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    because the bias doesn't come from the game?
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    15-20 years ago I was super conservative and even advocated that Canada consider privatizing health care. Although most of my research at the time didn't do a good job of supporting me (to the point that I reconsidered my position). Basically I realized that a lot of my applications of free market economics still relied on a lot of the idealized application covered in course work. Assumptions such as perfect markets, no transition time/costs, perfectly rational actors, and perfect competition. As a result, even at some of my most ardent big-C Conservative days, I still felt that health care and primary K-12 education were good things to support similar to roads/infrastructure, emergency services, and so forth. Essentially I felt an educated and healthy populace was a good investment and would be good for the economy. Evidently Obsidian just needs to release games more frequently to keep me coming back <.<
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    The captain was gay? Kind of a weird thing to get hung up on. You can literally tell people you aren't interested in their personal lives in the game, so maybe do that.
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    Greetings everyone, We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to report issues and suggestions for the The Outer Worlds. We are working on compiling everything to share with the team for review. At this time I would like to share with you a list of the more common issues and suggestions we are seeing reported. List of common issues and suggestions: Various game crashes Font size increase Center reticle FOV adjustment Multiple quest indicators on map Custom waypoints Ability to disable kill cams Disable companion attack cinematics PC remapping support Item comparison ability while looting Adding inventory filters/sorting abilities Changing the appearance of Pristine equipment Adding weight and limit information in vendors Adding survival meters to the consumables page Stronger outlines for workbenches Auto-run ability Weapon not staying holstered during dialogue Widescreen support Toggle headbob Separate aiming sensitivities Toggle chromatic aberration Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova The team is currently investing these and other reported instances. We will update you once we know more regarding our next steps. Thank you, and please continue to let us know if you have any other issues or suggestions to report. Edit: Thank you for the new posts, we appreciate the additional reports as they are helping us tremendously. I do want to let you know that you may also email our publishing partner, Private Division, at support@privatedivision.com. This will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue which allows us to prioritize requests in order to provide the fastest possible turn around time. We apologize again and thank you all for your patience while we work on these issues.
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    I had been looking forward to this game for quite a while... but I feel lied to. In none of the promotional materials does it mention a strong bias toward promoting lgbt stuff. I am ok with a little here and there because that is life especially considering my biological mom IS a lesbian... but this was over the top. The Captain you replaced: strongly hinted to be gay. Your first and third companions: gay Your first companion's personal quest: entire gay lovestory quest line. Seriously, after new vegas I was expecting more from Obsidian. I loved Veronica and Arcade... but they didnt feel forced upon you. You could let them join you or not and still have a large pool of companions to choose from. I would take the game back to Gamestop but they wont refund it since its open. (Edited for typos)
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    Watching my MIL in Texas stay in a job with an abusive boss because she depended on the health care that the job provided in order to get necessary medication was one of those eye opening moment for me. She was eventually fired which was disruptive in ways I'm pretty unfamiliar with as a Canadian, because in effect it also forced my FIL to quit his job so that he could find one that provided adequate medical insurance. For a state that very loudly proclaims their support for liberty/freedom, it seemed like quite the juxtaposition for me. My wife is much more left than her conservative parents (as am I), but even as a son of a business owner in Canada there's a significant "freeing" aspect of having socialized health care. It's one less mechanism compelling people to remain in jobs that may actually be harmful to someone, and one less cost and headache for a business owner (particularly a smaller one) to not have to worry about providing that level of care for your employees.
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    No-offline won't deter me. I do recall that single-player lag TrueNeutral mentioned, which was a bit of a buzz kill when playing on launch. It got better, though I can see how it's to the detriment of permadeath runs. Personally online is a huge part of Diablo's appeal even though I tend to associate the games as a single-player experience. I also associate replayability with the games, and that's always more fun with friends. I started a fresh D3 run at a LAN-party once, when the venue closed and we had to leave, all of us in the run logged in online back at home and finished up Act 4 late into the night. It's one of my fondest memories. I also hadn't finished my single-player run yet, so I also got a totally fresh experience in that run. Maybe they'll find a way that requires a connection, but doesn't use a server to propagate the world state forward, that would be the best compromise. But that's probably easier to crack than having to reverse engineer server side game logic.
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    Yeah, it's gorgeous and perturbing at the same time. Truly biblical, or rather... umbiblical.
