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  1. The 3.03 patch is now available for Beta. Be wary while playing in Beta, bugs may be present (back up your saves.) Slap hands -Sking Full Patch Notes found here (Forum Link)
  2. Hey guys! Good news! Beta Patch 3.03 is now up on Steam! Please be wary while playing in Beta, bugs may be present (back up your saves.) Check out the post from Badler: https://forums.obsidian.net/blog/7/entry-193-update-notes-303/ If you would like to participate in the beta, please refer to this thread. http://forums.obsidi...betas-on-steam/ When reporting on an issue, please tag your post as "[3.03 Beta]" in the title. Thanks and keep on rockin!
  3. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everybody. We have lots of cool Pillars of Eternity news for you today. Everything from our Update 3.0 Beta to a last chance to get your very own copy of Lords of the Eastern Reach. Last chance at Lords of the Eastern Reach! As most of you know, Lords of the Eastern Reach is a card game from Zero Radius Games that is based on the Pillars of Eternity license. The game had a successful Kickstarter last year and Zero Radius Games is about to send the game for printing. If you didn't get a chance to put in an order, but want to g
  4. Hello everyone! Update 02/05/2016: Adding additional changes with the new beta build (957). Pillars of Eternity 3.0 beta patch is now live on Steam! The 3.0 Update comes with a ton of changes, bug fixes, and new features. We need your help in looking over everything to make sure that the community is happy with the direction of some of these changes. If you are able, we would really appreciate that you opt into the Beta patch and supply feedback here in the forums. As always, you guys are what helps to make Pillars of Eternity the best game it can be. Please make sure you leave [
  5. Have found a bug with wizard grimoire switching in the recent beta patch (Feb 5). After the patch, wizard grimoires in quick item slots seem to be invisible and unselectable, meaning that my wizards can no longer switch grimoires in combat. If a grimoire is the only item in the quick item slots, the bag icon is NOT greyed out but mousing over it reveals an empty background plate. Adding extra items makes those items available, but still no grimoire, not even an empty space. Very annoying I must say. Tried everything to fix it. Started a new game, same problem. Messed around with graphi
  6. So Josh will have this talk at GDC in March about how the stats-system evolved over time in PoE.. http://schedule.gdconf.com/session/gods-and-dumps-attribute-tuning-in-pillars-of-eternity The summary should probably explain why I'm interested Will anyone be able to record this, or manage to do a write-up of some kind themselves, or know of anyone who can be persuaded to do a piece on it? Or maybe Josh would be kind enough to post some version of the talk in writing..?
  7. The new survival bonuses have the same description for the racial accuracy bonus (+10 accuracy) at ranks 1 and 2.
  8. How can I get on a notification list for the beta and/or the release of this product? My job and family life prevents me from scouring the Internet to find factoids/interesting developments without some kind of time scale. I just want some way to subscribe with an email address so I don't miss it. My son and I love the PACG board game variant (our favorite board game out of ~300 I have on the shelf), but due to the setup time, don't play as often as we might otherwise. This would totally resolve that issue for us, and perhaps even double or triple our adventure shenanigans. Thanks to e
  9. Update by Brandon Adler, Patch Wrangler Hey, everyone. The Pillars of Eternity team is still hard at work in stomping out bugs, balancing gameplay, and adding in some additional polish where needed. Patch 1.04, our latest patch that dropped earlier today, has a good amount of these fixes. You can find the patch notes at the end of this update. For patch 1.05, which we are targeting for a May release, will continue adding these fixes along with some additional new features. For example, we are adding in the ability to change your player's portrait and voice set any time during the game a
  10. Upon changing to the beta patch of the game on steam, my adventurer (not currently in party, hanging back at the stronghold) vanished, and all her equipment with her.
  11. Steam is downloading a 579.9 MB patch. I thought I already had the latest beta patch. Anyone know what this is? I don't see any announcements about it or anything.
