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  1. Sorry, not possible in Deadfire because of likelihood of confusion. All jokes aside, I like this approach as well. I prefer there to be some fluff to it though, like in Tyranny. perhaps you could add a toggle that allows you to mark items as junk. that way whenever you next encounter it it will get listed as such, and you can choose to exclude it from the listings of loot piles.
  2. I would like the flow of combat to be slower, and the impact of ability use to feel more significant.
  3. If you have more money than god by the time you reach act II, money has no value, if you compensate by making things in act II so expensive as to nullify the effort people put into getting rich, they will feel it as a betrayal. So money needs to have a value outside of purchasing power. Just for having it. In PoE I suggested they do this by linking it to prestige, or as a quest gate (you need to be this rich in order to proceed) Another method might be to have multiple currencies, and moneychangers charge stiff fees. The benefits of this are that while you can be rich enough for a se
  4. recommendation while listening to this album: some level of intoxication, either high of drunk; noise cancelling 7.1 surround headphones.
  5. just out of curiosity, did anyone, anyone, bueller? watch the documentary I linked?
  6. The Arab spring happened because of climate change. Failed crops led to a boom of poverty and famine preceding the Arab spring. Things got started when a farm produce seller set himself on fire because of how bad conditions had gotten for him. This sparked a chain reaction where more and more grievances were aired until revolution was inevitable. When life gets ****ty like that the chances for political upheaval are naturally increased. All nations featured in the Arab spring had to deal with poor harvests, and many had leadership worth opposing.


    There is this experiment they did recently in Stanford University. They rigged a game of monopoly one player would get three times as much as the other whenever they passed Go. Despite knowing of their advantage, when they started winning the game, they started telling the losing player what they were doing wrong. Why didn't you do this? why not try that? If there was food or snacks left nearby in a communal bowl, the "winner" would appropriate it, start eating as if they owned it, started chewing loudly, speaking more loudly, hanging over the game board, speaking loudly about the great deci
  8. Which would mean no (flying) dragons or giant insects or various other fantastical creatures with impossible anatomies, the major cause of death being disease and infection, a hugely complicated sleep/water/food system, and equipment damage. That sounds like a game that would be so tedious that playing it becomes a chore. Only because you see the limitations. It would impose a reduction in your agency. I'm currently working on a different approach to this. Instead of these things become chores to deal with, you could build gameplay around it. These limitations only work if they're relat
  9. For the uninitiated: The reason Russia supports the Assad regime is because it allows them to stations their aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean, this fits their policy of projecting power towards Europe. The annexation of the Crimean peninsula gave Russia harbours in the black sea for resupply. Taking half of the Ukraine was to make Nato move their Anti-Ballistic Missile Shield, which had been a sticking point for Russia for two decades in international diplomacy. (Their point of view: those missiles are aimed at us, NATO point of view: No it's for Iran, "Buhlieve us") Nato did move their
  10. Trump finally got to the end of House of Cards I guess.
  11. *sigh* When hitting things, you're trying to exercise as little strength as humanly possible as to not over-extend yourself. That's why very sharp things eventually became much more widespread than clubby things (and eventually, strength was taken out of the equation more or less completely). You not only keep dodging the point, but also replied to 1/3 of the argument I was making in the post you quoted and like 1/10th of the argument I was making in the first place. You're a weasel, you know that. My argument has been the same from the beginning, you're the one that tries new angles wi
  12. This is one of the reasons why I'm excited for Dreadfire, despite my experience with PoE. I still got a good 64 hours in PoE. according to steam. By making Project Eternity a reality, Obsidian has managed to get a footing for their own IP from which they can create an entire universe full of games. (Wouldn't it have been great if they had had that option for Knights of the Old Republic!) PoE is in many ways a pitch for further games, a quasi-vertical slice, and has given Obsidian not only something to build on, but a good deal of funds to invest in their next project. There is no doub
  13. I've always avoided playing caster classes, for several reasons, one of which is the "they can do anything another class can, but often times better" feel I think however, reading the OP, that the desire is to make the casters feel more like toolbox characters, more versatility. Having spells only be accessible in combat detracts from the fantasy of having a character that can deal (potentially) with any problem anywhere. Perhaps having contextual casting options can solve the "cast anywhere" game breaking potential while introducing out of combat utility for spells. These contextual cl
  14. In my experience Obsidian does regularly read and sometimes comment on these forums. But usually it's to rectify a misconception or to clarify a design choice. I think one of the reasons is not to influence discussion too much. Still, stick around, you might be pleasantly surprised.
