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  1. Following from suggestions on this thread, here's my revised plan for my Barbarian main. The idea would be to provide melee DPS to the tanks in the party and avoid engagement as much as possible. This character is not built for taking damage, instead it dishes heaps of it out through Carnage, Death's Usher, Bloody Slaughter, Blood Lust and Blood Thirst. Role: Off Tank DPS Race: Death Godlike Death's Usher x 1.2 damage against enemies with low Endurance Barbarian Level: 15 Mig: 18 Con: 3 Dex: 18 Per: 18 Int: 18 Res: 3 Abilities: Level 1 - Frenzy - A Level 2 - Accurate Carnage
  2. Thanks for your insights Boeroer! So, let's say I'm just stubborn as a mule with my stat setup. Anyway I can mitigate my Con and Res with buffs from my party or with equipment? How would retaliate work with a two handed weapon setup?
  3. Thank you for the feedback KDubya and Boeroer! I am returning to the game on a normal play through with the following setup: Fire Godlike Barbarian Level: 3 Mig: 18 Con: 3 Dex: 18 Per: 18 Int: 18 Res: 3 Talents: Accurate Carnage I am hoping to setup this character as an extremely fast off tank DPS with the ability to fend off adds through retaliate. Is the above stat spread viable? Would talents and items should I consider downstream? - Sith
  4. Wow, now that is a really awesome strategy. I'd be inclined to try a 2nd tank instead of 2nd rogue for PoTD but still, that sounds ungodly. Yeah. You can drop the 2nd rogue. Put in a Priest and you've basically pressed the Auto Win button for Pillars of Eternity. Very, very few encounters can wipe you with that setup. With my Ciphers protected by Consecrated Ground the Lighthouse was absolute cake. Cail the Silent and his horde of drakes from Cinders of Faith quest line got WTFPWNED. I don't think there's many fights I could lose with this party configuration.
  5. You pretty much thought of an awesome strategy I was too lazy to come up with myself, but I saw the theoretical capability of EE, thats why I opened this post. As to FF, as soon as somebody said"Echo doesn't do FF", I was like wtf, didn't it do FF before? Many people denied it ever was, but I'm pretty sure it was at least in 1.03 maybe in 4 also. Hey Raven! Keep in mind that the range for Escape is quite short. There are times when it's better to slap Boots of Speed your designated EE magnet and have them run around the enemy line as they engage your fighter. But the Escape t
  6. I run a party with a Dwarf Fortress (Fighter) 2 Rogues (one setup for a 2H spike damage build, other setup as a DoT/DPS build)... and 3 Ciphers. Combat begins. I engage with the Dwarf Fortress, flank with one of my Rogues and then hit the Escape power while at the same time targeting the rogue with Ectopsychic Echo from all 3 of my Ciphers. Ectopsychic Echo triggers, Rogue teleports behind the enemy line around my fighter and absolute carnage ensues. I am ROLFSTOMPING pretty much everything in the game with this setup. Ectopsychic Echo = Easy Mode. They ought to change it back to b
  7. Yes, but the imbalance in XP isn't what matters - only the imbalance in level matters. With the same exponential formula the BG games used, you could have three times the amount of sidequest XP as story XP and still have no more than 2 levels difference between a total completionist and a completely critical path player. Ever. The reason severe imbalances in XP translates to severe imbalances in level is the quadratic level curve. Exponential simply doesn't have that problem. It allows for severe imbalances in XP to only translate to very slight differences in power. That's why I suggested it.
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