  12. The Paladin is by far the class I've played the most, and since paladins are generally the class I favour the most, it is also the class that I have the most thoughts on. The Paladin class has a number of outstanding issues that I'd like to raise, but first, let's go through what the Paladin gets, level per level. Character creation. At this point, the Paladin gets to choose between Flames of Devotion, a 1-per-encounter Ability that does Weap.Dmg.+100% Burn Dmg. and Lay On Hands, a pitiful 3-uses-per-day HoT (Healing over Time) Ability. The Paladin also gets Faith and Conviction, a passive
  13. Through your help and feedback, the Pillars of Eternity team has spent the past two years creating a fun, fulfilling experience. An open development has enabled us to interact with our fans and backers in a way we weren't able to in the past, and this has really helped shape Eternity into a game that we all hoped it would become. Plus, with the Backer Beta, we have been able to get excellent feedback from our backers that we are using to shape Eternity into an even better game. We really can't thank you enough. To incorporate as much feedback as possible, polish every nook and cranny of t
  14. Just tried to make a female human hunter in the character creation for first time and there is no continue button after i enter the name for my character. I cant get into the game.
  15. Here's a place to compile all information pertaining to if you want to livestream the beta on Monday. And please, do link to your stream in this thread. The more the merrier. Step 1: Download Open Broadcaster. Step 2: Read the OBS Quickstart Guide. I clicked the YT links. The visual guides are awesome. Step 3: Make her open the box. Step 4: Find a suitable streaming site. Twitch is great, but it has a huge con: a sixty second delay between your game and the stream. DailyMotion doesn't have this problem, but the chat box is a comment box and it deletes your videos after thirty days.
  16. So far it seems that 0 devs have been taking our gameplay feedback into acount. you could say their focusing on bugs. i hope thats true. but it just seems like even after the bugs are fixed ( i hope) their not going to even look at our ui gameplay feedback at all. Do you think we are waisting our time? ....it this game going to end up like shadowrun returns? TONS of peaple regretting backing it? Becase right now im a tad more highped for icewind dale enhanced edition.
  17. Hey guys got some really good new's theirs going to be a update possibly tonight. but if not then well have the update by at least next Wednesday, and it well be the first of many. calmed my fears a bit :D Monday is a company holiday for them no patches on that day. But this is great new's. Thank's Darren! happy...holiday.. lucky you get off on Monday lol what holiday is that lol I Hope its tonight it least to make the game playable lol its fun but its needs a patch bad.
  18. I'm trying to bind Move, Interact, and Attack to my Right Mouse Button (the idea being to have the game control like a modern RTS) but the control options won't let me. I can bind them to the left mouse button just fine, but not the right.
  19. I was expecting combat to unfold in much the way that Baulder's Gate handled it but I'm finding the combat not very intuitive. The auto pause on combat start does not seem to work, nor do I really seem to have an idea of whether the commands I'm giving my party members are actually being carried out or not. I don't know when a spell has finished being cast or if I am interrupting a spell that is in the process of being cast. Is there some sort of instruction book or guide that has been put together for the beta? I feel like I'm coming into this completely blind. Thanks!
  20. They look to be the same icons used in NWN2. As such, I'm seriously hoping they are placeholder. The neon coloring is very abrasive to the eyes and I personally would raise an eyebrow, and perhaps sneer disgustedly, if I found that the devs are actually planning on having NW2 icons in the final release of this game.
  21. As one of those poor souls lacking the wealth to fork out £110 to get to backer beta tier, I'd be interested to know how much those who do have it are enjoying it, and why.
  22. Every so often the zoom bugs out (I think sometimes when I alt tab? Not sure.) and it'll only zoom the Fog of War and some visual effects like shadows, whereas the actual view stays the same. Reloading fixes it. I can't attach an image right now because I can't reproduce it, but it's happened twice.
  23. I would really love to have an option to toggle volume for all kinds of voice-acting in the game. Combat shouts and the "affirmative" type of deal when you move characters around kinda get really old after a while so an option to mute them would be very welcome!
  24. My impression of the first hour of play I really enjoyed it, the feeling is great and the graphics are excellent without losing the old school touch! Here is some feedback of the things I found strange, not to be negative, just to let you guys know: - I really like the character creation, like the way how you can fine tune a character and the dept of it, would love to see more faces and haircuts to choose from, some more portraits that match the hairstyles and faces would be nice to. Some portraits don't match the game's feeling and feel out of place. - Wizard spells during charac
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