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    Hey Oby!

  2. Personally I'm surprised at the lack of opportunities to build around attack speed and interrupt. My rogue might get to that point when she reaches level 12 where interrupting is more of a viable strategy. I Also expected more ways to debuff the enemy as a rogue, though luckily my party is helping out there.
  3. So, not really a production beard; More of a goatee besides. But a few days after I donated to the kickstarter, I heard of this term for the first time. I decided I might as well try something. So here it is, my facial growth of 2.5 years waiting for PoE. Its weird having a 'clean' face again, doesn't at all feel right.
  4. people rebelled against durability mechanics. tell me, in what game has that ever been a good idea?
  5. Never cared much for localisation, for many reasons, but the loss of meaning and impossible to translate idioms are part of it. then there is the fact that the Dutch cannot act, and that it's not as pretty a language as English.
  6. Where did you get that portrait? I edited this image http://liangxinxin.deviantart.com/art/Dragonwoman-Mylwaye2-414527276 to fit the size requirements (and obviously mirrored it) It's a shame I couldn't get the hat in. Hats with feathers are stylish.
  7. no and I probably should have noticed that there weren't 77k names on that list.
  8. Aehlona Kindheart, I'm rping her as the daughter of a slaver-lord from the Vailian republics, forced to flee when the tide of politics turned. She's bent on re-establishing her families trading empire and getting revenge on the faction lords who ousted her family. I intend to play her as a fast attacking interrupter/debuffer. Time will tell if a 4 con character is viable, probably not.
  9. So I got my obsidian order cape as ingame item, terrific, yet I'm not mentioned anywhere under the backers in the credits, not my nick and not my real name... I did back during the kickstarter campaign, though through paypal, so maybe that's it. I know, petty right? game comes out and the second thing I look at is my name in the credits. Still, it stings a little.
  10. We had a discussion about this topic before, it was one that I started. I suppose that I shouldn't be surprised to see it crop up again. basically some the tools used by obsidian are proprietary and can't be released, but whatever they can release, they intend to. (is what I understood) edit: here you go: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/65113-petition-for-comprehensive-modding-tools/
  11. Will there be talents or abilities that you can gain that do not come through level-up?
  12. Am I the only one who thought dead man's switch was better? The number of clichés and tropes in Dragonfall was appalling. DMS is full of corny detective story clichés you know. I'm replaying it right now and it's even worse than I remember. sure but the characters were not nearly as mary sue
  13. Am I the only one who thought dead man's switch was better? The number of clichés and tropes in Dragonfall was appalling.
  14. I love the Vailain lore. Definitely going to play a Vailian.
  15. I don't want to choose from more, I want to choose more. I still don't feel like I can personalise my build enough with such a low number of talents and abilities.
  16. finally I can build my build.
  17. What are some things that at this stage of the game you can't or won't change and feedback is pointless on?
  18. I want to explore what's possible. See if certain concepts work. I feel like with the current structure, I can't develop a well rounded playstyle before I hit the level cap. The level cap is going to take a while to reach, and then you only have access to six abilities and six talents. That feels on the light side to me.
  19. Or increase the frequency of these, at a certain point I would like my character to be really distinctive in playstyle. I think that's only possible if the number of abilities/talents you get to pick increases.
  20. so I finally dipped a toe into the Beta, I'm not to happy with only one talent per two levels. You can't really specialize your player character enough by level twelve that way. When you reach a certain point in the game, you want to feel like your character is significantly different from the rest, and I don't want to rely on just gear for that. More granularity on the upgrade path would be terrific. combat is too fast, but I believe that's a known issue. gear information is inefficiently displayed, with the comparison feature bare bones. capes don't seem to make use of the chara
  21. Please take your time but get them all in. Great variation is the kind of polish that makes a game look well made. This is your show pony project, no?
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