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    1 Bioware Magic = 60 Microsoft Minutes = 3600 Blizzard Times.
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    There is a huge issue in the BOLT with his name quest where if you access the terminal beforehand in the ARMs building then you can't access the files later on basically bugging the quest and now it has ruined days of progress for me leaving me to either ruin this entire play through of mine or start a new game again and go through all this stuff just to get around 1 bug
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    This game is better than anything Obsidian's ever done in terms of the artwork, imo. That artist knows his business. It's really very good so far and graphically speaking they should feel very good about it. I'm still at the beginning so can't comment on the game itself, however...looks promising!
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    Ya know I was against all this SJW crap but i've been thinking.. who cares? As long as the game is fun does it really matter?
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    First 4 hours of STASIS behind me. The atmosphere is pretty grim and few of the things, I've encountered were pretty gross. After very long time, it is the first adventure game I play, and my third horror game, after Elvira 1 and 2 from Accolade like 2 billions years ago. I have died three times so far, Most of the item puzzles are very intuitive, but I had to get external help with two of them. And yes I know my microphone volume is to low. I need to tinker with its setting little bit more
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    + Equipped item comparison ability while shopping (well, this comparison should be everywhere where I can hover an equip) + HDR support
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    Hey, lv100shuckle I'm sorry for the quest issue you have run into. We have our development team looking into it and hope to have a fix for it shortly. In the meantime, to expedite your request, you can send an e-mail to our publisher, Private Division at support@privatedivision.com. This will get your issue into their queue and allow us to prioritize requests to ensure the fastest possible turn around time. We apologize again and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue.
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    Not sure if this is spoiler territory or not, as I'm not going to go into detail. However, I'll list the companions in the post to give my opinion on each corresponding sidequest. 1-Parvati - Only been able to play half of hers because of that bug that has her quest fail because she died for no apparent reason, even though I'm able to talk to her and bring her on missions. 2-Ellie - Underwhelming. I thought she was going to have a long sidequest that really delves into her past, but instead it was a brief exchange with her parents followed by a money scheme that left me thinking "That's it?" when it was done. Really was hoping her sidequest would be about her life as a pirate doctor and some old acquaintances from that life. Only touched on that briefly when you first meet her. 3-Nyoka - Probably the most fulfilling companion quest, largely because you get the backstory that I didn't think we got from the Ellie quest. Also involved multiple steps. 4-Felix - The actual "plot" of the quest was interesting and had potential to be more than it was, but it felt rushed. As though there was a lot more that could have gone into it, but instead it was so quick and felt almost tacked on. Still better than Ellie's quest, IMO. 5-Max - Closer to Nyoka's quest in that you get to learn more about Max. Although, I don't think they touched enough on his prison time. At least it felt like a fleshing out of the character. 6-SAM - uh, did I miss something? Other than getting the acid, there was no quest, right? All in all, I thought Nyoka and Max were the only ones that were good to great. Parvati's is incomplete due to the bug, Felix's had a good concept but was incredibly short, and Ellie's was flat out disappointing.
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    steak. have a tenant who has been having difficulty making rent, but he is a butcher, so we have more steak than we could possible eat in a year. steak and eggs for breakfast. petite filets for dinner. got mostly the filets and sirloin, but a few boneless and bone-in ribeyes as well. am preferring our ribeyes bone-in, so today we used a nice thick boneless ribeye for steak sandwiches. cut ribeye into thinish strips (cross grain) and liberal dose with our proprietary blend o' salt and spices, which if am being honest is a knock-ff o' lawry's. is actual easier to cut steak proper if is having been frozen and then mostly defrosted. the steak we had were not frozen, so we had to use our good mac knife. whatever. quarter a good sized onion and slice as desired. slice whatever mushroom type you prefer. cook and brown meat in cast iron skillet. have been using coconut oil o' late. not heart healthy though. *shrug* remove meat from pan when is mostly done. now is a good time to toast whatever bread you will choose. is not a sloppy wet sandwich, but there is fluid, so butter or mayo works well as choices for your bread toasting. nice crust will prevent your bread choice from instant soaking up liquid and turning into a gloppy mess. turn down heat a smidge and in same skillet, brown the veggies. should be enough oil in skillet to brown veggies, but a little butter never hurt, eh? when veggies is mostly doneish, return meat to skillet and then pour in worcestershire. have never measured, but pour in a bit more than looks reasonable and you should be fine. deglaze pan and let reduce a fair bit. remove skillet from heat and add a tablespoon (or more) of butter. stir. meat, onions and mushrooms should be covered in a dark and near molasses thick sauce. results is a sandwich to make any cardiologist shudder. so full. we now need a nap. HA! Good Fun!
