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  1. My kickstarter badge does not appear. Thanks for looking into this.
  2. I was impressed by the ease and clarity. I entered my email, clicked on the confirm link in the email they send and select the few addons. They clearly listed what the pledge included you really cant ask for more unless you want to have someone stand beside you to point at the screen.
  3. I agree that magic should be included in the economy and industry and I am flexible with how this is implemented. In many games it did bother me how magic could be applied and wasnt (not enough to spoil the game just something that was apparent). The unbalancing of the economy with magical items was the other part that was irritating. There is probably any number of ways these can be handled. Here is a couple of ideas. Casting magic could be (in addition the the usual system mechanics) a drain on the life force resulting in the continual casting or spells for industry prematuarly aging the caster. If the magicians source for mana or similar is components this could limit some spells / cost effectivness If the source was deity driven I am sure they deity would perhaps frown on the continual interuption from priest x praying " light this furnace" If the source was elemental ley lines or magical locations could be used to supply power however these locations would be valuble and not given up lightly they could also be seen a religous locations owned by church (or equivalent) groups. I would like to see a working economy. If a magical item is worth 1000g it would be unable to be sold easily if the weapons dealer only holds 10g for the usual trades he does. A magician knocks out one or two of these he (if he can sell it ) sit around and never work again it would be silly. (or equivalent item for industry which may be able to mass produce and meet the cost) All this points to balance and scale. Other ways is to make learing or casting time consuming so the magicusers dont sit around cranking out items. This needs to fit with adventuring magic. Do items then become common, everyone has a widget of fire and a sword o hurting. Does this lead to a industrial revolution. Is the world going through this now. Is magic unstable and the furnace with the widget could blow up. Is the time and cost to make a furnace no better than cutting wood. usefull where wood is scarce. I am using the furnace as an example however I am sure you can come up with equivalents for other industry. In one pen and paper RPG we had a trading deal with merchants selling created ice for meat wharehouses and the like. Cultivated herbs in artifical environments not found locally. Now this took large amounts of resources magically and tide the party to an area to maintain the spells. These are just ideas and do not truly solve any issues however give everyone some food for though and depending on the world chosen can aid a fun world.
  4. I must say I did enjoy arcanum and those sort of things in games make it special.
  5. I think the armour should be a combination of reducing chance to take damage based on weapon types / damage types speed of attacks vs ability to dodge and avoid. Once a hit is confirmed the damage is then reduced (or increased if applicable ie trapped in a melting plate armour suitor similar).
  6. I would love to see this kind of interaction however this should be more PC actioned based than scripted. It should also be based off more than one approval rating.
  7. Thanks for the update I will look forward to the upcoming posts. This going cold turkey from daily kickstarter updates to weekly updates wil be tough but I am sure I will pull through. The hard part will be stopping my head from cracking open waiting 18mths for the game. I do wish you all the best and am glad to see the organisation going into the project. I look forward to gaining some insight into the development of a game from the ground up. I do hope you and other devs browse the forums (I am sure you do and we have seen some posts already) as there is many great ideas and input being discussed that would be good to see included. I am sure you will get a feel as to what will be popular and suit the world you are building. I am also sure you are now staggered by the truly mammoth task you have been set. All those stretch goals are awesome but make your job huge however it will be spectacular I am sure. Good luck Please ignore the silliness that goes on here
  8. If you wish to stop people working the mechanics the mechanics should be more robust However you should consider a few things. People will find a loophole. Is stopping them do it spoiling their fun. If the system is fun for you does it matter if they wrought the system (I would point out I don’t do what they do so I couldn’t care less if it is stopped). Anyway one possibility for stopping people achieve objective and the double back and kill monsters or quest giver is to make the xp mutually exclusive. Slaughtering the people voids the sneaking or killing the quest giver the same. If the xp points are not visible and handed out as a straight level increase with no feedback to the PC it would be less tempting to players to try. The lack of feedback about progression is probably a really bad idea but it is a suggestion Another alternative could be the skills are what progresses with use and not have levels at all. This could make it worse however. I need to think more none really feel complete.
