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  1. Put a penalty on switching weapons that is greater then the recovery time. and add perks/abilities that reduce recovery times for weapon switching or reloading.
  2. I've been donated a beta by a very generous forumite, but I haven;t as of yet played the beta. But from what I've read so far, the problem seems to be that objective based xp is not staggered properly. You get XP only at the end of a quest, not during significant progression within these tasks. Perhaps if the same XP was broken up and given in smaller increments throughout the quests, players would notice more feedback during the questing.
  3. I think it is a valid concern whether or not there is an "intended" path or solution. I'm more worried about narrative railroading and scripted events. Nothing pissed me off more in DA:O when my fully stealthed character would drop out of stealth when clicking a chest or moving through a doorway, being forced dropped out of stealth, and hearing how I had betrayed everyone for doing something I wasn't allowed. despite having invested heavily in stealth and there being no internally consistent way for the npc's to know what I had done/was about to do.
  4. Since I'm looking to specifically play an interrupting character, I don't mind that people think perception is weak, since it might lead to a boost of a trait I intend to rely heavily upon.
  5. Good luck to everyone playing the beta. I'll be checking the wiki and youtube for stats and gameplay.
  6. The racial stat bonuses cause me to change my vote. I really don't like that. never been a fan of racial stat modifiers.
  7. But not enough to spend 25 (more) dollar on when you're not very wealthy.
  8. yeah pretty much. I was really happy to hear multiple currencies were in, and disappointed when Obsidian back-pedalled and said they had multiple currencies but that coinage would automatically be transmuted into its standard copperpiece value.
  9. the best puzzles I've ever played still come from Riven and other Myst type games. They don't require language (for foreigners, idiomatic speech can and will ruin otherwise well crafted puzzles), they can be solved with both logic and intuition, and require you to pay attention to the environment to solve.
  10. currency: regions are locked to a type of currency and will only be paid in local coinage. your wealth is now tracked across various currencies and money-changers appear in various locations with unfair exchange rates.
  11. I still long for a setting that only has humans (or at least just one species) and where all enemies are also human.
  12. while this is true, I think anyone who has backed P:E, and especially those on the forums, will feel a sense of ownership of the game. After all, we're all emotionally invested. I think it is normal and even desirable to expect critical fan feedback. I think no-one who believes he (or she) can't influence the direction of Project Eternity would be here.
  13. Who is this JSFOCC who has the exact same date as I do?
  14. maybe they're trying to get enough to rebuild their deity?
  15. I think predictable AI is fine. You should design your bestiary so that you can create diverse and complex combinations where enemies complement eachother to provide the challenge. for example: Easy=fire type enemy defeated by cold spells and buffed by fire spells Normal, fire type enemy defeated by cold spells, a healer and a cold type enemy defeated by fire type attacks and buffed by cold Difficult= as Normal but with two paladins added providing buff resistance to elemental damage types. That is why a large bestiary is so important, so that you have a lot of different challenges
  16. I too got a folder full of em, so if there is interest I'll post more.
  17. Imperial war museum was a highlight of my visit to London as well, as well as Sushi in Chinatown and the Museum of Natural History and the British Museum. Any chance for a daytrip over the small divide and into my little country?
  18. I hope people will report more than bugs, but also provide their opinion on balance, pacing, narrative, artwork, and design philosophy of the experience they encounter
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