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  1. this! Also Escape doesn't seem to negate an attack like it is supposed to. It seems to work for the enemy, but not my PC.
  2. It reads on the Rogue ability "escape" that they break engagement and expertly avoid the next attack. However I when I see my opponent getting ready to use knockdown, and I use "escape" I do disengage, but the evil fighter knocks me down from across the room. Expected result: using escape to... escape Actual result: getting struck despite 4m gap [] -steam
  3. "rogue -adept evasion" ...this ability does nothing, I don't know what you think it does, since you mentioned it your long list, but it does nothing. Well it does something but it is so close to zero it should be disregarded. It most definitely does nothing regarding to mobility and disengagement, unless I have misunderstood something and disengagement attacks target reflexes.
  4. Not quite, you start out with an aprox. 20% faster attack rate and will get around 15% on top of that. I don't know excactly how their math is, but that seems to be the case
  5. I did some testing on dual wielding, and it seems that without picking the talent for the 20% speed increase, you get a 20% speed increase compared to single handing. There are no penalties. So in POE everybody is automatically well suited for dual wielding, Single handing is just a loss on all levels. No talents really need to be picked to be effective with any weapon or any style, instead you just get a slight bonus on an already effective build. Same goes for weapon specialization -slight bonus. All classes start out being good with all weapons and all styles. I just feel it takes a bit away from immersion that my guy is going to be equally good no matter how I equip him, its not like: This one is a sword guy and this one gets the axes. Now my adventurers will just pick up the best magic weapon all throughout the game. "oh this magic dagger will get a slightly better dps than my two-handed sword, I guess now I am dual wielding priest instead. ps. sorry for rant. pps. everybody starts out as jacks of all trades and masters of none, but specializations won't make them masters of anything either.
  6. How about if the racial bonuses, affected your starting stats instead. Like class does, you know: Hp, defenses, accuracy etc.? Come to think of it, as it is now, I am not entirely fond of how class affects those stats. Would rather all classes started out with the same, that way attributes would mean the same to all classes, and you would have more control over your build. I think abilities do enough to define the classes on their own.
  7. CC is king. Making Disengagement Attacks cause Prone would make it even worse to even attempt to disengage, and almost certainly result in your death if you failed. At least now you can attempt to just away if you're willing to take the hit(s). Also, Engagement never seem to have functioned when it came to controlling the battlefield. All it does is lock it down. There's not really any control to speak of, nor was there ever. Wouldn't that depend on how long the effect is, what if we are talking 1 second and graze=miss? Also characters with multiple engagements possible wouldn't be that lethal to the secondary targets, they would only control them a bit.
  8. I just started a playthrough of the backer beta on easy; trial of Iron. I got wiped fighting Medred (is that her name) I took care of her group just fine, but she used "shadowing beyond" and never became visible again. She killed me while only being two stilletos floating in mid-air, attacking from extreme invisibillity. I could mouse over her selection circle, but not target her. She also didn't seem to take any damage from splash. So uhm my party died and I lost, aint got no saves since it was all trial of Iron. Expected result: enemies becoming visible after attacking or set amount of time, after using "shadowing beyond" Actual result: party wipe from immortal apparition. -peace
  9. I would change disengagement attacks so instead of dealing damage they apply prone effect. That way stuff trying to disengage will still get punished but won't suffer numerous insta-death hits. It would also make the mechanic more about controlling the battlefield which I think was the idea to begin with.
  10. The last backer beta is out. It is looking pretty awesome, but still a diamond in the rough. As much as we all wish for everything to be 110% perfect, everything simply can't be fixed by release since it is only two weeks away. Here I would like to suggest that we discuss what we think NEEDS to be fixed before launch (bugs aside). My pet peeve is armors speed reduction, which I feel should be reduced by 5-15% maybe even 20%. So people will actually want to put clothes or light armor on their backliners, as it is now with a jump of 20% speed reduction from wearing light armor I can understand why people go naked. Not that I am against nudity, I just think it is a shame the developers spend all that time making all those handsome armor sets. If the argument is balance, and that a 20% reduction in speed is what is fair for a slight damage reduction, then being naked becomes the "norm". I would suggest wearing light armor should be the norm instead. It would all still be balanced. What do you think need fixin' on threshold of awesome?!
