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  1. Did you give her all the quest items that you got from Rose weld or whatever the place is called? If she's to give you the navkey you have to give her all 3 items you find for the quests in the scientists place and not give them to the scientists. So if you didnt give her all those items and just told her about what you've done there the only choices you have are to buy the navkey or land in the danger zone on Monarch
  2. Ehhh... The more I look at it the more I want to climb it! What exactly is your point there mate?
  3. Well I'm not at endgame yet but Im having 0 trouble with a high leadership on supernova. However I play the game the way I like and not to be able to kill everything with ease at any difficulty. I dont mind to struggle from time to time and to reload the game that's what high difficulty is about. For me companions make the game much more fun so I'd rather always have a bit invested in them so they can stick around and live. Probably lone wolf is would be better performing but I'd rather just enjoy the game exactly the way I like instead of looking how to get the strongest possible build.
  4. I wouldn't say that you need high leadership for them to be effective. 50 leadership is more than enough for them to stay alive while shooting things down from a safe range. Just don't think that they are going to tank stuff on supernova all the way to the end with 50 leadership. Companions are perfectly balanced in my opinion. If you don't want to invest at all in them then they are going to die a lot in supernova but with 3 levels of investment into leadership they will become pretty decent and as long as you order them to keep their distance you'll be fine. That's what supernova is about you gotta use a bit of tactics if you want then to survive you can't just storm into mobs and expect them to be unscratched. However I think that they shouldnt permadie on any difficulty but a concussion debuff stack on every death would be reasonable.
  5. I prefer to play with the companions since they are interesting and decided since i'm gonna use them i'd invest in their skills so now they do pretty much all the fighting for me until i get up to lvl 26ish just cuz i love that 50% exp bonus from companion kills. At the beginning of the game i've set Parvati to ranged only and when fighting the big brute things i've ordered her to stay at range while i was kiting the big mobs and she was still shooting and helping me with them. Until level 8 Parvati was dying a lot if i'd send her straight into the fight but since i got SAM i barely do any fighting myself i just let sam charge in first and Parvati then paralize the strongest mob with her action skill. Lvl 21 or 22 now and since i got SAM i've used about 3 or 4 healing items to heal them. I've had quite a few reloads cuz one of them may die if i get too ****y but what i'm trying to say is that companions are not weak in any way they are just as tough as you if not more! But if you're not going to invest in Leadership then don't expect them to do much in fights. At 100 Inspiration skill they have 200% dmg bonus and they melt everything on Monarch with ease. By the time i get to hit something the mobs are already dead...
  6. I think I've noticed something like this too but I've always thought that I'm just imagining that there was loot in that corpse beforehand lol...
  7. I'm playing on supernova too. Since I got SAM at about lvl 8 or 9 I've been having the companions kill everything for me. So I'm rocking with Parvati and Sam and parvati set to ranged only and Sam to mellee. Up to level 15 I've had 30 leadership and they've been doing really well killing loads of stuff really easy and only dying sometimes in massive gun fights with 6+ enemies and that's without using any healing items for them. At lvl 15 now same companions and I'm clearing the monolith danger zone with the high level enemies and had to bump my leadership skills both to 60 for my companions to survive and still I let them kill 99% of the mobs due to the extra exp they give with the perk. So companions are really strong you just gotta play it smart and use their action skills wisely. I'm barely shooting any guns or swinging any weapons on my lvl 15 character I usually just stay and watch and just activate the companions action skills when I have to. So companions on Supernova difficulty are NOT weak AT ALL!
  8. Companions main skills that are shown in the companions stats tab are the ones that boost your own by some percentage. As for what weapons they prefer... No idea but I've had parvati using the unique machine gun found in the first area and she was wrecking everything with it until I've got her a flamethrower. So I'd say they are proficient in all weapons probably.
  9. In the beginning of the game I've noticed that my items were degrading a lot but then I took the perk that makes them degrade slower and now somewhere at the middle of the game my companions started doing a lot of the work for me so I haven't repaired anything for the past 6-7 hours or so. I'd say I'm fine with how it is at the moment but they could lower it down a bit for few things like the hunting rifle for example cuz 1.5% per shot is a bit steep...
  10. I absolutely love the colours of the game. It's what make it different and unique and NOT another Fallout game. I suppose you can fiddle with control panel colour settings if you're on PC or your TV maybe if you're on console. Make a custom profile and you can pretty much have it the way you want.
  11. Actually companions are great on supernova. They are my main dps. Currently lvl 15 at the Monarchs danger zone landing pad and my companions are clearing the way for me. I barely have to heal them and the dps they do is OP. I've about 60 skill points invested in the leadership skills and man companions are good. Currently using parvati and Sam. Playing on supernova and have parvati set to ranged while Sam is doing most of the tanking.
  12. I just installed a fresh copy of windows 10 and still game wouldn't even download. Every time it downloads it just starts all over again. My system is more than capable of running it on ultra settings 1440p all drivers are up to date. Video/Audio drivers, Microsoft visual C++ , Direct X , Net Framework everything... The download was corrupting on both windows 7 and now on windows 10 Pro.
  13. I don't know how gaming companies get fooled by EGS but first Borderlands 3 and now this. Boredlands 3 had few good issues in EGS and now Outer Worlds just keeps infinetely downloading. Please do yourself a the Players and Yourself a favor dear Obsidian and let us play the game on steam. Players pay for the game and can't enjoy it in the weekend because of those issues with EGS. Thanks for that. I'm not even going to bother anymore with it just gonna ask for refund and wait to play it on the one platform that i'm gonna be sure it'll run!
  14. Absolutely the same issues. I had it yesterday and played it on Win 7 for 1 hour and had 100 crashes in that time roughly every 1-2 minutes a crash. I verified it today and it just started re-downloading and then finished and started re-download again and again... What a piece of ****...
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