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  1. By "free" I refer to the connection between you as the player, and the characters as independent, free-thinking members of your party. Let me give an example. Let's say you're playing the game as a human and you approach an elf merchant. The elf merchant has no predisposition to you so he remains neutral and offers you his wears. Now imagine three scenarios with differing traits between you (In real life, if we could call it that) and your character (in his character sheet) Scenario A. You don't like elves personally. your character's traits define him as indifferent Scenario B. Y
  2. The economy of a game is, in my opinion, one of the least discussed and thought, but in many ways perhaps the most important element of maintaining the fludiity and enjoyment of early, mid, and late gameplay. This is for a number of reasons, but it really boils down to the fact the economy of any RPG is dependent on two factors: 1. The player and his current state in the game 2. The world and how dynamic or static it is I'm no economist, and I do not have a formal education in economics, so I base my ideas and concepts on my experience of playing many games and RPGS, MMOs, etc. wit
  3. Nothing is more silly than the New Vegas / Fallout-esque "Alignment" system. People are not that one-faced, and I don't want my character to be so one-faced. Alignment should be have a variety of conditional rules applied that depend on your relationships between public agencies (nations, governments, and mayors), private agencies (businesses and factions) and the general "pulse" of a community. Along with these relationships there should be layers between those closest to the epicenter of your event (The town you complete the quest in) to the farthest (on the other side of the world) - un
  4. There's a fine balance in the mechanic of time. On one hand it can really add thrill and realism because you feel pressed to the task, and even make you scared or uncomfortable while playing because it forces you into a new environment that you can later return to in a comfortable - without a time limit - circumstance. On the other hand it can irk the user and make them not want to take the task. I think certain tasks need a relevant time scale. For example. If I grab a quest as level 1, forget about it, and try to complete it when I'm level 30, much like WoW i feel relevance has subsided
  5. I'd love to see if the entire "family" or "consortium" of gods and goddesses were linked in some manner that's more unique than past storytelling has had it. Typically mythology links them in a very "nuclear family" manner - that is it's a father of all father's god, followed by the sons, daughters, brothers, etc. and I feel there should be something with more flair. Some suggestions for this "family" of gods are as followed: 1. A "Web" of gods and goddesses, instead of a family. There is no true "head" or "father" god that holds identity over the others, instead there is this mysterio
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