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  1. I wrote it, I own up to it. I still claim that I didn't mean the "worst" in the rawest sense*. Don't be so upset. ed: *I don't really like thinking about killing people anyhow, not even my worst enemies. I'm too much of a beta male.
  2. You know it's funny, recently I read Octavia Butler's Parable of the Talents and this is basically what it is about. The main character fought for what she believed in, refused a safe life and had to deal with the consequences. It's very awesome, I recommend everyone to check it out.
  3. When is it the sensible choice? I find that whenever I tried to stand up for myself and what I believe in, it made things a million times worse than they already were. I found that the only way to live is to steer clear of any trouble, to not enter conflicts unless you are one of those extremely charismatic, confident in your superiority type of person or if you have the crowd on your side. Of course if you have the crowd on your side it's kinda not you, but your opponent who is doing the standing up for oneself.
  4. What do you mean by "spineless"? So many people call others spineless, and they are the ones who usually act in the most cowardly ways possible. I myself could be considered spineless because even though I have this political view that I just talked about, I would never EVER say the same **** in real life. I would go with the crowd "**** the nazis herp derp". Not even if you paid me a million dollars would I talk about **** like that to, for example, a group of Americans. Maybe if I had some manner of backup, but I wouldn't ever play the lone preacher and I don't think many people are capable of that.
  5. Yes, but its not considered kewl. There's always something about the Holocaust, but very rarely does anyone talk about the Holodomor or the Gulags. In fact, nowadays there are some people who claim that people in the Soviet Union had it good and they all want Communism back, but that's a plain lie. At least my grandmother would like to argue with them, or any one of my family who have suffered at the hands of Communist dictators. I could tell stories, but I'm sure you know how it went. Of course, it would be hypocritical of me to say that communists are evil, when I say the nazis were people just like us, and I'm not saying that, I think the same of Communist dictatorships as Nazi Germany. However, there's a great gap between the generic "evul nazi" representations and the represntation of Communist in today's world. eg: Che Guevara posters are okay, while Rudolf Hess posters would be considered distasteful.
  6. "Worst" is just a word I used, I don't actually want them to be raped, tortured and murdered but I do hope they would get a bad cold or their girlfriends / boyfriends would cheat on them. And the nazis did what they did because they geniunely believed what they were doing would change the world for the better. GamerGate debate is about e-**** size, simple as that.
  7. Yes. Because guess what? They weren't, they were just products of their age, and most importantly: they were people like you and me. They had a reason why they thought the way they did. People think of them as irredeemable because of the holocaust, but they don't say the same **** of the communists who committed even worse atrocities (holodomor, Gulags) since Stalin was with the Allies. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  8. I know I sounded obnoxious, but I just go blind with rage whenever I smell the good old bull**** "nazis are evul, the worst on the planet!" I don't claim to know anyone's grandfather better than them, but I'm just wary of any nazi bashing bs. I remember Rochus Misch's daughter in that documentary - I didn't know whether to rage or laugh. Basically she was saying how much of a sheep her father was, when she was basically saying the most cookie cutter generic "evul nazi" opinion.
  9. At this point, let me just state: I despise both sides of this argument and wish only the worst on them. I have been reading all these happening somewhat half-heartedly, and none of the two sides seem very nice. Anti-GG: neurotic fools and sociopaths GamerGate: /pol/**** and hypocrites. When will this all end? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't everything turn a million times worse ever since GamerGate appeared? Did this really start out of a talentless indie developer saying some **** about dating a journalist? Did you consider that just maybe your grandfather actually believed that Hitler was right? That he had good reason to fight for him? I know that all the propaganda teaches us that nazis were less than human bullet sponges, basically evil incarnate, but look beyond that.
  10. Okay I'm following this drama only barely, so who's this guy and what's his role? I've looked up his twitter and the only thing I've been able to confirm is that he has some form of personality disorder or a mental illness or somesuch.
  11. I interpret it as an outright "yeah we take bribes do something about it" and it irritates me. It's an obvious sign of disrespect. And they're right, we can't do **** about it because for every one of us who is onto these people, there are ten others who don't care, are gullible enough to still pay attention to their "opinions", or actually aspire to be them.
  12. Gaming journalists don't know what that is. That's an established fact. You might remember a few years back a little twitter argument between Erik Kain and Jim Sterling (and some other guy idk who) and Jim Sterling basically admitted that they have to give good reviews to popular titles for fear of ads being pulled and the fanboys getting buttmad. I heard a review of one popular game started with the reviewer bragging about the hotel room the publisher gave him in which to play the game. Like, wtf, at least they should learn to shut their traps about it.
  13. Yes, I meant the peasants, nobles, etc thing too. Especially the nobles. What do you mean that Daggerfall doesn't have anything to offer other than risin through ranks? The reputation system affected the MQ quite greatly IIRC. If you did the wrong things you could easily land yourself in an impossible situation.
  14. Don't know if this was discussed. Anyhow, I think Daggerfall's reputation system was pretty good, is it possible that something like that could work in P:E? Of course I would be happy with anything as long as it's not something like the rather bad reputation system in the Baldur's Gate games.
  15. Those! and Blood Ties weren't't really infuriating, they were just trying to continue upon Fallout 2's wacky idiocy, they thought they'd do that well because of how Shivering Isles was praised. The things that were truly infuriating in my opinion were: Mothership Zeta, Vault 87, the Enclave being even stupider evil than they were in F2 and to some amount Broken Steel as well, since they showed obvious favoritism to the good guy ending in that DLC.
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