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    For me, the problems with combat come down more to issues with AI and other scripting than weapons. Stealth kills are so broken they're practically non existent. The companions are hard to keep from getting downed or killed in tough battles, and the enemies, though relatively easy to sneak past, are bee lining toward you with rage until you've got the last one down to near death (especially Cascadia). Aside from that, the TTD system is nowhere NEAR as effective as VATS. I'm only in far enough to not have used anywhere near all the weapons, yet this sticks out like a sore thumb. Because of these problems, the game comes off as schizophrenic. At one moment you're enjoying the conversations and game world in what seems like a less fleshed out FO themed game (cartoon color palette, lengthy dialog, no workshop building, etc), and then suddenly it turns to a chaotic mess in combat. And this is just on Normal mode. As a result, I quickly grew tired of the gameplay, despite taking interest in where the story was going, and it caused me to go back to Gears of War 4 for now to try to finish where I left off trying to beat it on Inconceivable. Now I know it may seem odd that such an attempt wouldn't be just as hard if not harder, but the challenges in GoW 4 are equally balanced with ways you can use the Fabricator, environment, and even squad AI, despite some claiming the latter to be useless. What I'm saying is, this game seems rushed, and/or it's design assumed to succeed on story/dialog merits alone. I'm not a huge RPG fan, there's only certain ones I'll play, but any shooter, RPG or not, HAS to have good combat that has not just a variety of ways to use it, but also enough balance to be effective and fun to engage in. As far as combat not being expected to be good in "these types of games", I still feel despite being different in key ways in design from FO, it still shares enough similarities to expect good combat.
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    I'm roughly 1/3 of the way through my NG+ run in Code Vein. I have defeated 6 bosses of 17 (at least 1 of those is optional). I'm having to grind levels more than I did in the standard run to try to offset my gear not scaling at all. The last third of the game is going to be especially rough. I'm also trying to get the true ending this time around. The game has 3 endings: bad, neutral, and true. I got the neutral ending the first time through. If I manage to beat NG+, and that's a big if, I highly doubt I'll attempt NG+2 and go for the bad ending. It will be miraculous enough if I manage to beat NG+. I have no idea how people manage NG+6.
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    Now I know this isn't your first Blizzard title, so how come you don't know about Blizzard time?
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    I have also finished the game quickly even though I tried to read everything and do every side quest I finished the game in 20 hours of gameplay. But I will admit it was on “normal” mode. It is a smaller game. And one of the best I have played so far this year. I am happy that obsidian is a company that has done it right and the game justice. But as the OP I too agree that the game needs more content. After skimming through the other posts I have a kind of response to why I hesitate to replay the game myself on hard or supernova. First off I would like to have a new game+ variant. Playing on so much harder will be playing against a steep hill. And sure for some that is fun to get a really good challenge. Good for you. But I feel that the difficulty will be way too heavy. In my opinion the only skills worth maxing out was persuade, lie, hack, lockpick and engineering. The dialogue skills because they open up a great variety of options during all dialogues ofc. Hack and lockpick because the same goes there. Lockpick gives you a huge amount of scraps and Hack opens up a lot of main story as well as sidequest solutions. Engineering because you HAVE to tinker with at least one weapon to get good enough to do some damage. What I want to say with this is with a higher difficulty, if you read what changes, it is clear that combat is harder. Enemies do more damage, take less ect ect. Even if all the skills I have mentioned give some combat bonuses it is not near enough what you need or get in the range or melee section. So this sets me in at a crossroad. If I play again will I choose to max out the dialogue and all that just because I want to trigger another ending? Or will I be forced to go into combat skills just because I will die horribly otherwise not able to handle the enemies I must dispose of. Many parts of the game is designed to be more about combat than the dialogue. You still have to kill monsters and marauders in order to complete the quests. A new game+ would sort of fix this. Also replaying the game is very much the same. All companion quests will be the same, with little to change. All side quests will be much the same with minor changes. What will change is how you approach the main quests ofc. I must say that I hesitate a lot to convince me it is worthwhile just to do almost all the same, talk to the same people but in a different way so that you just trigger another ending. I would want more changes in the game. That it would be clear the you only reach some major areas with some major choices. For example that if you help one town but not the other you will get quests that send you to a place you would not reach if you didn't help them. The same would go if you helped others instead. That would be a major change worthwhile replaying the game over, to experience new parts depending on how it goes. As of now the changes are just to small in my opinoin
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    Hate to sound like an ass to those posting here. But here goes. This was meant to be a place to post your favorite moments and adventures in the Outer Worlds not for stuck on quests or bug complaints - those actually have a place, like say the support section or general chat. Only posts so far that seem at home here is the screen shots post. So, um, yeah lets see some stories people!