  9. I like orcs in game however personally I would be unlikely to play one.
  10. I was more thinking along the lines of a trader for most of the game has no quests however at a random point in time when his stocks of x are low / gone and no traders are due they could offer a one off quests. This may be repeated with other NPCs but not the same one or at least very rarely the same one. The PC could potentially increase the chance of it occurring by clearing out their stocks and interrupting any trade routes however there needs to be a demand and it would still be a random event for the trader to set the quest. On the type of quest they give it may not be a supply item x (pelt / pot / widget) it could be find out what stopped the caravan, guard the next caravan, take a message to the supplier for more, take a message to the lord about trouble, patrol the road, torch the competition for the less reputable merchant, steal from the competition
  11. I would like to see the PC start alone and have to work for true companions. I large selection of blow-ins would be good however their allegiance, loyalty, skill trustworthiness, suitability should be varied and they come and go as they please and not necessarily on your terms or without returning goods. The true companions should be more stable unless there are party clashes. You should really have to work for these. They should feel as a real personality and have a bond even if it is mercenary, idyllic or other. Some could be using you or infatuated for you. I see no problem with obtaining many ( however juggling the personalities and motivations should be a challenge and true companions need reasons whereas bow-ins would be more pliable but not as good or reliable.
  12. I like Calmars idea however it would have to be within limits too much would be a bore.
  13. I agree with Mr. Magniloquent's point I would love to see this kind of party / NPC interaction. These are not mindless drones they are NPCs ( characters ) with their own agendas
  14. love the idea of a PC owned location. I have avoided using the term fortress as others have stated it brings images of large castles etc. I would like to see the options for these structures to be very flexible. It should allow the PC to acquire any number of locations. These may range from small blocks of land/ forest/ underground areas to large tracts of land with inhabitants. The method of acquisition can range from stealing deeds / squatting / running off bandits / being gifted for heroic acts / extorting nobles – owners- commoners/ purchasing from the establishment. The land should come with various responsibilities – cost to maintain / duty to the inhabitants to protect the area / patrol the roads / taxes to other lords / official engagements / forces alliances / forces marriages. These responsibilities can be ignored at a cost - building run down / buildings get overtaken be hostiles / other lords move in / armies attack if alliances not kept and lords slighted / wild animals infest in the rural areas. The type of buildings constructed should be completely free choice and a great sink for PC revenue. However the upgrades can also be an income for the PC. Buy an inn or a shop run a business. The NPCs hired or trained can improve the value. Given the opportunity for many different locals the PC could in theory buy a number of them however they would be unable to fully improve all but could get a number of small benefits from each (unless they just continued playing after the main quest ) Types to be suggested. Temples, barracks, libraries, mazes, amphitheatres, groves, gardens kitchens, inns, trading shops, alchemical workshops, schools, mines, grand halls, basically anything you can think of. This could the handled by supplying unnamed structures that are populated by the PC in the style they choose. All these should interact with the environment. You have trained soldiers that patrol roads and as others have stated can be kind or cruel. If the PC does not keep tabs on the way things are run they guards and become corrupted and stand over the locals or slack and not collect taxes. This relies on the world having a live economy you may run a trading business however the goods still need to be sold. Become an arms merchants and start a war or too to drum up sales. Sorry these are all a jumble of ideas spewing forth and should be organised however I think you get the basics Completely customisable Multiple locations Multiple types React to environment Able to be enhanced Possibility of incomes / businesses Populated with selectable NPCs Train NPCs Responsibilities A need to continually monitor / manage Different methods of acquisition Anyhow some food for thought.
  15. I just want to say thankyou to the Obsidian team for allowing everyone to be part of the adventure and I look forward to the months ahead. I think the website updating progress will be great.
  16. Oops I did forget the utility side of things too focused on combat.
  17. I would like to see anyone be able to be killed (if you want to take on a god good for you.. grats if you win). However this comes back to a discussion in another thread there should be consequences and news of your deeds will travel the world and colour your reception for good or bad depending on if they deserved it or was legal. Unless you did it with no evidence of your actions. This should be with a semblance of realism not just instant the world knows of your actions. As for the plot it should be robust enough to survive one or two deaths then you will dead end and be left wandering. The plot can turn if different directions or options removed if certain parties are not available.
