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  1. I'd like less text and reading. That's pretty radical I know, but I felt PoE suffered from Telling not Showing and Wall of Text. You have an interactive medium and I think you should play to its strengths. It's not a book. I'd also like to see the build I wanted for PoE finally be viable, which is a fast attacking stunlocker or debuffer. My rogue felt pretty weak. Finally less focus on balance would be great.
  2. to My South-African friend (long time no see) We have a Mixed Member representational government. Meaning you campaign to gain seats in parliament. Everyone who gains seats has them until the next election. The leader of the party with the most seats gets the privilege of forming a coalition, which has to get 75/150 (Ideally over that) of the total seats. this means coalition talks, compromise and some months of inaction. Should the largest party fail to achieve a coalition with other parties it gets a little more complicated, but the simplified version is that the next biggest party in line g
  3. Man, So I work in The Hague, about 200 yards from parliament, I've never seen so many satellite dish vans and reporters there. And they didn't even interview me! two of my colleages got interviewed for foreign media, but me, noooooo. Anyway, I voted pirate party*, so I'm not too pleased. At least Groenlinks has gained a great deal of votes. Still going to be another ****ing right wing conservative cabinet however, by the looks of it. To quote the man who has "the best words" Sad. *Because of their stances on Privacy, civil rights, copyright, DRM and patent law, education, negat
  4. you guys with all your tables, the most important thing I think from multiclassing is the ability to get synergies you would otherwise miss
  5. the teaser visuals fill me with a cautious optimism. I like seeing palm fronds. I also like its verticality and the idea that travelling between districts will give those narrative pop-up pages to help imagine a sprawling city.
  6. Rogue-Cypher -Agent. I wonder if Obsidian will consider creating 55 special skill syngeries. As someone who argued for Multiclassing in PoE, I'm pleased.
  7. I just wanted to say that I'm so pleased to see that PoEII will be taking place in a warm setting, it's looking good! I know it's a very personal thing, but to me it makes a difference. Neketaka looks really good IMO!
  8. Been a while currently listening to this
  9. please please be set somewhere warm! I'm so eager to see a tropical setting. Lush vegetation, sticky warm nights in overcrowded cities. who knows.
  10. Tyranny sounds curious. I'll be following it. I really like the world map aesthetic a lot.
  11. I'm out of the loop as I haven't really checked in since release, and I wonder if the modding community is up here already? Any forums?
  12. I'm running a rogue designed for this purpose and it's just not doing the trick.
  13. I would like it if intelligence affected interrupt durations as well. I want to be able to lock down enemies especially casters.
  14. better animations, (better looking movement, combat, and interactions) a tropical setting more ways to cause interrupts, ways to increase interrupt duration. strongholds that have diverging upgrade paths to fit with your playstyle.
  15. So again a wintery place, again no jungle or desert, or archipelago, or anything of the sort. Will you be able to import characters from your current game or must you build a new character?
  16. Cool, it's great to see the passion you guys bring to this, though of course the game itself was indicative of that as well.
  17. JFSOCC

    Hey Oby!

    As far as I'm aware, it was a German colony up until the end of WWI. It was Germans that first started favoring Tutsis. Belgians took over and expanded on it when Germany lost her colonies after their defeat in the war. Not in Belgian Congo. (then Zaire, then Congo) The Germans were in what is now Rwanda and Burundi, bordering Congo and Tanzania further east. (and Cameroon to the north, also bordering Congo though not relevant to the Hutu and Tutsi conflict) The Belgian led Congolese forces, despite bad discipline issues, beat the Germans in both wars. Some Congolese troops even made it
  18. JFSOCC

    Hey Oby!

    I'm guessing he means the phrenology-based approach to ethnic division enforcement carried out by the Belgians after WWI. Handing out Hutu/Tutsi ID cards based on such scientific criteria as the relationship between cranial measurement and intelligence, height, and skin coloring; heavily favoring a Tutsi-dominated power structure (they were apparently "more Caucasian" than Hutus and hence, superior). yes, except that belgian anthropologists already did it pre-WWI. Not the handing out of cards, but the dividing of different tribes into perceived ethnic groups, ignoring longstanding inter-t
  19. JFSOCC

    Hey Oby!

    Ah welcome back Oby. the Rwandan Genocide is a case of overpopulation combined with 19th century Belgian tribal distinctions adopted by those who use it for their political gain. You know, like everything in this thread: realpolitik.
  20. JFSOCC

    Hey Oby!

    I don't know about that Bruce, I think it's very silent on what it's doing in the Congo or the Horn of Africa, for instance.
  21. I think he's going to do fine, but I wonder why Jason Jones or Samantha Bee got passed over.
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