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  1. As it stands right now in the bb 257 I find combat too cluttered/chaotic to be playable. Being able to rotate the camera view would be extremely helpful but so would making clicking or moving the cursor over a character/enemy's health bar select/give info on the object/character. The health bars seem to find a way to be seen unlike the actual character, and if you could highlight the selected character then combat would be considerably less chaotic.
  2. Marceror's original post may have seemed a bit harsh for an early beta but I can not blame him in the slightest. I agree with each point, that there is a large amount of work to be done and that makes me hope for a delayed release rather than a buggy game. There are many people with far more knowledge of game design than my self who say it can be done in 4 months but the historical track record begs to differ. Many people have posted about how these crowd-funded games really need to be near-perfect at launch as all excuses have been removed, and they are absolutely correct. There are a mass of non-posting gamers out there who have been burned numerous times in the past by unplayable launches and are waiting and watching how this turns out. They are professionals in their 30s and 40s who have played every crpg and pnp rpg in the universe and who don't have time or inclination to sift through known launch bugs. Treat them well and they will put sizable funds behind future projects and we get the games we really want. Burn them again and it all goes away. It is not hyperbole at all to say that the future of crowd-funded true crpgs is hanging on the success or failure of PoE, WL2, and a couple of others. We all want to see this work. Take your time and get it right or we all suffer. That is why I payed extra to get in on the bb so I can put my money where my mouth is and help get it right. That being said, for me personally, I'm waiting for the next build. I have tried 7 different characters and have been so crushed by the legion of bugs that I just don't have the stamina to keep going. I'm not going anywhere, I'm committed to try again at each build, but this first one has shaken my confidence for winter 2014.
  3. Yeah, I find this a little concerning as well. Maybe "realistic" 3D character models rendered at small sizes are not such an improvement over the Infinity Engine pixel art characters, after all? I agree as well. It has gotten to the point where just grouping everyone together and then pointing out one bad guy I can actually see is far more effective than trying to actually direct combat as there was so much chaos. What I thought I was seeing was in fact incorrect and a slight shift by an injured baddy makes him unclickable by my own people surrounding him as ordered. The bugs I have experienced, and they are legion, are overshadowing the fact that this could very well be a fatal flaw for the game. Being able to rotate the camera would help considerably, but the game as it seems to be intended (something approximating real time), is never going to be playable. The only way to actually play is to stop it almost constantly and essentially turn it into a turn based game. Without pausing every second or less you can't move your cursor around enough to give you enough information to find out what is happening. The combat log is helpful but so much information goes through it that you have to pause to read for a couple of minutes to see what just happened. I realize that it is far to late to change the real time/turn based thing now but without a serious improvement in the ability to see and click on enemies in the scrum of melee the game will loose about 75% of its playability by making any worthwhile and important large battle either an incomprehensible chaotic massof melee or incredibly tedious with pausing and deciphering. I think one possibility is making the enemies health bar selectable, The health bars seem to move around so as every bar is generally always visible. If they lit up when you selected or move you cursor over them we could at least get a better idea of what was going on and could issue commands accordingly.
  4. I have had the same issue in 4 different characters.
  5. I was moving things into the stash and trying to combine my many beetle shells and venom sacks. When I figured out I couldn't combine them I closed the stash but when I did there was an item stuck on the cursor and I couldn't get rid of it. I couldn't drop it, give it to someone else, or close the inventory screen. I finally just had to close the game.
  6. I have the same problem as well with a little twist. I traded the BB Wizard's sword to my main character (a paladin) and when I equipped it the weapons seemed to be floating. Upon reloading the sword was gone from my main character but the wizard still had my war hammer. I also have had items disappear while transferring them between characters while on the inventory screen.
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