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  1. Bounty Hunters going for your head (something like in BG1 ) when you anger to much Organization X (naturally im not talking about a invfinite number of BH but lets say 3-5 groups) plus not just BH but also normal other adveture parties going for you head. (lets face it i can dispose of a crypt full of vampires and get some money for your head at the same time)
  2. Hand down i agree with this, but i do think that waking up a person at night and him hating you for that is tad to much , yeah sure he can be grumpy but to start hating you ?
  3. I don't understand this one. What you're describing is not a flaw in game design, it's a flaw in player behavior. Unless you're asking for the game to place strict time limits to buffing (which would be really stupid game design and not at all in the spirit of the IE classics.) As it stands, most *good* games, like the aforementioned IE games, had spell durations, so you did have to be semi-mindful of when you casted some buffing spells since they could expire before the fight if you took too long in your buffing session. On the first one. Oh i get it, and i understand it but only when an item could really be smashed to bits by hiting it, but then again really? destroyed in a chest when normaly a person would aim for the lock/locks and not smashing it with an axe head on, that would be just silly. The second. Yeah you are right here, little mistake on me here.
  4. Let me add mine three cent's to this: Magicaly teleporting mine main character to do all the talking with an NPC when i started it with a different character. Seriously if i want to talk with character X let me! dont show mine main in his place (Naturally if the NPC will only talk with mine char. then be so) Companions only for combat, as in what did NWN2, all your companions aka."friends" were just there to smack about, there was no point in giving them any skill point in more common stuff (diplomacy, bluff etc.) "Core characters", by that i mean that one (or even two) characters that are always with you because they are esential for the whole game (IE roges that can lockpick because your warior with over 22 str. cant bust a stupid lock, or a mage that has that one uber spell whitout the whole fight becomes a pain in the bum) Destroying a desk or cabin with brute force destroys an item there? is the item made out of glass or something that really easy breakes? no? then i dont want to see it breake. Boxes/chest's/cabines that i open with brute force get destroyed in to milion pieaces, no no no, im trying to open a "lock" not chop them in to firewood. Useless companions, as in they dont fit anywhere despise what your try to do. (this will not be the problem in PE but still) to many companios to little space in the party to know everyone. (NWN2 and ME2 did it totally wrong) (I said it in another topic but it will fit better here) Companions that leave you for no aparent reason, if the dude dosnt like me then let him leave in the mid game dont make him leave or switch sides right before the final boss with a text like "Hey i like you and all but im gonna join this bady here, and it dosnt matter that despise that his minions tried to kill me countles time and that it will be 10 vs 2 and you probably will kill me and him in like 2 min. from the start of the fight" Infinite spawning mobs in the middle of a fight for no reason, like seriosly where do thouse guys come from? is there like a factory of clone's next door? Overbuffing as in, buff everyone for 5min, run 10min killing everything, rest, buff, kill and so on.
  5. Just stupid reasons for your buddies to leave you. Biggest stupidity i have ever seen was in NWN2 right before the last boss, that skeleton dude was using persuasion on some of your team, and the hunter left you beforhand but you could get him to leave the "last fight" overall that was (somewhat) good i can work with that BUT the two mages oh god that was just stupid, whoever had the lower points with you LEFT for no aparent reason (even if it was 99 and the second had 100) "hey um i like you and your cool but ill side with the bad dude and get killed like 5 min after that by the 12 people that are all lvl 20 + with +5 lvl items ok ?" just ... no, leave whenever you like if you dont like me and give me a good reason NOT a stupid one and right before the end.
  6. I prefered the system of exploration from BG1 because well it was better for me i prefered to explore lots of maps before i touched something from the main quest, in BG2 the whole exploring thing feelt a little forced i mean you could only go there by taking quest X or doing stuff Y, you could not go ther by your own free will, plus there were things that i would like to go but could not (for example the tents in BG2 just under the main city, you could not go there why? what was there?), but saying all that i do think that the BG1 system did have a flaw, they actually gived to much to explore (after some time it becamed dull) so combining BG1 system and BG2 would be a greate idea example. At first you have some mobility around the world but some aspects of it are blocked (for good reasons like the main city in BG1 was blocked) and when you push the main story a bit further more and more places are unlocked, hell it dosnt even have to be the main story, make it a big side quest thing for example you became a (this is just an example dont take it to serious) owner of a castle with some lands around it and because that you can go to 3-4 new maps around the castle to explor it.
