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  1. [What's going on : ] The circles appearing while in scounting mode are displayed through character leveling screen. [How it happened : ] I tried to level while still having scounting mode enabled. [Attached files : ] Screenshot linked
  2. EDIT : Bug occurs even without touching the crafting page.
  3. Here's another case where the letter appears while hovering a wurm with the cursor. It disappears when I get the cursor of the monster.
  4. [How it happened : ] After navigating through crafting screen, I came back on the inventory to find giant letters written in white on the screen. So far I had two "W" and now the letter "A". [Comments : ] I could reproduce the bug only once so far, I tried navigating through the potions to craft, without crafting any, and the bug occured. I only have one screenshot. You can see the letter A just beneath the character portrait on the screenshot. [Attached files : ] Screenshot linked
  5. I wonder if the game will appear on Steam, or if we're going to get a private link to download the game. About the beta, is there a forum section for recensing bugs found in the beta (if there are any)? I'd like to contribute!
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