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    Dear Obsidian, Thank you for making such a great game. I really enjoyed the story and the game play. I specifically liked being able to solve problems using multiple tools instead of just shooting everything. The ending moved me deeply to the point that I sat through the entire credits. This game made me think and it made me feel and I really appreciate the enormous effort that went into it. I know your organization is probably still recovering from the stress of the release, but I am already looking forward to future adventures from you. -- Thank you, MountainRiderAK
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    Show current objective on the map (I mean text) Show the amount of weapon and armor parts I have at workbench Show an indicator of availability of companions special skills on the screen
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    @xzar_monty : sounds like you're purely an HD graphic player who needs high fidelity graphics to become vested in a video game. Is it fair to say you'd probably hate GTA San Andreas because of it's dated 3rd gen graphics? And prefer GTA V over GTA SA because GTA V has superior, pretty HD graphics (an non existent character development and short story) compared to past GTA games? Then what you said is 100% right. Deep RPGs like New Vegas are definitely not for you. Seriously, why did you even bother creating an account just to post that? Sounds like Fallout 76 would be a better fit for you. Or better yet, you should go check out Star Citizen..... https://robertsspaceindustries.com/
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    I'm here to complain about the OP complaining there are no CTD, glitches, quest breaking bugs or graphical anomalies 10h into the game. Furthermore, I'm also here to argue that the OP is arguing with incredulity itself, since this game is apparently what he believes PC gaming should always be. Finally, I'm here to complain about any complainers who insist on complaining about my complaints in this troll post. #THANKYOUObsidian
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    +1 for this bug. The GamePass version always (silently) crashes for me on exit. I have a procmon log of all the Indiana* events on shutdown. Where do I send it to? Don't want to post it on the forum in case it contains some sensitive info about my system (username, config, ...)
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    I have just had an email from Private Division support about the Parvati bug, reply may be useful: "I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered a bug where your companion has been marked as dead in the quest log, despite them still being alive. From what we've discovered, this bug can happen when your companion is climbing a ladder while you start a conversation with an NPC. This causes the companion to continue climbing the ladder forever, and then meet an untimely death when the conversation with the NPC ends. Make sure that your companions are not climbing any ladders before you enter a conversation and this should hopefully prevent this bug from happening to you again until this bug has been resolved. Please note that we currently do not have an ETA as to when this issue will be fixed, but we are actively looking into it. Sorry for the trouble, and please let me know if you run into any other issues. "
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    Yes True, come to the dark side xD
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    I play on the PS4. Outside what's already been listed, I would like the ability to remap the controller entirely. Some of the default controls don't fit my play style and I would like to be able to play my way for the full experience. I'm sure I'm not the only person who agrees with this.
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    Thank you all for continuing to post here and on these forums. We are hard at work evaluating everything that is coming in. Once I have a better understanding on the actions we be taking I will share them. I am sorry to see that some of these issues have been preventing you from enjoying the game, but we will continue to investigate these reports as they come in.
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    Both hot and psychic; what a combo.
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    The jokes are easy and you're right. On the other hand I allowed myself this remark because I love Obsidian and their games. It's the same for TOW! So I'm a little disappointed when I see the repetition of this kind of staging... (not just the crate stairs, but also the holes in the fences next to a closed door, etc etc). For me, it tends to get me out of the game these details. It precisely looks so like a video game . That's all.
