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  1. I think I can sum up my feelings thusly: THANK YOU! Preorder is on. -Phongduck
  2. I'm a PC gamer. That's lame, but I can live with it. A few years back I stopped buying games from Ubisoft after their frog leadership decided to put horrible DRM on all of their PC software. This digital Maginot wall did little to prevent piracy and a great deal to ruin the gaming experience of paying customers such as myself. Cut to now, it's years later and the one game I have been looking forward to in the last decade somehow fell into the tainted clutches of Ubisoft. While I love South Park more than I hate Ubisoft, I can't imagine a more unholy alliance when it comes to attitude towards piracy. While the South Park creators concentrate on making an awesome show and seem to be barely concerned with piracy, Ubisoft just craps out new, increasingly dumb Assasin's Creed titles while upping the frustration on the customer with their content protection. Does anyone know whether Ubisoft will have DRM all over its PC customers as per usual? Regards, Phongduck
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