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  1. If you dismiss a party member and then re-recruit them it doesn't save their stats. If I dismiss Sagani who has killed a boss, I should be able to recruit her later with the history telling me that she brought down said boss. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I sure hope not.
  2. I think I got this in Brighthome or whatever it's called. I assumed I had just missed the part where he was named, and she was talking about the mysterious figure I was looking for.
  3. I haven't removed a companion yet but I hope this gets more visibility. I agree.
  4. I killed him in Act I by going through the Priests of Berath area. I pulled him and his friends right to the door there, and it updated. Maybe Act II destroys it somehow.
  5. I saw this on Reddit, http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/30lmx2/psa_doubleclicking_equipment_bug/, so credit to user Kirur for pointing it out, but I wasn't sure if he or she would post it here, as I have tested it myself. There's a webm in the thread for the lazy, http://webmup.com/HArIv/vid.webm Essentially, double clicking to equip armor removes all passive buffs including racials. Pretty gamebreaking if you ask me. Hopefully there's a way to patch back in buffs you've lost, otherwise I'm going to have to restart my 10 hour game.
  6. I was looting a corpse (or whatever) when an enemy ran up and initiated combat. This happened as I was clicking an item, and it got stuck onto my mouse, and now I can't close the loot windows or issue any other commands than run to location.
  7. Every so often the zoom bugs out (I think sometimes when I alt tab? Not sure.) and it'll only zoom the Fog of War and some visual effects like shadows, whereas the actual view stays the same. Reloading fixes it. I can't attach an image right now because I can't reproduce it, but it's happened twice.
  8. Yep same issue as well. Sounds like I'll have to restart - not like I've done much anyway.
  9. Very true - I voted no, because I think now is not a good time to expand the scope. As many have said, leave it for the expansion (which I will kickstart if I have to)
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