  15. I would like a feature where I can introduce any image into the pool, and depending on the size I get an UI which allows me to select what will be visible or should be resized.
  16. I'd like some content to be gated based on your ship type. Heavy, deep hull ships shouldn't make it past certain reefs into shallow harbours, whereas shallow hull fast ships should avoid heavy weather and combat with larger vessels. I'd love a great deal of aesthetic customisation as well, perhaps as a gold sink? and yes, I also like the idea of limiting exploration distance based on distance travelled from your last supply station. This way "securing" ports may influence your exploration range. A heavy ship may explore further because it can stock more food and water (but wouldn't get
  17. Ok so, when this page was 5 pages long I started with a reply based on multiquote, then when I got close to responding to all, it was 7 pages long and getting hijacked, now it's 9 pages long and slowly back on track. I'm going to limit my response now in order to actually get it out. Great debate, I'm pleased to see so many interesting insights in this thread. Ninja, I actually believe you had a lot of interesting points. However, the use of loaded language, as you can see, distracted from the points you were trying to make. I think That's a shame because you did have some pretty inte
  18. Someone mentioned Baldur's Gate II as a comparison, that was an interesting thought. I had a similar experience with Baldur's Gate II where I lost much of my motivation after moving on from Athkatla. I've remember some posts back for PoE where Josh talked about quest staggering and the questlog dump in BGII's early game which I think I may need to read again. Some people pointed out the scope of PoE and its budget meant that the team had to narrow its focus, and rightly pointed out that Deadfire will likely be in a much better position. I sense a similarity to the Baldur's gate games. Per
  19. Before everyone goes off on a tangent, I don;t know twin elms, I literally stopped before exploring it. I think I entered that inn, and saved there. That so many in this thread comment about a break in motivation when reaching twin elms makes me wonder though. I know that this was the point for me where I had worked through (most of) my questlog, and I had nothing listed that I *needed* to continue. This leads me to a question: Would it have been good for PoE to have had several quests open that continued in Twin Elms? On the one hand it might have given me the motivation to continue,
  20. He's well educated, utterly sure of himself and his politics, comes across as smug and superior, and enjoys crafting an image of himself as a strong leader and negotiator. He certainly seems to have a high opinion of himself. Whether you agree with that image of him depends on your political leanings. He believes the narrative that hard work ensures success, so those who fail must have themselves to blame. He argued for and pushed through policy that fines people for taking too long to complete their academic studies, while ignoring the fact that under this new rule he himself would have b
  21. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Rutte
  22. Does that remove my right to argue, critique or contribute to the sequel? You decide. I've played until I arrived in Twin Elms, I cleared out the entire 15 level dungeon but after I arrived in Twin Elms I saved the game and then didn't return to it, eventually I uninstalled PoE to clear space for another game on my small SSD drive. So, I've been thinking about why I didn't finish PoE and what could be learned from my limited experience. Why didn't pillars work for me? It wasn't immediately obvious to me. Longstanding members of this forum will know that I was quite active here during
  23. And he was born in Kenia. Oh wait, birther issues don't actually cause legal restrictions on eligibility here, uhm well, he has small hands, no? What else... Well, he's smug, annoyingly so. Anyway, let's drop this bull**** angle and not get tangled in irrelevancy (yet again)
  24. You're welcome to come even now. I think if the pirate party wants to gain ground they're going to have to campaign and make more noise every day for the next four years. most of the people I've spoken too hadn't even bothered to learn about the party program, as they'd already dismissed it as a fringe party. more visibility is needed.. to meshugger, sort of. except for the-union busting part, the Netherlands has a history which ensures that both left and right wing parties respect strong and active unions. VVD is the type of "pulled yourself up by your own bootlaces" narrative, and littl
  25. any update on this? Paypal is the only way I can support this campaign. it may come as a shock, but in Europe it's not actually expected for people to own credit cards.
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