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Found 9 results

  1. There's this misconception that Steam is DRM. Steam is just a delivery system, but Valve supplies tool to implement DRM if developers and publishers want to make use of them. Steam games do not require Steam to run unless it is configured so by the game's manager. Skyrim on launch did not require Steam to run, but Bethesda patched it later. Many older games do not bother with Steam dependency, such as Commandos 2. Move the game folder around, copy it to another PC, launch it from the exe with Steam closed (and Steam will not start up). It makes no sense to say "We will offer a Steam versio
  2. Hello I am looking to pre-order Pillars of Eternity before release, and I am wondering if I purchase the game from Ozgameshop here http://www.ozgameshop.com/pc-games/pillars-of-eternity-hero-edition-pc-game would this be a digial or physical copy, and would there be drm- including the need to authorize on steam? I am curious, because if there is drm, I am going to buy it from GoG. Thanks
  3. Hi, We're glad to hear all the excitement over our recently announced partnership with Obsidian to bring Pillars of Eternity to market, believe us when we say that we're nothing but enthused working with them as we've been fans of their work over the years. When Fred and Feargus--that sounds like some sort of 80s sitcom--announced that nothing would change and that backers would receive what they were promised during Obsidian's Kickstarter campaign, we meant it. Still, we wanted to clarify something that we feel has been brought up by the community more than anything else since the announc
  4. I'm a PC gamer. That's lame, but I can live with it. A few years back I stopped buying games from Ubisoft after their frog leadership decided to put horrible DRM on all of their PC software. This digital Maginot wall did little to prevent piracy and a great deal to ruin the gaming experience of paying customers such as myself. Cut to now, it's years later and the one game I have been looking forward to in the last decade somehow fell into the tainted clutches of Ubisoft. While I love South Park more than I hate Ubisoft, I can't imagine a more unholy alliance when it comes to attitude towar
  5. I noticed Fallout NV/3 UE's are $5 on Uplay right now. Does anybody else here have them on there, and do they require Steam? I'll get them there if they don't. http://shop.ubi.com/store/ubina/en_CA/search/vars.false?q=fallout Also, their Black Friday sale is Buy 1 of these games, get 1 of those games free. AC3 is one of the free ones. I would probably still yell at the red coats for being so stupid at that price.
  6. Start of old thread End of old thread Old thread ran out of Steam (pun intended)... Current subject was Steam trading cards. Never heard of them
  7. Have been trying to figure out a way to convert people who have pirated the game to buyers and this looks like an option. Sorry for the long text and the image of offensive quality, did my best to keep it short. So… how about a selection screen (accessible via the main menu) with some pretty art and in-game avatars where you show off your relationship with the game (well, the way you got the key)? It would be a point of pride for anyone who has purchased a key, and an easy way for people who do not own a key to buy one. What is the point of such a screen if we are not concerned about p
  8. I start this thread with a little hesitance simply because I am aware of the ire I will likely provoke with this topic, but I believe it must be discussed. This conversation deals with the topic of piracy and DRM for Project: Eternity (hereafter, P:E). Before I get started, I wanted to point to the two sources for my inspiration for this topic. The first is a well-researched (and very long) article on PC gaming piracy and a from the guys at Extra Credit. Much of the arguments heard from both sides of this issue have been discussed in these two locations. I recommend reading and watching th
  9. My mouse is hovering over the $250 donation button, but before I click I want to make sure there will be a DRM free version. I see the FAQ on the Kickstarter page saying that "one" of the options will be Steam, but I want to make sure that one of the other options will be fully offline standalone DRM-free.
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