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  1. Great article, and yep, that dragon looks pretty airborne - true flight mechanics would kick serious a-hole if they're implemented.
  2. Sounds like those Dyrford villagers know how to party; hearing this brings to mind images of...foam, and glowing things, and ale...
  3. Sounds good! Two great gaming companies partnered up for this gem can't be a bad thing at all.
  4. Wizaaard!! Really liking the implementation of increased daily spell casting frequency of Wizard (Caster?) spells with increasing levels, all the way to infinity (at-wills) at the higher levels; it certainly helps to keep the lower tier spells viable near the endgame without requiring their being gimmicky (DnD 2e Chromatic Orb comes to mind). And though not the biggest Druid fan, the concept art for the animal forms released thus far, as well as their spell selection look amazing. Keep up the phenomenal work guys!
  5. No, no, no Josh, thank you, and the rest of the Obsidian crew for this entire project and all of the time you all are pouring into it; I can't wait to get my hands on this game!
  6. The Death Godlike head in the center looks the best, personal opinion of course, but I'm more curious about the racial traits/stats than the models -- can't wait to get that information!
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