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    I’m having the “parvati is dead” issue just like other people but i’ve noticed another problem (xbox one) -In addition to instantly failing the quest when parvati brings up bite the sun, my game automatically crashes every single time i ignore her then try to start the quest by talking to her again. I’ve never crashed on the first talk or instantly failed on the second talk, they’re mutually exclusive. The fact that reinitializing the dialogue causes a crash instead of an instant quest failure is concerning and i don’t know if it’s been brought up. -I had my problem immediately after roseway, and I was able to buy a certain item with her, but the quest remained dead and i couldn’t give it to parvati. -I’ve tried dismissing her, taking off her helmet, switching up the party, knocking her out in combat, ignoring the initial quest start, soft resetting the game, and hard resetting my console. The bug can’t be avoided after a certain point and either results in an instant fail or instant crash Side note: i picked up a bugged book in roseway lab (inside a jail cell) that was removed from my inventory when i got on the ship. It’s a quest item that’s just called book and it says “Broaden your horizons with a little light reading. This might look nice in one of the crew’s rooms on the unreliable.” When i get on unreliable, i notice the game remove my entire quest item inventory then re-add them all back except for the book. I don’t know if it’s related or if anyone else picked this book up but my problem happened immediately after finding this book and i have no backup saves before it
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    Any RPG with assignable skill points? Obsidians use of "skill groups" to 50 is incredibly streamlined and handicaps players that want to play a more diverse character. The three times I've tried to create and play a vastly different character, it all ends up feeling and acting the same. Conversational skill checks are insanely easy as are lock picks and hacking. The skill system is half meaningless, as is the different gear. Pick what armor looks good and don't worry about the rest because it has little actual bearing on gameplay
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    Ehhh... The more I look at it the more I want to climb it! What exactly is your point there mate?
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    Well, there's not too much to say about my play through except that I played a character who was a super soldier with max Science and Engineering skills. For the most part, my character was quite noble, albeit a bit naive and sanctimonious sometimes. This combo lead to some interesting outcomes though. For much of the play through, characters thought I was very bizarre for not looking after my own self interests first. Often times I did and said things because they seemed morally right. It was a rather interesting dynamic because it felt like I was the only one of my kind. But, I stuck to my values and finished the game with my honor and integrity mostly intact. One particular story line that comes to mind is Ellie's personal quest. I did everything with Ellie because she is my favorite. If romance was possible in this game, I would have wooed her ASAP. Alas, I had to settle on simply traveling with her and using my imagination to fill in the blanks. Ellie's final quest involved me meeting her parents (you can imagine where my mind went with this). After meeting her parents, I discovered that they were filthy rich in addition to being terrible people. Ellie wanted me to act like savage upon meeting them, but staying true to myself I was polite. To cut the dialogue short, her parents gained their wealth by reporting her death and collecting the insurance money. Despite learning this, I stayed rather polite to avoid hurting her parents. Ellie's parents kept trying to get us to leave in order to avoid having their scam discovered. After Ellie and I left, she decided to change the insurance policy to make her the sole beneficiary. I obliged her in this request, marking one of the times when I wasn't ethical. So, I bribed the insurance rep and made Ellie the sole beneficiary. You would think that doing someone such a kindness would make us life-long friends. Welllllll, during the end credits I found out that Ellie used her new wealth to buy a ship and become a captain. Needless to say, I am heartbroken. But sometimes those things happen. Anyway, that's my story.
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    Yes but this still looks stupid when my companions is crouching through battle zone. Not to mention why the "help" even come? You can easily kill everyone at this point on your own. It's so stupid. I mean, if you flied to meet the factions leaders before storming the prison, and ask for their help - then OK, their appearance in prison would make sense. But as it is, It's ruining immersion, - here you trying not to inflict more damage to colony community, for the colony sake, - and there those f@ck@rs storming right in, wasting their lives for nothing, killing Board's troops. Calling in help, should be optional, and probably should be mentioned in endgame slideshow - something like "that day many lives been lost for breaking in most secure prison in the system, huge blow to already half dead colony, been dealt." IMHO.
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    The GoT prequel about the White Walkers/ 1st Long Night has been canned. Not massively surprising given how much the whole White Walker issue was butchered in S8 and how badly that undermined the premise of and potential interest in that prequel. Development of the other proposed prequel series (Targaryens) is continuing.
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    just found The Expanse, binge watched whole first series, I can't believe i didn't found it sooner, best sci-fy i have seen so far
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    My guess is he got a decent payout when they sold. Like many of us, I imagine the idea of striking out on our own with financial security was tempting. I wish him luck.
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