  7. BG1 "Ha puny overgrown lizard what can you do against the almighty party of six! the heroes of Nashkel the killers of ... wait what's hapening to the party what the F is hap..." You are dead. Ahhhh ... good times.
  8. To be frank i dont like overcomplicating stuff, a stronghold should be keept simple something like NVN2 but with a little more turn to it (like more problems to solve OR option what type of building i would like to put in spot X) but maitaining overall a whole country and playing a game inside a game? nonono, stuff like that should go to strategie games.
  9. I second the idea of faction wars but to a less extent as said here, sure i would like to stumble in to a quest when i can help fascion X or Y to influence and help to take control of town Z and depending on who took it the mini quest's there or items you can buy are different, but i would not like that the end boss is different because i helped facion X or Y i mean sure they could help me in some way and make the last encounter easy or help me in some way to get to places different or more in a easy way that normal, like for example. You need to go to a party, normally you would have to steal the invitation or sneak your way in but if you helped facion X,Y or Z they can hook you up there (get a normal legit invitation) in a easy matter and maybe you get some benefits also from that. But like i said i would not like to see a scenarion when i helped a side facion and mine story changes dramaticly for no good reason.
  10. To be frank the question should be do we need a "good" economy in this game? the answer is no, sure there can be certain NPC that require from you more than just gold to make an item but i dont see any purpos in implying a full economy system to a single player game, sure i dont want to see selling an epic +5 sword of dragon's breath to a bartender that sells only drinks (where what you can sell should be limited) but after a while you tend to get ton's of money that you dont know on what to spend so in this situation i would like to see a money dumpster that dose something.
  11. To be frank for me this would be a simple solution, no XP cap BUT the more powerful you're character becomes the less XP he get's from low lvl monsters so people would not farm or grind them, yeah sure they could steam roll though them but get little xp. Naturally saying all that idk. what system of leveling and skills will they use but i dont want something like we had in BG2 expansion when after hiting a certain lvl you got nothing actually just some random skills so you could throw another windmill.
  12. Peronally i would like Inon Zur in IWD II he could catch what was going on on the map with the music, it was super in tune.
  13. Well Fail is a really loose word used here, because everyone has different definition of it in this regard, for a person the fail could be that the game isnt exactly what they wanted and for another person could be that its buged, for some people a fail can even be a specific character/class/ story point in the game. And to be frank if the game would become a fail overal aka. a piece of unplayable junk then the creators would have to work hard on it to NOT work out. But considering that thay are going with a BG/IWD style of game i can see some people not liking it and could tag is as a "fail" in ther opinion.
  14. Well for me the horror moments are more like i go down in to a old castle, and the atmosfere and music hit me that im ****ting mine pants opening a new door.
  15. In a game as what is PE to be i prefer to skill checks ... BUT i do want to have the possibility to bash open a door/chest/lock so i can get the good's in it, and please balance the issue in that because Baldurs Gate had the problem that even if you had like 25 strenght aka. giant strenght the locks were indestructible and NvN 2 did it even worse, bash open a lock on a chest? some loot is broken trololololo, what the hell was it glass ? to be so fragile to breake?
  16. To be frank ... i dont see the use for this, let me say something, in what "old school" game did you really need like tones of space to carry stuff? i mean by that the "good" items that can bring some gold to you, there weren't that many to begin with, sure it was a problem when you had like ton's of gems that didnt stack but really ? i dont see any use for a system like that.
  17. I'm with Jojobobo on this one, let the non used npc that hang around you're camp or home or stronghold get the exp but in a slower rate (like when your main party is 15lvl they would be 12-13) that's the good aproach because we will not have a massive party selecion (it will be a 6 pt +2 waiting right?) like in BG1 where there were 25 NPC to select from. BG1 did "good" his system of NPC that follow you around because it was made for it but implying this system in a game when you have around 7 characters that would follow you isn't a good idea. (By following i mean 5 in the pt. and 2 waiting in the house) And to be frank the bigest problem's in this is that i dont want a character that skill's or some talents are uber important so that HE is a core party member and without him i cant get a 100% efficiency (like a rouge with lock picking and i cant open a chest without him OR a mage with a CC spell or buff that will make mine play better).