  11. In the latest patch [435] one of the major changes was the change to the attributes, and since two of them were bugged (that's 33%). It has been kind of hard to do any testing on that account. So I was wondering, will there be another beta update before release? and if so when? -ish
  12. Rogue - Inept abilities. I have been focusing mainly on Rouge while running the beta test, and while I have had my share of fun both playing and theory crafting, there are some of the abilities that leave me wondering. So in the spirit of sharing and in the hopes of getting heard, here is my rant and collection of suggestions for the rogue ability set. The Catalysts, the active offensive abilities that facilitates sneak attacks. - Blinding strike, Crippling strike, Fearsome strike, Withering strike. - Blinding strike. This one is pretty decent, Blinded is a pretty good status effect to apply for the rouge as the reduction to deflection will let the rouge hit and crit more for the duration - Crippling strike. The good part is you get two per encounter, the bad part is hobbled is a far inferior status effect to blinded. - Suggestion: make a talent that improves it by adding "immobilize" effect to it (or upgrades the effect from hobbled to stuck) This would make it a great pick for ranged rogues and a good one for melee rogues. - Fearsome strike. This one makes sense in its own right because by applying two status effects is pretty mean it also means it facilitates Death Blows on its own. But once per rest isn't often enough to warrant picking it. - Suggestion: make it a once per encounter ability or thrice or twice per rest - Withering strike. this is on all levels the worst one; it is available later than blinding strike and crippling strike, but is inferior to both. Weakened is a way worse status effect than blinded, it is almost on par with hobbled, but you don't get two per encounter. - Suggestion: Make it last 3 times as long, this will set it apart from the others and be a staple against tougher opponents. Or give it a better status effect like stun or prone so it brings something different to the table and it actually makes sense to pick it. The Situational RNGs, the abilities that will only work in specific situations and only on occasion. Adept evasion, Riposte. - Adept evasion. So in the game there are a bunch of aoe spells, and a some of these target reflexes, every once in a while someone/thing will target the rouge and if it is graces him adept evasion might save him. This skill got aprox 20% worse in [435] and it wasn't that good to begin with, there are a lot of if boxes that need to be ticked before the conditions for this coin toss are met. - Suggestion: Make it so Adept evasion lets 50% of attacks that target deflection, target reflexes instead. This will make AE relevant for rogues with low deflection and High reflexes that tend to get in harms way. - Riposte. Rogues start out with pretty crummy deflection witch means; unless you build a melee rogue with lots of deflection bonuses and preferably sword and board, you are not going to see this very often. It did however just get 3 times more likely in [435] given the new miss parameters, still this is so situational that it doesn't warrant wasting a skill on it. -Suggestion: At the very least make it work on any melee attack that misses, no matter what it targets (this could also synergize well with my suggestion for Adept Evasion). Or rework the skill entirely something along the lines of: "Riposte, instant, the Rogue will dodge the next melee attack targeting him/her and make a free counter attack" The Mobility Abilities, lets you get in and out of combat and gives the rogue choices on the battlefield Escape, Coordinated positioning. - Escape. This is a really cool ability and I can see some builds getting a lot out of this ability It is however only too easy to get pulled right back into combat given the short range. - Suggestion: increase range and/or perhaps make it twice per encounter. So it can be used aggressively as well and won't just be a last way out. -Coordinated positioning. I really like the idea, you can save a dying teammate or yourself, but you have to be REALLY close. Does it work? This is (and Escape as well for that matter) outshined by Shadowing Beyond. Does this warrant an ability slot in any build? I don't know And I don't have any suggestions at hand, this is just a bit too unique. The Passives Sneak Attack, Deathblows, Deep Wounds. these all work, Deathblows might be a bit over the top ^^ The Rest Finishing Blow, Reckless Assault. These are cool as well, only thing is; I think Reckless Assault should give extra attack speed instead of damage - just sounds more reckless and assault'y to go faster! I humbly apologize for the massive read, and if anybody made it this far, thanks.
  13. mkay, but Isn't it supposed to work on attacks as well? otherwise the attribute is dead weight to a lot of classes. I had a faster attack rate from a 2 dex dwarf than a 20 dex elf.
  14. Dexterity seems to slow down attack rate rather than speed it up. After having tried multiple times, using different party members, using the same weapons and no armor. Having them simultaneously attack BB Rogue. I have observed that dexterity seems to have the reverse effect on attack rate to what was expected, the attack rate of my 20 dex Player char, is a lot slower than the 12 dex BB Priest.
  15. I agree with you completely, more abilities would be awesome (more talents as well please) more options is the core of the suggestion. And as fine as the system is, I just think it could be even better with more freedom of choice.
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