrying capacity that's limited by your player's strength. Mass, Treasure, and Currency: Volume, Tetris without the shuffle games: Types of Packs: Time or Room saving items: Equipment: How this system works: When not in combat, your backpack will always be opened automatically on going to the inventory screen, when in combat, your other containers like quiver, potion clip, and scroll case will be open since items in the pack take time to get to. You can also then drag any containers to the ground, effectively dropping all that gear if you need to lighten your load before combat. This should save time compared to dragging and dropping individual items, only to pick them up moments later. Example of how it looks outside combat with an empty adventurer's pack (forgive me, I only have MSpaint to work with right now... >_>): Now here's the same inventory, but where a sword has been placed in the bulky slot, freeing up more volume. And now the same inventory where there are 3 of that sword. Clicking once on the swords would take one, but double clicking would take all of them. Shift clicking would bring up the take X menu. If autosorting was turned off, instead the inventory area would show enough small slots to represent the space in the bag, but where the shape only allowed one bulky (4x8) item to fit. If there were a weapon or item too long to fit in the bag, it would be forced into a strap slot. TL;DR Advantages of this system: - Depth and tactics that combat has rarely been afforded in other games. ---- Dropping a pack or belt with gear on it can allow you to lighten your load before a fight without dropping tons of junk. 1 drop and 1 pickup. ---- Equipping whole quivers of 60 arrows instead of bundles of 20 allows one to quickly refit an archer. ---- Taking gear from an enemy's dropped pack, or a rogue pick-pocketing a strapped on item. ---- Leaving cursed or poisoned items out on dropped packs for enemies to take as a new kind of trap. ---- Enemies taking gear and using it for themselves from dropped packs. ---- Containers serve more purpose but aren't necessary to keep a pack from filling full of tiny items. - Less playing the shuffle game, but still keeping things more interesting than an infinite adventurer's backpack of storage. Tetris is optional for those who want it. - Gems and scrolls don't take the same space as a full plate armor - Currency and bartering are more interesting as there's less incentive to just instantly sell everything you pick up. - Interesting variations of containers lead to new roleplaying experience (like the pouches that create counterfeit money) Neutral points: - Slightly more realistic since volume is accounted for - Automatic transference of items is a little unrealistic. Disadvantages of this system: - Some items may be automatically transferred to another character's storage item without you wanting it there. (I'm assuming 95% of gems and the like are going to just need to be sold) - No carrying 10 full plate armors in one backpack (items needing bulky slots like full/half plate should be rarer anyways) - No carrying 100,000 coins on one character. - Extra containers needed to optimize inventory space and time to acquire found items (however, these containers should be easily found on others and not need to be bought - most mages or clerics would have a scroll box, many rogues would have coin purses or gem boxes, etc. We shouldn't have to find what random shop is carrying a gem bag for example) - An enemy trapping you in your own portable hole and your party being unable to free you in time or dying would kind of suck.
  21. I don't really like how most RPGs do inventory. This isn't a grid vs list thing. I don't really give a **** about that. What I'm talking about is a thing regardless of whether your inventory is a sheer wall of item names or a mountain of tetris pieces. RPGs have a lot of items to play with. And to facilitate playing with them, developers give us nice, big inventories, far larger than any human could carry.This is a Good Thing; I get enough "I'm not sure if I can carry all this stuff up this mountain path" in my real job. At the same time, inventories can be a source of strategic depth. Developers use things like weight and encumbrance, stack caps, limited grid space, etc. to force players to make choices about what they want to take. This is also a Good Thing. And these two Good Things hate each-other, and when combined - as they usually are - you get the strengths of neither and the weaknesses of both. You're carrying fifty potions and two sets of just-in-case armour ("... and this shield gets +5 damage resist against disembodied moose testicles..."), and you spend the last ten minutes of every dungeon dividing every item's cost by its weight and ditching the losers. Or you end every room-looting session with two minutes of redistributing everything the thief grabbed to the people that are actually capable of carrying it. Or you're just... generally inconvenienced, but never to the point of rethinking how you play. That ain't a Good Thing, if figure. Y'know what RPG does inventory half-way decently? A ****in' console JRPG. The basics of it are this: each character has a small inventory. Like, a few weapons and a few potions. Small. But then you've also got your camp inventory, which is unlimited. When a character picks an item up out of the field, it enters their inventory. If their inventory is full, they have the choice of either sending it straight to camp or putting it in their inventory and sending a different item back to camp in its place. When in camp, you have access to your entire inventory and all your characters. No massive stacks of potions for every occasion. No swords getting lost under pages of alchemy ingredients. No thousand-pound backpacks. Of course, you can't just copy-paste. Fire Emblem makes no distinction, for example, between equipped items and unequipped items, which works there because they don't deal with armour or accessories, but in an IE-style game, those things would clog you up something turrible. Swapping items between characters would have to be easier. And there's the risk that it might exacerbate the "but I might need this rocket launcher in the next fight..." syndrome. And Obsidian would have to carefully choose when to give players access to the "camp inventory" (Do you restrict inventories in towns? Do you un-restrict it at a town store? Or when crafting? Stuff like that.) to maintain any depth without becoming annoying. I dunno. I just really haven't been impressed with inventories in... well, most any WRPG. BG, Witcher, Elder Scrolls, KotOR, Fallout... maybe there has been a game that's done something else like this - or has approached this thang from some other interesting angle - but I ain't seen it. So, y'know. It'd be cool. I think. Also, I really want to replay Fire Emblem 9 and 10, but my ex-roommate nicked 'em from me.
  22. Just started game; finishing Saudi Arabia. Purchased silencer from Clearinghouse, doesn't show in inventory or weapons locker. Found pistol laser sight in field and armor enhancement, but not in inventory. All else is fine, Win 7 - 64.
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