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  1. I think you know what I'm getting at. I've always enjoyed roleplaying sneaky characters, social during the day, busy during the night But travelling with a party means that the options for using stealth effectively are minimal (unless you can somehow have 6 stealthy characters ninjaing through everything) Stealth is usually a single person job. I like roleplaying a lot, and combat is actually one of the things I care little for. however, in many ways it is often unwise to avoid combat. combat gives xp, xp goooood. I was wondering if the team has thought of this, and what they would pr
  2. But if you don't enjoy music you don;t have to listen to it. Does that mean the game should have no score at all? I'd rather they spend effort and love on a good sound, even if not everyone will get to enjoy it.
  3. I can see myself enjoying a pub, this blasting loudly in my ear, hearing a bit of rumour but being able to hear the person next you (companion dialogue volume all the way down). "What?" "I said, let's go outside so we can discuss some options" "What!?" Man it would be so cool to have a scene like that in the game
  4. Maybe it helps to express them as more general motivations it's personal it's actively involved they're dangerous they stand out, visually as well.
  5. I've mentioned them in an earlier post, but since people apparently are posting links to examples of what they like, good idea here are some of mine, by all means check them out on youtube, you can browse some of the other songs on their respective albums. http://www.youtube.com//watch?v=P4p3MXrXlO4 From Quest for Glory V http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO7XeUgrcdk From Beyond Good and Evil /watch?v=7eqMszMGUww From Bastion /watch?v=8eqetqwcWEo Moiety theme from Riven. /watch?v=qBX17HxLy_g From Guild Wars I could only post so many links so the others just have the watch code to e
  6. Cristophe Heral is a fantastic composer that did the music for Beyond Good and Evil (among others), Jeremy Soule did the music for Guild Wars, if you like true ambient music then get Robyn Miller, who did music for his own game (Myst and Riven) And well the music from Bastion won awards for a good reason. truly there are many great artists.
  7. I've DM'ed alignment free pen and paper games that worked out just fine. You just have to substitute character motivation and personality. it also allows you great freedom since you can make essentially any npc into a more significant character should that deliver more interesting options for your party. Sure the inkeep "looks amenable and nice" and he might behave that way, and you don't have to go deeper. but that doesn't mean he is "lawful good" it's just an arbitrary thing that puts characters in boxes, makes stereotypes and boxes you in with them. stereotypes are boring and clich├ęd.
  8. Well I think it's not so much about the lies as it is about having their own agenda, and the protagonist's well-being might not be their biggest concern. A good story is character driven and not plot driven. If you can motivate npc actions through them having their own agendas I think you'll get a rich tapestry with plenty of lying and backstabbing that isn't immediately obvious to the player. (as it so often is.)
  9. make choices based on how people argue. We're born lawyers and philosophers, Go look up the "justice: what's the right thing to do" series on youtube on how many ways there are to look at things. from consequencialist to categorical(fundamentalist) thinking.
  10. I will be greatly disappointed if there's not some sort of talking piece of equipment to annoy me. Please no more goofy American voices from magical sidekicks. A sword that sounds like Indigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, The Narrator from Bastion, or Sir Roderick Ponce Von Fontlebottom from Jade Empire, something with personality. Like the sword in the Colour of Magic? "I'm magical you know!" "Can't fight!? don't worry, I'll make a hero out of you!" etc. anyway, mine would be
  11. I'm wondering if alignments will make an appearance, they certainly have in the past with games strongly linked to DnD. let me be blunt, I hope not. I think it's a very poor way to characterize. "that man is acting evil because of his alignment" it's just ridiculous. I think you can do away with them entirely, especially if you want (as you seem to claim in the kickstarter video) to have more mature themes and dialogue. I think we're quite capable of seeing complex moral issues without seeing a prefix of "lawful-neutral" on a character. my two cents. Edit: sorry, apparently it was a
  12. There's a couple of things I worry about with strongholds. For me, the whole game could be about building something up. I'm a builder at heart. My biggest worry is that the Stronghold a player builds will be "upgraded" to a maximum and then lose all relevancy, except for the few quests it may offer, and the way it acts as a gold sink by adding merchants and a storage place, and little else. I would like to see upgrades with purpose and limited by choice. Say, for example you are a spellcasting class, you may want to construct a "wizards tower" as an upgrade. instead of having this ju
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