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I am looking to pre-order Pillars of Eternity before release, and I am wondering if I purchase the game from Ozgameshop here http://www.ozgameshop.com/pc-games/pillars-of-eternity-hero-edition-pc-game

would this be a digial or physical copy, and would there be drm- including the need to authorize on steam? I am curious, because if there is drm, I am going to buy it from GoG.




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It's a Steam copy and it's not DRM free (meaning you'll need to be using Steam to use it.


I don't think BAdler said that they are making it DRM free on Steam (possibly as part of deal with Paradox)


Do you want a DRM free copy? can get one for you for $25 usd through the backer portal.

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I see. I figured it might be steam enabled, since official faqs seem to say GoG is the only non-backer drm free version. No, I just wanted to know about the ozgameshop version. If it needs steam, I will buy the game from GoG.

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