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  1. Devil nailed this.. I like the gloop gun, just to watch enemies float around, i switch to a shotgun and shoot at them like birds... its entertaining..
  2. Well... Whenever I go into the Unreliable, there is always something happening... From Parvati's love story, to Felix and Ellie talking, to random Cows that show up when I was still docked at Groundbreaker... To Parvati fixing something on SAM and Parvati mentioning if Nyoka ever does that again to let her know" when I have yet to meet Nyoka and all i know is where i can find her at this point in the game...(I don't remember the exact exchange, but all i could think of, is i have not meet that person yet, and how the world does this happen) After that one, I was beginning to sense that there are no trigger walls for theses random encounters, they just happen, whenever they feel like it... I can wrap my head around the random cows, since the Groundbreaker is the port of authority(or that is what i have gathered from the lore).. So yeah, maybe a crew member grabbed some cows from somewhere on that spaceport... The cows would make more sense if i was grounded in an area that had them, then i show up to the Unreliable, and boom, there they are... Plus the Parvati love affection came out of left field, we just met Tennyson, got back to the Unreliable, and boom, Parvati and Tennyson have already exchanged 2 "emails" back and fourth.. 4 Minutes have passed, and Parvati was with me the whole time, how in the world does that work?... I'm sure I'll notice more things as I keep playing... Edit: I did send a report to private division...
  3. I have more info on this. Does not occur on already dead corpses( like the scientist that are slain all over rosewood?ville? on Terra 2, or already dead automechanicals, or anything that was programmed to be dead in the game). These loot menus seem to stay open after taking everything or seeing they are empty. Stash boxes/crates stay open because the game allows you to put stuff in them and come back for the items at a later time.. Now, the enemy that was just alive, that i shot and killed, Has only given me the issue of not seeing the items in the loot menu/table. When I approach a lootable corpse, I get the blue outline, Walk up to them, usually aiming towards the ground, I might hit a foot first, release the controller stick after i see the loot table, might move up to the thigh area and the table disappears. Okay cool, where do i have to aim to get this table to show back up, maybe the left arm on this body, maybe the head. I get the table to show back up, now with 0 items in it. I can hit square and take the items, i know this is happening because of the audible ques you get when looting items.(works sometimes) Or, i can look away from the corpse, and might get lucky with looking back at the corpse, aiming at the right arm, or chest, or butt, and see the loot table populated(only has worked 20% of the time) Where I look back to get the loot table to show up seems to be on how is that corpse laying. Still random to me, one time it might be the right arm that works, the next time it might be the left big toe. Then once i grab all the loot from the corpse, the blue outline disappears, the game letting me know the corpse is empty.. The only way I know that I got the items, and sometimes they stay with the blue outline, so i don't really know what i am missing.. I just move on.. My next goal is try to capture screen shots of this somehow.. just so you people don't think I'm crazy.. lol Enjoying the game so far, hoping to help make it more enjoyable.. I'm on a PS4 normal with a digital download of the game.
  4. The cattle appearing on the ship is definitely a random encounter... I murdered all my cows before they could bug out my quest.. lol( i don't think that really changed anything)
  5. I think the dead zone is more of a common problem on these ps4 controllers.. I finally bought a new stick last month because i was getting tired of the deadzone issues.. I had 2 older controllers that got soo bad, when i would hold all the way forward on the left stick, the right sticks deadzone would grow and start twirling my cameras around in all the games i played.. There are only a few games(2-3) i have ran into on the Ps4 that would allow you to manipulate the dead zone size... The new controller solved my issues... might be your only hope.. you could have a friday made controller where they said it was good enough and called it a day at the plant... lol
  6. When I get done killing a group of enemies, i go looting. Well, I know(at least have witnessed) that the lootable corpse are highlighted and the ones i have already looted(taken everything) don't show up any more. The problem comes when i run up to a fresh corpse, the loot window pops up, the item(s) is/are shown, then i take a half step too far, the loot window disappears for a second and shows back up empty, without me taking anything out of the corpse. And the corpse is still highlighted, like the game is telling me items are there, but nothing is shown as available.. Is this more of a visual bug? Anyone else come across something similar?
  7. So, this was confusing... if you just click on a weapon you would like to equip, it goes into that slot(in your hand).. other wise it will take an empty slot first..
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