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  1. You must check out this amazing kickstarter. The level of depth of design and gameplay looks amazing for a relatively small project. Also, hoards of enemies; awesome! Give them your support if you love any of these: good story, layered design, interesting rpg progression and combat, DWARVES! https://www.kickstarter.com/project...ves-a-new-storydriven-fantasy-rpg/description P.S: I know this is not directly game related, but hopefully no one will frown on supporting other game companies making great games about Dwarves (Pillars of Eternity has Dwarves)!
  2. The valiant item upgrade does not apply it's 20% damage bonus when endurance is below 50%. In the files, the damage modifier value is set to 1 instead of 1.2
  3. Both the cross class talent Veteran's Recovery and the item modifier increasedconstantrecovery lack the 90 second time limit of the regular Constant Recovery.
  4. Patch 1.11 - Made it so abilities appear correctly when taking them on level up Patch 1.12 - Fixed a graphical glitch with Knockdown
  5. Version 1.1 is out! 1) Constant Recovery was changed to return 3% of stamina so it will scale. 2) Rapid recovery was changed to add 1.5% to Constant Recovery's stamina recovery 3) The item mod that improves Constant Recovery also has been changed to a 1.5% boost 4) Veteran's Recovery was also changed to grant 1.5% stamina Recovery Note: ingame, the 1.5% values will be listed as 2%
  6. So I'm considering boosting the effectiveness of constant recovery to base of 6 regen in order to make it comparable to paladin's lay on hands in terms of healing. The problem is that this would balance it for late game play, making it quite strong in the early game. I would like to make it scale up to base 6, but I currently do not know how to add new abilities to the game. What do others think? P.S. This is not an invitation for the "fighters are fine" crowd to repeat themselves.
  7. Unfortunately, I've been modding using the PoEAssetEditor utility, and it isn't currently recompiling the files correctly. As such, I've been using a hex editor to change minor values in existing files, but adding new attributes for existing abilities or new talents/abilities is currently out of the scope of what I can accomplish.
  8. That's a nice start...not to be pushy, but i was wondering if there was any way to add a bonus to Fghters as a class of 15% and an additional 15% for Wary Defender. That would really get the Fighter class concept back in place to what the changes in Defender/ Wary Defender were to reflect in post 2.0. I would definitely try that mod out. I'm sorry, but what stat are you looking to be boosted by 15%? Deflection?
  9. In answer to some of the worries about fighters, I've tweaked a few of their abilities in a small mod I cooked up. The tweaks are really just to highlight the fighters role/unique traits and also mitigate the overnerf to Defender. The changes are as follows: 1) Clear out was made per encounter to emphasize the cc role of fighters on the battlefield 2) Rapid Recovery was bumped up to a base 3 additional recovery (I would have preferred to just make constant recovery scale to be 1 more base every at 4, 7, and 10 like the monk's transcendent suffering, but this is a bit trickier) 3) W
  10. I'd like to play around with some of the values of class abilities and talents. What editor would I use to play with these values?
  11. I posted this in the role of fighter page, but thought I'd chime in here as well: It seems that there are a few fixes that would improve quality of life for the fighter: 1) Scaling for constant recovery 2) Some per rest abilities should be made per encounter 3) Disengagement strikes should be made more formidable to punish enemies charging through Also, as regards defender, I agree that it needs a downside, and -5 deflection seems fine, but wary defender should also give 5 deflection to mitigate it. On that note, anyone know how to mod the relevant data in the files? It seem
  12. Why does Defender 2.0 need a malus? It already is exclusive to all other modals, why pile on with a deflection malus as well? If all it did was give you +2 engagements, without the deflection malus it would still be a bad choice just due to not being able to use any other modal. Does it need a malus since access to Wary Defender is earth-shatteringly good? Wary Defender is a measly +5 to reflex, will and fortitude. Better to grab one of the general +10 defensive talents that are themselves poor choices. What abilities have malus? 1.) Reckless Assault gets you a big +20% damage
  13. The biggest problem that I've gathered from the discussion here and on the steam forums is that fighters need scaling for constant recovery, some per rest abiliites should be made per encounter, and disengagement strikes should be made more formidable to punish enemies charging through. Also, as regards defender, I agree that it needs a downside, and -5 deflection seems fine, but wary defender should also give 5 deflection to mitigate it.
  14. It appears that all the unique headgear are using the same model.
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