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  1. Storing save-games (or INI files or any other user-specific data, for that matter) in the application directory itself is a bad idea. It makes the application directory more messy, makes it more difficult to re-install the application, makes it more difficult to migrate the user-specific data to another PC or to make a backup of it, makes it impossible to use the same application installation from different user accounts without affecting each other, makes it impossible to maintain a proper filesystem security scheme, ... It's the old-fashioned Windows way of doing things - Mac and Linux h
  2. I like how some indie games are dual/triple/etc boot friendly and store save games in the installation location and do not require a re-installation from the separate booting OS in order to play. If it is possible, I would like PE to be able to run without having to re-run the entire installer which adds stuff to the registry so the .exe doesn't throw some error about the game not being installed.
  3. As a player and a member of an indie development group (http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?554-Darkest-Hour), I disagree with the OP regarding DRM, but I agree with the OP regarding what the community needs to view piracy as. I personally think DRM is a waste of time and effort, and any custom DRM used by Obsidian will not only cost money (servers for activation, support, etc), but also be a hurdle for people who hate DRM. It will also be cracked on day 1 or very soon. Serial codes and things like that are acceptable and relatively cheap ways of having DRM, but those are
  4. The board games in Assassin's Creed 3 are acceptable minigames. The naval battles are an acceptable "side game" that still gets boring after a while if they didn't add the full sync conditions that are very hard to do. Lockpicking or other mandatory annoyances are not. However, minigames in AC3 are a waste of development resources for something like PE unless a dev has free time they are killing and it doesn't affect game development. Just my 2 cents.
  5. It's a single player game. Make no-reloads for ironman mode. But that aside, I don't support hurdles to reloading.
  6. I don't have that much experience with old RPG's, but here are some: Dragon Age: Origins Haven't used the crafting system (there is one via some mod I have, I don't remember, it's called enchanting I think), mostly since either my characters use a mod item (it's an item/armor set) or new and better loot is sufficient for me. Kingdoms of Amalur Wanted to use the blacksmithing system, only to be dissapointed that NOTHING I could make after disassembling EVERY excess item I got in a campaign into components (and getting all flawless components from the DLC diplomacy trade mission) would
  7. I prefer to have the stats on hand over flavor text if they are short on time, although flavor text is still a plus. Second the DA:O thing about useless tooltips. There's a decent mod out there that fixes most of it. I was surprised to find just how little the recommended stats for certain classes were actually used in skills (the tooltips say that cunning is used for skills...yea...like...2 skills on my rougue, that's it. Everything else was flat something or other).
  8. While lock-picking mini-games are fun for some, I personally dislike then after the first few tries as I find them an (for me) annoying unnecessary waste of time. They can also be a balance breaker (ex. me being able to do Very Hard locks in Amalur requring only 1 pick manually at level 1 regardless of difficulty with enough patience and never losing anything without anything invested in lockpicking, while auto-pick requires I level up the lockpicking skill to not lose picks). Another thing that irks me about games with lockpicking is that my character (or party character) doesn't automati
  9. Regarding the Blu-rays, did you take into consideration archiving? KGB Archiver supposedly is very good at getting files to their minimum size.
  10. http://en.wikipedia....ki/KGB_Archiver Solution for Blu-Ray disks. Many games nowadays in download are over 20 GB in size. Total War series for example.
  11. Graphics can be modded...look at JB3 Mod for DA:O. I would like to have realistic models though, ear placement on DA:O models is incorrect, I can set it to smallest and lowest position and it still doesn't reach the same height as the bottom of the nose.
  12. i expect 1 delay, or barring that, some features to be cut and then released in a free patch. Estimating time is hard in the game industry, and the software industry.
  13. I wouldn't mind a random quest generator system similar to the Assasination quests in Assasin's Creed. Just something to do in end game. I don't want main quests to be repeatable though, and I dislike repeatable task quests since they stay in my quest log. I reallly want random quests though (put in a separate part of the quest log or given a different minimap icon would also be good if they are possible before major story quests or side quests are completed)
  14. That's the thing, why do you have to start with the same equipment? What with the souls and all, there could be an element of minor "story" and/or lore which is only unlockable or revealed on the second playthrough (cryptic questions that you couldn't answer on your first playthrough). The equipment you crafted and named yourself now drops in your second playthrough (late-game). I would like to see a New Game+ which is a fresh New Game from the very beginning (with level 1) where you don't have all the gear and loot from your previous game, but perhaps you get a slightly quicker start (as an o
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