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  1. Saw the sneak peak of the PoE documentary, had all kinds of goosebumps. Revisited the Project Eternity Kickstarter pitch video, felt all kinds of emotions too. It's been 2 years plus. We've made something amazing happen without even knowing that OE gambled their future with us. Thanks for having faith in us old school gamers OE, you guys made history.
  2. I'm a Malaysian Chinese. Grandparents left China to seek new opportunities in Southeast Asia. They ended up in Malaysia. Used to be a heaven but recently racial themes are being played around along with an increased Islamic fundamentalism. The Malays blame the Chinese for not being grateful for what our government has done for the country: We have one political coalition ruling our country since its independence from the British Monarchy in 1957, after world war 2. During the 1969 May 13 general elections, there were disputes that the Chinese opposition party won in the election. Much
  3. Kid signs Holiday Concert so that her deaf parents could see what she was singing. Terribly adorable.
  4. Same here.. I confirmed my $80 tier + Expansion. However I decided later to get more addons which I can't without buying another copy of the game (of which I should already be entitled to two :D)
  5. It's been a year+ now, I've been busy with work etc, so when I got that email to tell me me the trailer has been launched, I couldn't help myself and watched it from work and my god, the shivers I had. This just makes me so damn proud. We're the guys who made it happen and by gods, it looks good. Thanks everyone who made this happen.
  6. Why not something just for flavour? Like Minsc's squeaky companion. I don't mind a vampire butterfly the size of your dinner plate the feeds on nectar. Level up enough with you, you learn to create some form of poison from its wing flakes.
  7. Makes you wonder if Feargie laces something in the company water to keep the creative juice and funny updates rolling. Case in point, giant medicine ball of death..
  8. I for one believes that this problem can be solved with a toggle-able difficulty setting. Take NWN, BG 2 for example. Turn the slider all the way to the right and you'll be eating insta death spells and critical hits in almost every late game battle. Turn it all the way to your left and you could spam fireballs with your companions in the middle of it with nary a scratch. Hence more story focused ppl can appreciate the game without need to resolve to save scumming so often and truly hardcore fellows can lay out their strategies accordingly. Of course OE would need to design great battl
  9. Which goes back to my point that if companions don't level up along with you, you end up playing escort missions / quests when you finally add them to the team for whatever reasons (ie he's really funny and I like to keep him in the team for the funny comments he makes or I finally chose companion because he's got this really interesting quest I want to complete for him). However if they do gain their own skills in their own way, wouldn't we need to consider them getting injured / risk of dying when away on their own special adventures. I mean hell you run the risk of a total party death e
  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before, so apologize in advance but, will your companions / adventurer's hall characters get to level up with you even when they're aren't in your company? Let's say you've been adventuring with Aloth for the last 10 levels and suddenly you decide to use Forton instead. Will he have gained extra levels or still the same ol' when you first met him? Since different companions have different skills, if you decide to change companions after playing into the middle of the game it'd make switching NPCs for certain quests/skills kinda tough.. it'd be
  11. I want Forton to be that annoying uncle who cracks awkward jokes at you and gives you suprisingly well advice on what to do next and him to be an disenchanted monk who has a dark and serious past. Maybe he killed his master, or some fallout happened between him and his monk order and they have been hunting him for two decades now. Better yet a suicidal old man who decides to tag along because being killed by raging monsters sure are more interesting than drinking hemlock.
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