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  1. Because there wont be a collectors edition or other special things, otherwise i prop wouldnt care. Lucky enough that some/most tiers arent limited, otherwise you would be screwed if you can only pay with paypal. If i beg for money because i want to make a game or whatever and i cant enable paypal from the start because of whatever reason, i atleast would hold some of the limited tiers back for when i can enable paypal and then offer it to the people so that they also have a fair chance of getting what they want. But no, this isnt the case here or elsewhere. Also if i dont offer pp fr
  2. 212% fundet and 2 weeks later still NO paypal. Thanks obsidian, great work and great information you give us. If it wasnt for the fans posting some Feargus comment that he postet in the Fig comment section we would still know s**t. But i guess obsidian says if these peasants want information let them read the 5k comments on fig. They didnt even bothered updating the FAQ. I wish i dont love this game, otherwise in every other case after all that fail you would see 0$ from me. But i think you know that and the fact that you are already fundet lets you care even less about all the peopl
  3. I had no internet for a week, now i come back and there is still no paypal option LOL ! And NO info. But i guess "they're currently looking into it" Lets be crazy and say that i wanted some of the higher tiers like the 2k, 5k, ones...yeah no, because they are gone. And even if not, its just ridiculous. wow just wow
  4. Yes im sure it will. But the point is, (just an example) that what if there was a limited offer/goodie or something like that, then all people without cc arent gonna get it. Its like people without cc are second class. And i dont understand how someone makes a campain to fund money, but then offers only cc while its known that in many parts of the world it doesnt work and/or its just not common. Why dont just also offer one of the most popular online payment solutions like paypal. I mean in EVERY single campain there are people asking about an alternative payment method like paypal,
  5. 96% funded and still no paypal option. I guess you just dont care. I dont understand it.
  6. Hello Just wanted to ask if there will be a paypal backing option, because not everyone has a credit card. I also dont understand why you guys dont bother putting atleast a tiny information about this on fig or in this forum. Why do we always have to ask you and ourselfs if there will be such option. Why dont you just put it in a description. I mean you KNOW there are many many people asking about that. Its also not fair to enable paypal at the end of a campain, because then some items will be gone. There is no chance for a collector without credit card to get what he wants.
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