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  1. In the back of Icantha's House NW of the map. You need 4 Mechanics skill to open the door.
  2. Great documentary i really enjoyed it! Now it's time for DLC and expansions... Damm i can't wait for the story to continue. Any chance the Paradox webshop will be updated with some cool new PoE merchandise / art / figurines?
  3. I also freed them before I went to the tower. My character would never have used them as food!
  4. Only a little bit sad that most of the Gold Backer names in the guide are screwed up (printed and digital version) https://www.dropbox.com/s/c407r29gsqnyd8w/Guide%20Names.jpg?dl=0
  5. I just finished the game and really loved it, damm Obsidian you made a masterpiece! But after ordering the two guidebooks my Pillars of Eternity needs are not satisfied! The Paradox beta store website only offers the games but how cool would it be if you could order some limited stuff like signed artwork / posters or figurines of the in-game characters...
  6. Just added and paid the 8,- tier and I've submitted my survey as: Grand Master of the Obsidian Order Fingers crossed the name is not in use!
  7. Got the same problem, the combat is totally getting the fun out of the game, hope they change it into something more like Baldur's Gate / Icewind Dale.
  8. My impression of the first hour of play I really enjoyed it, the feeling is great and the graphics are excellent without losing the old school touch! Here is some feedback of the things I found strange, not to be negative, just to let you guys know: - I really like the character creation, like the way how you can fine tune a character and the dept of it, would love to see more faces and haircuts to choose from, some more portraits that match the hairstyles and faces would be nice to. Some portraits don't match the game's feeling and feel out of place. - Wizard spells during charac
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