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  1. I seem to remember them being about $30. ToB for BG2 was $40 when it came out (same as the price of the base game). I think $25-$30 for this expansion is a fair price.
  2. I'm pretty sure if you pick a second option from a catagory that is already on the wapon it will remove the old option and add on the new one, e.g. I have upgraded a wapon from fine to supurb in the game.
  3. A feature that would make stronghold management easier would be to auto-scroll to the newest stronghold 'summary' entry, or invert the enteries so the newest ones were at the top. I find it annoying that I have to manually scroll (the ever increasing distance) to the bottom of the screen just to see what just happend with my stronghold.
  4. Clearly it should come out at Midnight GMT so us over here in the UK don't have to wait until 5PM (local time) tomorrow to play it...
  5. You can also send your idle companions on things like escort and tresure hunting missions to receve special items and bouns xp.
  6. I already asked for it off myself, but it looks like I was a bit hasty making that decision since I have to wait until 5PM local time anyways
  7. I am currently living in the UK (GMT time zone) and would like to know what time I can expect to start playing the game. Should I wake up early for a midnight EST launch, or will it be an after work thing with a 2PM PST launch?
  8. Hey buddy. I am curious, how is the performance on your macbook? Which macbook are you using? I am using a 2014 macbook pro and the performance is very good (as long as I don't run it at the full retina resolution). The only isues I have seen are the same crashes that are already reported in the bugs section.
  9. When playing the beta on my macbook I find it difficult to use the trackpad to navigate the world. With just two changes I think the game would be much friendlier for anybody using a multi-touch trackpad: 1. Make two finger drag move the map around (just like middle click does on a mouse) 2. Use pinch zoom to zoom in and out Side note: If you want to see how these controls feel in an IE game, BG:EE, BG2:EE, and IWD:EE all use these gesturs for navigaion with the mac trackpad.
  10. For me this happed right at the start of a new game. My BB wizard never had a grimoire.
  11. I think this is related to an issue I am seeing where the font size of viriuos letters seems to change reandomly. For example, the letter "W" shows up as ~size 40 font, while all other letters are the normal size. Sometimes letters are too small, other times they are too big. I have no idea what triggers this.
  12. I would love to see this too. It would be a great help.
  13. I see this too. When this happens I also noticed that the postions of small shields are also messed up on the character doll.
  14. When I hired a level 4 adventurer at the inn it was only level 1. The correct price was deducted from my inventory, but after creating the adventurer (wizard in my case) it had no level up options. Steps to reproduce: 1: Go to the inn 2: hire a level 4 adventurer 3: create the adventurer Expected behavior: Adventurer can be leveled up 3 times Current behavior: Adventurer is stuck at level 1
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