  18. Like people said when a fire storm spell is thrown i want to see a fire storm but yeah over effects on some spell look like a neverending explosion of fireworks on your character, this i don't want so i would ask to simplifie the effects on them it should be the type of "oh yeah i have this spell thrown on me, looks cool" NOT " LOOK AT MAH ENERGO BALL OF ZAPPING" and then you could be called the "walking disco ball" special effect: everyone around you start's to rave
  19. As much as i love to cast instant death spells (thats suprisingly didnt "instant death" the people i wanted and they could ALWAYS throw a save on it) i did hate it when i got hit with it, i still remember when i had a full party maxed out in BG2, top tier items hell even the uber staff for Edwin and ? and Irenicus throws power word: Death and it hits Edwin and kills him just because he didnt have health over 90 ? or some other crap? I say hell no to this kind of BS. But looking at PE i do hope there will not be instant death spells, but abillities/traps/ or just you doing something wrong and then get killed for it i say yes.
  20. Well im all in for easter eggs (the bridge in F2 or the TARDIS in F1) or some subbtle stuff like in F2 Dorothy and Toto but not some wacky stuff that screams at you're face.
  21. Well i had one major problem with the game and it was the boss fight. I'm not talking about stuff like the mini bosses with a big bar above their head no im talking about the bosses that you fought at the end of thouse strange "get this race to join you" quests for example for the elves was that mage ... i just bust a whole map of mobs/mini bosses/traps etc. got to the end and the last boss plows me like im some sort of lvl 1 character? and kills even mine tank with a flickering of his fingers? not to mention 4 summons that he thrown at you without anny bother. That was just unfair oh and lets not start on the "tactic" for him the "lest throw and just beat the crap out of him before he would do an all out ass one hit spell", what im trying to say that there was no reason for him to be this powerfull and the fight itself wasnt "fun" or "chalenging" it was just "plow him fast enough before everyone in you're part gets killed" type of fight.
  22. If you want to see a good game with some really good moral debate of what is right and what is wrong i recomend the Witcher 1 and 2 despite what you chose is it good or bad in your eyes the consequences will haunt you to the end of the game. In this game there isnt something as "good and evil" there is only your personal choice.
  23. Ok first of all the "poll" is riged because there should be a third option with a big NOPE NOPE NOPE sign, second of talking about a MMO about this project in any way and form is just insane and nuts + stupid why? because all we have are info on paper we dont know how this game will play out (if it will be good or not) so yeah you're crazy talk is like asking someone whats for dinner in the next month.
  24. Well i second to you on that, but if it's possible i would like to see some different play in the same quest (depending on your character class/race/aligment or even gender) BUT saying that the quest should be solvable for everyone or if you balls it up to fail hard.
  25. Ill add mine 2 cents to this, if you really want a respect make it only so that you can respect your traits/skills/atributes you know dump to lvl 1 and re do it to the lvl you are (no class/gender/race respec that would be silly) BUT like above said, make it cost i mean hell you want to erase a mistake you made then pay the damn toll for it! and the more you want to respec then the more you have to pay every time, but saying all that let me ask a question "how" would you likke to see the whole respec thing and why? Example " oh no i put 1 point in wisdom when i wanted in endurance" or" i put some skills in daggers when i wanted in 2-handed sword!" Im sorry what? if you really would do that and needed respecing because you made a mistake like that then you are really blind dumb or drunk because normaly in a game like this you have EVERYTHING described so you SEE what you pick hell you even SEE what you need to pick to unlock a skill on lvl X so yeah if you made a mistake in idk skills traits or stuff like that thats really you being stupid or cant read no seriosly how would you make a mistake? when you have everything said about the thing you want to chose idk. you would have to close your eyes and do the Eeny, meeny, miny, moe thing.
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