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  1. 100% agree. I am currently very, very, VERY unhappy with the "fix core systems of IE game" approach so far. I have waited 15 years to play another IE game. I also agree. I have no idea why Obsidian kickstarted a spiritual successor to the IE games although they think that the core mechanics of those games are terrible and therefore need to be fixed. The backers liked the IE games as they were, all Obsidian needed to do was replace the AD&D system with something else (with something at least as good) and everyone would have been happy.
  2. Gromnir, we have told you numerous times that quest only XP and objective XP are not the same thing at all. Not to mention that that poll was take about two years ago way before anybody even touched the beta (and gave the developer the benefit of the doubt).
  3. I would agree with that.. although I do agree with some of the nay sayers of combat xp on other topics.. When I see how disrespectful and rude they get I almost feel dirty agreeing with them on anything.. It also doesn't help that Obsidian doesn't make any statements about this controversy. They have chosen to simply ignore us, which adds additonal heat to these discussions.
  4. That is a lot more than a subjective impression. It is also a lie. I see you are in denial mode once again. Numerous people (even in this thread) have already stated that this game doesn't feel like an IE game. Even those who actually like this ludicrous game. Anyway, please be so kind and point out where Obsidian promised us a stealth simulator with completely optional combat, an absurd XP system that doesn't reward the player accordingly for his achievements (=quest XP only), a completely borked RPG system that suffers from cookie cutter syndrome and impotent attributes et. al, regener
  5. Inxile were very clear about their vision for T:ToN straight from the beginning. Nothing has changed either. Obsidian is giving us something much different than what they promised. Major difference.
  6. Tell me, Helm. Why do you lie? Tell me Primejunta, why are you in denial?
  7. Just skip the combat, it is completely optional anyway.
  8. What a nice pitch! It's almost like they were thinking what a lot of others were thinking. That the crpg golden age consisted of some IE games that we all love and adore and they'd like to "recapture" (as they put it) that feeling. I'm definitely down so far... Well hell sign me up! I think the translation of this looks like: "We're going to take the best stuff from all 3 and combine it into one game." Again this is Obsidian's pitch not mine after all. What Obsidian Entertainment did not say: Strangely, I don't think they would've quite gotten as much money from their kicks
  9. Less bugs, slightly improved combat... Game is still terrible for exactly the same reasons.
  10. Yes, we want all of the forest critters like squirrels, chipmunks, deer, etc. to give 1 XP each so we can grind them all day... Nobody here ever said that they want to grind all day, they simply said that they want to be rewarded properly for their achievements, like in the in the IE games.
  11. Hopefully this patch removes some of the absurd Sawyerisms that plague this game.
  12. Killing a couple of Kobolds isn't an achievement. Slaughtering a Xvart village isn't an achievement. You going out of your way and endangering the lives of your party members is not an achievement. 1. Endangering the lives of your party members by slaughtering an ogre for combat XP isn't an achievement. 2. Endangering the lives of your party members by slaughtering an ogre for quest XP is an achievement! Hurra!
  13. Heh, I sometimes wonder about the 99% of backers that don't frequent the forum are going to react. I think a lot of backers simply took the "IE experience" at face value and while we can do a bunch of mental gymnastics to point out this or that feature, at the end of the day it doesn't feel IE-like to me. Were going to need more moderators in a few months... The forum meltdown is going to be glorious. "POE, WHY U NO PLAY LIKE BALDUR'S GATE!?" lol
  14. Well, I wasn't expecting Josh Sawyer's Quest: The Quest for Quests, I was expecting something that actually rewards the player for his achievements, which includes combat. You know, like in the IE games. Nice strawman BTW - 8/10
  15. I agree - which is weird as I love BG2. But I guess it's only a small portion of its fans that think it was nearly perfect in all aspects. It was great because it was great as a whole, not because every individual component was stellar. I've never heard any fan saying it was perfect in all aspects. In my opinion it is the best game ever made but in the sense that, as you say, the game was great as a whole, not because every individual component was stellar. A lot of us think that Baldur's Gate 2 is the best game ever made, and that is why we are here.
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