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  1. Couldn't think of a more specific topic title that expresses my feelings, sorry. The thing that I liked about Baldurs Gate is that it didn't have so much stuff in character creation. Fighters could do hardly anything apart from attacking, rogues weren't much more complx than fighters with their skills of stealth and trapping, and it seemed like it was mostly the spell casters who had a good 90% of the character building depth with their magic spells, specializations making the plain old grunts and rogues of the party seem very shallow in comparsion. The fighter and rogues roles in combat w
  2. Anomen. Why did the worst personality in the game have to be one of the most powerful recruitable NPCs? WHY?!
  3. Maybe I didn't explain clearly enough, but I'm including characters like Anomen and haer as magic users. Sure, they can both be pretty amazing at melee, but not before at least a minute of preparation and the best magical equipment you can equip them with. Before you know it, you've spent the better half of day (in real life time) just going through the motions of powering them up and that's far more time than necessary.
  4. Fighters were a neccessity for people such as myself. Not going to lie, a group consisting entirely of magic users was by far the most effective way to get things done, but I think you'll find that you can progress through the game a lot faster with a couple of simple fighters such as Minsc, Korgan and Keldorn. They were always a great trio and could crush just about everything long before your magical party of six could reach their potential. And then they'd have to rest and rebuff every five minutes. So ****ing tedious. I'd rather keep it simple and clear out the whole world map than go with
  5. I'd say that Redcliffe was one of the overall highlights of the RPG genre. If the rest of the game were on that level I am certain that Origins would be remembered as a classic by anybody with an interest in the genre.
  6. What's wrong with having deep combat in a RTwP game? Pretty much. Doesn't have to be anything wrong, but I think that it had room for improvement. It's just that they used a turn based rule set for a real time game and gave no accurate way of keeping count of the rounds, and as for the special effects.. have you SEEN how saturated the screen can get with that stuff flying around. In throne of bhaal against epic level group vs group battles I pretty much have to memorize where each character is positioned and in what sequence the characters took their "turn" in, or else you can
  7. Yeah, in BG you coud block a gap you can also stand with bow waiting for mose big creature to blick in and kill it from safe ditance, the same you coud do in skyrim, killing giant with 100000000 fireballs standing on some high rock. I think that this was more glitch not tactic ... do you think that in real life a 1 warrior coud block whole corridor ? He whoud be pushed up bu someone stronger ... the same like in DA O ... DA O was Better in tactics becouse you can not you some glitches to make sure that mages are safe, mages must work to be safe for example magical traps or traps made b
  8. Yeah, I also like the whole "micro management " @ mickeym Did you play the pen and paper D&D before BG2. If not I can understand the rules being a little confusing. Not really confusing. It followed the usual RPG rul of bigger = better. the heavier armor usually protects better, the character with higher combat attributes fight better, the more the +++ an item has the better it is. It ws my first and I got into it just fine. Took a little while to understand thac0 and AC, but I got by just fine with ony a vague comprehension that bigger = better. I think that people were j
  9. Part of the problem is that BGII tried to give a real time with pause game the depth that is normally reserved for turn based gaming. Also, nowhere did I say "copy Dragon Age wherever possible". Obviously the DAO camera was a huge problem because it didn't zoom out nearly far enough, but fortunately it's alreay confirmed that PE will be a fixed perspective with no overhead view so we already know what to expect from that. Baldurs Gate 1s late game and BGIIs early game were both quite good for me because they had just enough depth to be interesting but not enough that I found myself taking
  10. Love it or hate it, there is no denying that Dragon Age was much less unweildy than BG (that game that origins was a spiritual successor of) when it came to controlling the actions of each individual group member than Baldurs Gate. BGII was ****ing micromanagement hell, especially once you hit around epic levels and had to take on armies of giants, demons and Dragons in the BGII expansion. I kid you not when I say that I actually spent more than HALF of my gameplay time in BGII: ToB just moving characters around, casting spells and squinting through all of the speciall effects. All so I could
  11. Try it with Sword Coast Stratagems It was when I played BGII with Sword Coast Stratagems mod that the millions upon millions of magic spells on the battlefield simultaneously with no real cool down timers on display became massively frustrating. Couldn't see **** half the time, and I think most would agree that the IE system of "okay, so I unpaused for 2 seconds here, then 1 second here, 3 here and another 3 seconds there" is too convoluted for keeping track of how much longer you'll be protected from magical weapons. (yeah, I know SCSII is designed for highly experienced baldurs gate ve
  12. While I guess it doesn't have to be the case, it just is in some games. I think my own opinion of games regarded as classics such as BGII differs from the mainstream in some ways, two of them been the way that it handled time and special effects. First of all, I didn't think it was cool or awesome to have most of the people in a high level battle to be buried underneath a heap of persistent protection spells and area of effect magic, in fact I found it extremely irritating and I have no desire at all for Project Eternity to make it harder than it has to be to observe the tactical situations. T
  13. You know that games like NWN2 and BGII could be absolutely saturated in spell effects (firestorm + teleport field + cleric buffing spells + globe of invulnerability... etc...) and this wasn't really a big problem in the early game. but get into epic levels where you'd fight some of the "the five" bhallspawn leaders from throne of bhaal? ****, I'm positive that I spent more time in pause mode squinting at the battles in a vain effort to figure out where the baddies were and what the **** they were doing in pause mode than actually playing. Actually I'm pretty sure that all of the infinity engin
  14. Not at all - the ending was product of Bio writers being incompetent lackwits with delusions of literary mastery. Not even two years more time of development could have saved that trainwreck. I'm not asking about what people thought of it, I'm making a point that it was clearly missing a whole lot of plot development between the Asari world and catalyst.
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