  18. There has been some great ideas voiced already in this thread and I wanted to add my 2c worth. I agree with the current trend in potions being very poor. Having a pack full of pots that get either horded or spammed depending on the players style is a joke. I would like to see a mix of the ideas presented. I do like the varying of quantities and strengths. Less and stronger with the limits mentioned earlier along the lines of reduces effectiveness if taken within a timeframe. Addictive properties if taken regularly resulting in withdrawals and penalties. Toxicity if taken in large quantities. Apply these to all range of pots with differing levels and you make the use of all buffs and heals more interesting and not just an inventory decision. Potions can be broken into a number of categories. Heals Buffs Debuffs Poisons Weapons (bombs traps grenades smoke screens) These can be created through three primary means Herbal Chemical Magical. The different methods of creation could perhaps change the properties or addictions. You could use chemical means to purify the herbal ingredients and after the herbal potion is made magic can reduce addictions or amplify the positives. For weapons if the mix is explosive there should be a risk to carrying or a method to transport carefully. Healing does not have to be just imbued as others have mentioned it can be patches and bindings. Stimulants are another path. All and all I would like to see something more than heal x. With heals dont grade the distribution. Have the heals appear at any time. If the PC chooses to use a large heal when they only require a little that is a risk and the reverse is also true having to spam small ones leaves a good chance of poisoning or addiction. I would like to see action penalties if they are to be used in combat not just pause time as you open your pack and rifle through it.
  19. I like the idea. Language knowledge, Area culture knowledge, Charisma, ability to blend in, topic knowledge, reputation (that the person would be aware of not just "You are a hero") Ability to read the NPC, Just some more ideas.
  20. I really like these ideas and would love to see them. Failures can also be from other people seeing the action. They can run and inform the authorities or charge in and attack. Call for assistance as they attack and others join or run as their character dictates. If you are seen stealing you can out run the authorities however your image can be posted as wanted at a variety of levels starting from "Wanted for questioning" if someone was at a distance through to bounties on your head if they got a good look or you dropped evidence. What about the ability for mages to speak to the dead and ID the killer. If they judge your act was unjustified a warrant can be issued and will spread through the world. I can end at county boarders or kingdoms. If your crime was really bad bounty hunters could pursue you. You should have options to destroy bodies to allow evil PCs to play as they wish however if they wipe out a village it should take time to clean the scene if they dont want the next traveler that comes into town to bolt for the capital and call in the investigators (or when they do they have difficulty proving it was you). If you continually do these acts (especially if you do it the same way each time) people build a picture of the possible person or persons and if you have been seen at all instances either a rumour can form. If you delay or side track along trade paths these rumours or warants can over take you. If the situation warants it a kings messenger can be dispatch and ride fast taking word of the incident. Warrant may no cross boarders but merchants and runour will and give the local a head start in identifying you or outright chase you from twon (or worse)
  21. A good backstory on the item is great and makes the world but having something unusual would be special. Negative traits, unique abilities anything that varies the +x widget of damaging or ring of better resistance.
  22. I like Hypevosa's concept very well constructed. I do like having encumbrance as part of the system.
  23. Should the player char be able to become more powerful than the most powerful NPCs -- Yes having creatures that scale levels as you level has always seemed fake. Unless there is a level cap or skill limit there should be no reason not to exceed the NPCs. If you want to be challenged reply with a new character or select a difficulty setting make the enemy smarter or with improved skills (different types not just better at it).
  24. I would love to see the part management similar to realms of arkania. Who does which watch, who finds food and herbs. Treating illness and ensuring your party has warm cloths for the weather. Who can cook so you dont become sick. Doesnt anyone remember the fun being 10 days out of town and going through your last pair of shoes and rushing to town before your party all becomes ill and dies.
  25. I have never wanted or enjoyed a clock on the screen. I have almost always combed 99% of the world in games and spent large amount of time on side quests. What I wanted to see was that when consequences are stated (village is going to be destroyed, person killed etc). If I choose to loiter around which through experience I do as most games fail to punish me for it the stated consequence comes to pass. I have consciously gone "it does not matter if I act now" (due to poor design) and continued going about what ever task I felt like until I was ready. I also like urgency however it is easily lost without consequences. I do like many of your ideas. Parallel missions are also great.
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