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  1. Hello I wonder if priest is a good choice. I like to talk, have the most intelligent choices.. but I wonder if the priest is really so usefull. I hesitated with a Paladin, or a Fighter. Nobody speaks about priests, what are you thoughts, advanced players
  2. I don't think there is a disrespect, the translation is not worst than the average games, maybe we are all mature players and we notice the problem because the game is very literary, thats all. Im sure 90% of the players wont notice a single problem. This game deserved the same translation as a novel, not a standard video-game translation.
  3. I think it wont be a pain for a vast majority of players, but for the one who know litteratures, mature players who love the words, thats incorrect. You wont write like this during a french exam This game should have challenging to translate, this is really like translating a novel but in a bit too much written like a video game, leading to a disapointing translation. This is the first time I play to a game this close to a book, I appreciate that, thats very interesting indeed, but sadly that doesnt work so simply. I don't even if myself I would have done much better, I know theres a big ch
  4. Hello, my post is honest, I played a bit and the games seems fine, technically its perfect, 144hz totally smooth, high res backgrounds and all, seriously I feel very good for the game. Yup, from my 2 hours of gameplay I see nothing bad, it seems a very good game. So now I want to be serious a little bit, sorry for my english, I'm french. Believe me, the french translation is gruesome, terrible, I don't even have words for this, thats simply game breaking for me. It feels its been translated by google, its very hard to understand whats happening, its a pain to follow the stories. Its a gam
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